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Newsletter 245

Newsletter 245

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Published by Henry Citizen
News & Announcements; Morning Jolt; Holmes: Community Meeting; Loper to Chair Dev Authority; LG Event Center Opens; McDonough Matters; Henry Delegation Public Hearing; South Atlanta TEA Party; Your Voice: Posse Populis; Henry TEA Party Meeting; Many in the Dark
News & Announcements; Morning Jolt; Holmes: Community Meeting; Loper to Chair Dev Authority; LG Event Center Opens; McDonough Matters; Henry Delegation Public Hearing; South Atlanta TEA Party; Your Voice: Posse Populis; Henry TEA Party Meeting; Many in the Dark

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Feb 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Contact The Citizen at hc.citizen@hccitizen.orgYour comments and submissions are always welcome! 
The Citizen Newsletter 
Issue # 245
February 5, 2011
The Conservative Voice of Henry County 
 In This Issue
News & Announcements
Morning Jolt 
Holmes: Community Meeting
Loper to Chair Dev Authority
LG Event Center Opens
Henry Delegation Public Hearing
South Atlanta TEA Party
Your Voice:
Posse Populis
Henry TEA Party Meeting
Many in the Dark 
Editorial / Publication Policy 
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Send email tohc.citizen@hccitizen.org The Citizennewsletter is available onlineat Scribd.com View online at http://www.scribd.com/larry_stanley  
Your Support is Appreciated 
The Conservative Voice of Henry County 
hasopened a venue for news, comment and opinion thatexists nowhere else. It is because of you; a steadylist of people who read and submit articles sharingideas and principles.Or visitwww.hccitizen.org Nice, informative, but I caught something right at the beginning. "If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it."~~ Marcus Tullius Cicero.I disagree with this type of philosophy. Our thought lives produce a lotof fodder, and much of it needs not repeating. Especially, when theScriptures say to renew the mind. Our minds (thought-lives) needpolish before we set the mouth in motion. Think it though before youspeak. His (Cicero) statement is without culture and refinement.
Brother Woody 
Henry to discuss possible furloughs for FY 12
Unpaid furlough days will be a consideration in planning of the county’sFiscal Year 2012 Budget, according to a top Henry County official.
Ed Note:
The Citizen was advised that, in addition to furlough days,some county employees may also face pay reductions. While that stepis not desired, it leaves people in their jobs. The measure seems tohave support among employees polled.
the Hack Line
 Bill Introduced to Limit HOPE Scholarships
The HOPE Scholarship is a merit based award, yetHouse Bill 159 introduced byDavid Lucas, D-139thwants to change the law to havean income cap for families of $66,000 AGI and higher.A student is ineligible for any scholarship or grant described in this partif the total of the preceding calendar year’s federal adjusted grossincome of the student, the student’s parents, and the student’s spouse,if any, exceeds the applicable income limit. For scholarships and grantsawarded in calendar year 2012, the income limit shall be $66,000.00.http://charlesmobley.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/bill-introduced-to-limit-hope-scholarships/ 
GA Sen. Jim Butterworth
on the
GA Lottery Corporation
: "Ibelieve it’s time to reign in an organization that has, intentionally orunintentionally, taken advantage of its independence." GA HOPEscholarship is funded entirely by the proceeds from the Georgia LotteryCorporation. According to GA Student Finance Commission, HOPE willexceed lottery funds by $243 million in 2011 and by $317 million in2012.
Seen on FaceBook 
The Republicans in Congress are trying to pass a bill that wouldhamstring the EPA's ability to implement any regulations limitinggreenhouse gas emissions. It will certainly pass the house .. and maywell pass the Senate. Doesn't matter. Mr. "Radically transform TheUnited States of America," the man who considers the private sectorthe enemy, says he will veto any bill on the matter that comes his way.
Citizen Newsletter #245
Sat, February 5, 2011 12:31:58 PMFrom:
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Henry Citizen<hccitizen@hccitizen.n...To:hc.citizen@hccitizen.org
Thank you for your support and participation
Ah, the Republicans in the House need to realize that they control thepurse strings. It's simple: don't provide funding for unconstitutionallaws.
Little-known fact:
Obama's failed stimulus program cost morethan the Iraq war. According to the Congressional Budget Office,TheIraq war cost $709 billion.
As of now, fiscal 2010 is the second-ranking year in U.S. history foraccumulating new federal debt. In that fiscal year, the federal debtincreased by $1.65 trillion.
Hey Henry County
- is all that security at the courthouse worth thecost? Come on...I went by there to get some documents recorded andhad to go through a strip search to get in....now I'm a seniorcitizen....had to take off my shirt jacket--they are lucky I had on anundershirt--I do wear an underwire bra -38E-have to keep the girlslooking respectable at my age if you know what I mean. Whom,exactly is being protected, here.? It would seem to me that if somenut wanted to shoot somebody IN the courthouse, rather than go inthere, they would just waitfor themOUTSIDE. So.........is all thatmoney that is being spent on machinery and manpower to strip searchold ladies going in and out of the courthouse REALLY necessary? I'mthinking those old guys really LIKE their jobs. Come summer, I thinkI just might STRIP DOWN to as near nothing as an old lady can getby with wearing without being arrested, then go record mydocuments.
Thanks for the forum.
K Kersey
Our sympathy goes out to Shirley and Mike Eddy and family.
 Shirley's father passed away this week. His name is Brooks HansonPlease keep the family in your prayers.
Hat tip to Mike Lustri 
Your morning jolt:
Georgia voters hate grocery tax, want HOPE changed before eliminating pre-K
7:00 am February 4, 2011, by jgalloway @ AJC
A new polling firm is in town. And it’s Democratic. (Cue the discordant yet haunting soundtrack.)
2020 Insight is the work of Jeff DiSantis, former campaign manager for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Thurbert Baker,and Chris Huttman, numbers geek and unsuccessful candidate for the Legislature.
The firm plans to poll in friendly territory across the country, but has offered a poll on Georgia concerns as a kind of loss-leader.
Evaluate the entire package here — including cross tabs.Topics include the special tax reform council’s proposal, andchoices facing the HOPE scholarship program:
Voters oppose putting the state sales tax back on groceries and using the revenue to lower income taxes, with 35%
supporting the proposal and 50% opposing it.
Voters overwhelmingly oppose imposing the sales tax on services and using the money to lower taxes that manufacturerspay on energy, with 14% supporting it and 70% opposing it.
This may well indicate that Gov. Deal and legislative leaders face a difficult task in convincing voters to pay more sales taxeswhile lowering taxes on corporations.
On another topic:
Gov. Deal’s handing of the lottery revenue shortfall is also a potential danger zone.
While the language in the poll differs from his recent proposal to cut pre-kindergarten funding (the poll question asked abouteliminating, rather than reducing, pre-kindergarten funding), voters overwhelmingly supporting modifying the HOPEScholarship to eliminating pre-kindergarten to address the shortfall (57% for modifying HOPE, 35% for eliminating pre-kindergarten funding).
A plurality support means testing HOPE for families making more than $200,000 per year to cutting HOPE across the boardby a 39% to 16% margin.
Commissioner Bruce Holmes
will host a Community Meeting on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 9a.m. at the Fairview Recreation Center. During the meeting, there will be an update from the Police Department on crimein the area, and Commissioner Holmes will update citizens on projects and programs, as well as answer questions from theaudience. The Fairview Recreation Center is located at 35 Austin Road in Stockbridge.
Loper Elected Development Authority Chair
 Vickie Loper, the District 3 appointee to the Development Authority Board since 2006, was selected to the top position byher fellow Board members at the Authority’s January Board meeting. “It is truly an honor and privilege to be elected Chairman of the Henry County Development Authority, but it is especially anhonor to be the first woman chairman,” Ms. Loper said. “I look forward to working with our board and staff to bring newbusinesses and jobs to our community,” she added.Also at the January meeting, two new members were welcomed to the Development Authority Board. Rev. William L.Herndon of Stockbridge joins the Development Authority as the District 4 appointee, while Charles G. Smith of Ellenwood joins as the District 5 appointee to the Authority Board. Both new members were sworn-in by Henry County Probate CourtJudge, Kelley Powell, at the January meeting, and will serve four-year terms on the Authority.The Henry County Development Authority meets the first Thursday of each month at the Authority offices at 140 HenryParkway in McDonough.
Locust Grove Event Center
Grand Opening Set for February 13The Henry County Board of Commissioners, along with the Henry County SPLOST Department and the Henry County Councilon Aging, will celebrate the grand opening of the Locust Grove Event Center on February 13 with an open house from 2:00to 4:00 p.m. and the official ceremony at 3:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend the grand opening. 

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