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A talk about the states of Zhanzhuang and the four forms (5)

A talk about the states of Zhanzhuang and the four forms (5)

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Published by chinesearts

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Published by: chinesearts on Feb 05, 2011
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A talk about the states of Zhuang Fa
“Zhuang Fa”
(pilemethod), one should go through threekinds of 
and in each
oneshould realize and learn somethingand acquire its skill. What is called
is one’s actual mental and physical
while practicing
“Zhuang Fa”.
The mental
actson the physical
and the physical
acts on the mental
, so theyinteract with each other. At the end of the
dynasty, the great scholar Mr.
Wang Guowei
once said:
“Every person who succeeds in his career  should go through three kinds of states”.
 The first is
: “The clothes and waist are getting loose little by little,the body becomes peak and pine for the career, but one never regrets.
“Walking up the lonely tower, gazing at the skyline at the end of the road. Last night, the west wind withered the greentrees”.
: “Seeking her for a thousand times in the crowd, when suddenly, as I turned my head; she was there under a flickering lamplight”.
Practicing Martial arts should also be like this. The first
, froma psychological point of view, is called:
“Never regret”.
Thestudent will have a conviction without any doubts and have the
will that cannot be wobbled by a hundred bulls
. By persevering in practice for one hundred day’s, one will have the
By persevering in practice during three to four years, one will
, the hands and feet becoming
and one will
have the
as if the
body is filled with lead balls
. The insideof the limbs are at ease and quick to get this
. Anyway, bothinside and outside should have the
of being
 filled withlead 
, so you can consider to have gainedsomething. Once you have attained this
, you can begin tolearn the skills. The second
, again from a psychological pointof view is called
: “Gazing at the skyline at the end of the road”
.Here, one will believe that the wonder of all other Martial arts isincluded in this art and not in the others and that only this art cangive the best. From a physical point of view, if one practices with perseverance for five or six years, one will
that the
areexpanding, the brow and the nose will feel as if there
 something moving inside
the neck and head will be erect and upright as if thecrown was suspended from a rope, the scalp will swell, the hairswill stand on end, and one will feel as if a big stone were pressing the forehead 
. This result is achieved by having the head heldupright and the neck erect through the practice of 
“Zhuang Fa
”.At the same time, the
in the arms will gradually spread to buttocks and the lower abdomen. This
in the limbs willgrow day by day. When one attains this
, one will
full of natural delight. However, the
one discharges will still be the
mechanical force
issued from the limbs instead of that from thewaist and the spine.The third state of 
“Zhuang Fa”
and again from a psychological point of view is called
: “Turning ones head to look back”
.Here the
“Instinctive Living force”
is like a snake.
“The spirit dignified and the mind quiet, the propelled waving hands is all 
but  Nature itself”
. Looking back at every method one has practicedduring ten years, are all like old shabby shoes, one is due to throwthem away and there is no need to cherish them anymore, for whatis practiced spontaneous and instinctively has now become theright way. From a physical point of view, by persevering in practice for about ten years, one will
the waist and spinegetting the
. This
will go through theanus and the genitalia and one will
as if the
body is like
(molded as one),
being filled with lead, the muscles
asone and walking as if stepping through mud 
. Once one lifts thehands they will produce
sharp edges, the body moving will feel likeriding a wave and the waist and spine will feel massive like a bull 
.When one attains this
, then as soon as one takes action, onewill
full of natural wonder and the
which one thendischarges will be balanced and complete. Thus the qualificationfor Martial art is herby established. The above fixed numbers of years I mentioned are all according to my own experience. As for students, some may need a little longer; some may need a littleshorter, it all depends on one’s talent and skill.Mr.
 Zeng Guofan
once said:
“To accomplish the career, talent actsas 30%, however,
diligence occupies 70%”.
These are not emptywords, so student should be encouraged by them. If one has been practicing for a long time but cannot discern any clear effect, oneshould check one’s body if there are any inconsistencies in posture.In that case, perhaps one’s mental state is creating some sideeffects on the physical, or the physical is creating some side effectsin one’s mental state. In any case, there must be a problem and oneshould seek advice from a wise person. Don’t consider your self to be right all the time, so be careful, be careful.Again, in
practice, one should avoid by all means toalways practice only one posture, one should change to different postures day by day. At the same time, one should vary betweenthe standing, sitting and lying postures. The standing and lying posture should perseveringly be practiced. This way of practiceallows a
of the body. Although each posture cancultivate
inner strength
, each posture has its own particular effect(if one wants to cure a particular case with
“Zhuang Fa”,
utilize a posture according to each person’s condition). If one is always practicing one fixed posture, then from a Martial art point of view,it’s only a partial way. Students should be aware of this.Its quiet suitable to practice
“Zhuang Fa”
for an hour, to an hour and a half each day. The time of practicing
“Zhuang Fa”
in each practice session should account for two thirds of the whole practice

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