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Whitney Family History Volume 1 Part 3

Whitney Family History Volume 1 Part 3

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Published by Karisa Walker
"The Whitney Family in Connecticut"
"The Whitney Family in Connecticut"

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Karisa Walker on Feb 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Whitney Family.
4078 \ VIII. Jerusha M. Foote, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 23 Feb. 1839; wasliving at Hobart, N. Y., in Sept. 1875, unmarried. She added the letterM to her name, for difference.
of Henry and Losina (Taylor) Foote.
Hannah Foote, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 2 Sept. 1829; married atDavenport, N. Y., 31 Oct. 1847, Richard Wilcox, a farmer, son of Philoand Rebecca (Deo) Wilcox, of Davenport, where he was born 5 Ap. 1822.She was living at Horseheads, N. Y., in Feb. 1876.
Frances Emily Foote, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 5 May 1831;married at Davenport, N. Y., 16 May 1850, Norman Durham, a merchant,son of Henry and Jane (VVager) Durham. He was born at Davenportabout 1820; and died at Genoa, 111., 2 Oct. 1852. She married (2d), atMorris, 111., Dorman Cowles, a physician, who was born at Mead's Creek,
Y., 24 July 1824. They were living at Hazel Barrens, Mo., in Feb.
IV. Edward Peter Foote, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 9 Jan. 1836; acarpenter and joiner; married at De Kalb Centre, 111., 28 Aug. 1864, byRev. T. Hannah, Methodist, to Amanda Melissa Gleason, dau. of Samueland Lucina (Shepard) Gleason, of Genoa, 111. She was born at De Kalb,
9 Nov. 1844. They settled at Genoa, where she died, 12 July 1873,and was buried. He was living there in Feb. 1876.V. Helen Foote, b. at Davenport, N. Y., 14 July 1843; married atGenoa, 111., 8 Aug. i860, Alonzo Edward Carr, a carpenter and joiner, sonof Thurston and Nancy (Lackey) Carr. He was born at Jefferson, Ohio,5 Nov. 1832. They settled at Sycamore, 111., and were living there in
1876, on Park Avenue.4084
of John and Betsey (Foote) Griffin.
I. Heth Griffin, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 29 Sept. 1833 ; and was livingthere in Dec. 1875, unmarried.1230I. Sally Ann Foote, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 1 June 1826; married at '' 10767Davenport, N. Y., 9 Oct. 1844, Ira Wager, a carpenter and joiner, son ofFrederick Wager, of Davenport, where he was born 11 July 1821. Hedied at De Kalb, III, 28 Nov. 1874, and was buried at Genoa, 111. Shewas living at 100 Bunker Street, Chicago, 111., in Sept. 1876.107721077910783107861237
Seventh Generation.
Mary Elizabeth Griffin, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 31 May 1839;and was living there in Dec. 1S75, unmarried.
of Abraham Johnson and Philena (Adams) Whitney.
I. Alonzo Adams Whitney, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 6 May 1801;married at Danby, N. Y., 6 May 1821, by Dr. Lewis Beers, Swedcnborgian,to Fanny Pitts, dau. of Lewis and Thankful (Wickham) Pitts. She wasborn at Chatham, N. Y., 29 Dec. 1801. They settled in Danby, where hemanufactured spinning-wheels, jennies, &c, till the old Ithaca and OwegoRailway was built, when he kept a hotel and country store, and furnishedtimber for nine miles of the road. The failure of the Railway Companycaused the loss of all his property, when he moved to the place now calledGibson, in Corning, N. Y. There he was successful in trade; and was, forseveral years, highway-commissioner, and a foreman on the ChemungCanal. In 1848 they settled at East Charleston, Penn., and engaged infarming; and were still living there in May 1876, at a place called Whit-neyville. He has been postmaster of East Charleston most of the time hehas lived there, besides holding various town-offices. When twenty-oneyears old, he dropped his middle name, and has since been known asAlonzo Whitney.
Chloe Hatch Whitney, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 27 Feb. 1803;married at Danby, N. Y.,
Jan. 1826, Christopher Deyo, a shoemaker, sonof Caspar and Susanna (Lily) Deyo, of Coxsackie, N. Y., where he wasborn 21 June 1801. They dwelt in Danby for one year; eighteen yearsin Newfield, N. Y.; four years in Andover, N. Y.; and then settled inCaton, N. Y., where he died 29 July 1862. She was living at Caton inDec. 1875.III. Elozia Cray Whitney, b. at Stamford, N. Y., 28 Oct. 1805;married at Danby, N. Y., 18 Nov. 1827, by Dr. Lewis Burr, to OliverWilkinson, a farmer, son of Oliver and Olive (Rumson) Wilkinson, ofTownshend, Vt., where he was born 18 Nov. 1795. They settled atTownshend, where she died, 23 Sept. 1857, and was buried. He wasliving there in Jan. 1876.IV. James Lewis Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 12 March 1808; afarmer; married there, 7 Oct. 1827, Lucy Maria Hall, dau. of Silas Hall, ofDanby. They dwelt in Danby till 1837
d then settled in Caton, N. Y.,where she died, 7 July 1841, and was buried. He married (2d), 28 Oct.
Maria Eldred, born in Otsego Co., N. Y., 24 Feb. 1820, dau. ofBenjamin and Patience (Austin) Eldred. He has been justice of the peace,and supervisor of Caton ; and was living there in Dec. 1875.12411078910790 j1079510798
Whitney Family.735
4090 V. Eunice Johnson Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 22 July 1816;married Isaac Creamer, at the same place; died at Varna, N. Y., 21 Dec.
and was buried in New-field, N. Y.
Emeline Amanda Whitney, b. at Spencer, N. Y., 4 Nov. 1818;married at Painted Post, now Corning, N. Y., 17 July 1838, Nelson Cowan,son of Robert and Sarah (Rice) Cowan, of Mott's Corners, N. Y. Hewas born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., 2 July 1816. They settled in Corning,and were living in that town, at Gibson post-office, in Nov. 1875. Hewas then president of the Butler Collier Company, operating in Pittston,Penn.
Child of Samuel and Hannah Judson (Whitney) Chard.
I. Betsey Chard, married Ceorge W. Snedecor; and was living atHaverstraw, N. Y., in 1874.409440QS4096
of Zerah and Jane (Demond) Whitney,
I. Ruth Ann Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 28 Oct. 1808 ; a teacher;married at Genoa, N. Y., 5 Ap. 1828, Jonathan Mizner, a farmer, who! was born at Goshen, N. Y., 7 Ap. 1803, son of John and Louisa (Mathews)Mizner. They lived at first in Hector, N. Y.; went thence to Black Rock,
Y., and Lancaster, N. Y.; moved, in 1837,
Grand Rapids, Mich.; andfinally settled on a farm in Ravenna, Mich., where, after a painful illnessfrom cancer, she died 3 Sept. 1869, aged nearly 61 years. She was buriedin Whitehall Cemetery. Since her death, he has resided with his daughter,
Betsey Anna (Mizner) Mclntyre, of Grand Rapids, and was livingthere in 1874.
Peter Isaac Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 5 Oct. 1810; agentfor patent medicines; married at Clarence, N. Y., 20 Oct. 1835, BetseyPorter, who was born in Clarence, Aug. 1819, dau. of James and Phebe(Fairchild) Porter. He has lived at Clarence Hollow, and Williamsville,
Y.; at Thornapple, Cascade, and Plainfield, Mich.; at Marion, 111.; anddwelt at Rock Falls, 111., in 1874.
Oscar F. Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 6 Aug. 1812; marriedat Clinton, Mich., 29 Nov. 1837, Electa A. Bryant; died at Whitneyville,Mich., 18 Feb. 1849,
d was buried there.IV. Ezra Whitney, b. at Scipio, N. Y., 29 July 1815; a farmer;married 12 March 1842, at Sherman, Mich., where her father then lived,

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