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The Angels

The Angels

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Published by Harry
An unfinished screenplay. I didn't even know I had written it. I don't know what it's about -- but it's definitely related to my "angel" stories.
An unfinished screenplay. I didn't even know I had written it. I don't know what it's about -- but it's definitely related to my "angel" stories.

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Published by: Harry on Aug 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:INT. HAYDEN’S APARTMENT - DAYWe pan across Hayden’s messy apartment and stop at the sofawhere Hayden is sleeping and SNORING very loudly. SuddenlyGUNSHOUTS are heard from outside his apartment. Haydenwakes up and runs to the open window, sticking out his head.EXT. HAYDEN’S APARTMENT – DAYOut in the decrepit streets of New York two thugs arebattling it out. They shoot at each other without regard toanyone else.INT. HAYDEN’S APARTMENT – DAYHAYDEN(Angry)Would yah mind keepin’ it down huh!The thugs direct their guns at Hayden and fire. He ducksdown for cover. Bullets shatter the glass window and shardsfall on his head.The sound of the gun firing ceases. Hayden shakes the glassof his head and slowly rises and peaks out the window.EXT. HAYDEN’S APARTMENT- DAYOne of the thugs is lying facedown on the street, while theother one searches for his wallet. He looks up at Hayden.INT. HAYDEN’S APARMENT – DAYHayden takes himself away from the window. He looks at hiswatch.HAYDENDamn I overslept.There is a KNOCK at the door. Hayden dashes to the door andlooks through the peephole.PEEPHOLE
We see a fat bald man wearing a tank top with a smokingcigar in his mouth. He KNOCKS on the door.INT. HAYDEN’S APARTMENT – DAYLANDLORD(From Outside)Your rent is due Church! Open up!HAYDEN(Muttering)Oh crap.Hayden takes his eye off the peephole and steps away fromthe door. He grabs his briefcase and climbs out the window,making his way down the fire escape.CUT TO:EXT. RANDOM HOUSE – DAYHayden is standing outside a random person’s house. Hepreps himself and adjusts his tie and shirt. He picks uphis briefcase and RINGS the half-broken doorbell. We hearFOOTSTEPS as somebody makes their way to the door.Hayden puts on a smile. The door opens a crack. An eyelooks out the door.RANDOM PERSON(Deep Voice)Can I help you?HAYDENHi I’m Hayden Church. And I’m just going door to doorbecause I…RANDOM PERSONYou a salesman?HAYDENYeah. Actually…yes I am.RANDOM PERSONWell cut to the crap son whatchu sellin’?
Hayden bends down and opens his briefcase away from theRandom Person. He takes out one of his products, a knife,and shows it to the customer (Random Person).The barrel of a shotgun suddenly pops out from the crack ofthe door. The Random Person pumps his and makes that wellrecognized “CHI-CHI” noise.RANDOM PERSONPut the knife down.HAYDENI think this is a big mistake. This is actually the productI’m…RANDOM PERSONI said put the weapon down!HAYDENOkay, okay you’re the boss. I’m putting the knife down, see.Hayden slowly lowers the knife into the briefcase.RANDOM PERSONNow get off my property.Hayden reaches for his briefcase.RANDOM PERSONYou are not taking the briefcase.HAYDENWhatever you want just don’t shoot me okay.Hayden backs away and runs away from the house. The doorswings opens. An average looking man comes out and picks upthe briefcase. He steps backs inside and shouts upstairs.RANDOM PERSONOh Charmaine! Guess what I got for your birthday!CUT TO:EXT. STREETS OF NEW YORK CITY, SIDEWALK – DAYHayden is angrily walks down the streets of NY, kicking anempty can of pop around the sidewalk. He accidentally kicks

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