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Published by rbatson

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Published by: rbatson on Feb 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Robert BatsonMarch 2k11Opinion470 wrd cntRB- Hitchcock¶s Hand in Modern Day CinemaSPOILERS: The µMaster of Suspense¶ title is not received by any director who can get amild jump scare out of an audience. It¶s more of a
kind of scenario, in that ³
there canonly be one
!´ To apply to recent context, Martin Scorsese¶s
Shutter Island 
did cause widespreadanxiety in movie theaters, and
 Black Swan
may have caused some unanticipated bowelmovements from movie patrons, but the title remains to the
original horror filmmaker
, AlfredHitchcock.The only correct way to summarize a forty year movie career is this: Hitchcock is subtle.His curious nuances attract little attention and one would only spot them if they were a film geek.The musical cues in scenes of zero drama to add an undeserved tension, the ground shots lookingup to the sky to see some horrible airborne fate for the characters on screen, or simply aconversation where the angles are creepier than an abandoned doll factory. To think there arethousands of movies that apply all of the techniques stated (
anhattan, The Warriors, Labyrinth,Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Inglourious Basterds, etc.)
that would lose so much cinematic valueif it were not for Hitchcock and his influence. Respect is due to Hitchcock in every film releasedafter his career, he needs no star on a sidewalk or photo in the Chinese Theater. His influenceacts as his own memorial.In Christopher Nolan¶s
the opening scene of the endless cliffs and longshoreline mirrors Hitchcock¶s
 North by Northwest(1959)
where the train races along the lake asthe camera moves with the locomotives path. In Darren Aronofsky¶s
 Black Swan
the repetitiveuse of shadow-hidden profiles recollects the climax to
when the camera pans to

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