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Published by npmanuel

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: npmanuel on Feb 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let Us Realize the Dreams of the Great Martyrs
We are presenting here the poignant life histories of undauntedcourageous and ever inspiring women who were martyred in the strugglefor New Democratic Revolution (NDR) in India, since the historic Naxalbariarmed peasant rebellion which burst forth like a ‘Spring Thunder’ in 1967.The great Naxalbari rebellion, the armed agrarian revolution itself wasnot an isolated phenomena and it had erupted in an internationalbackground of earth-shaking events. Particularly, it was inspired by theGreat Debate against modern revisionism of Kruschev & Co. and GreatProletarian Cultural Revolution launched under the leadership of Mao inChina. Naxalbari had broken the back of the modern revisionism, mainlythat of CPI (M) and shown the real path of liberation for the oppressedmasses of India.The spring thunder of Naxalbari was a clarion call for the oppressedand exploited people of India. It showed them the path for liberation. Ithas been forty years since six peasant women, two children and a peasanthad laid down their lives in Naxalbari while fighting for land and life withdignity – their liberation. Then onwards oppressed people of our countryhave begun to write a new history of their own through their own classstruggle and with their own hands to reach their ultimate destiny whichpaves the way for the liberation of entire mankind from all clutches andprejudices of class society. This all-encompassing history is tremendouslyinfluencing all spheres of our society, the polity, economy, relationsbetween different social classes and communities, family, culture, literatureand ecology. The history of oppressed women is the real history of thedearest daughters of our beloved country which is an inseparable, vitalcomponent of the history of oppressed people. And no success in therevolutionary war or the final victory of the revolution is imaginable orpossible without women. Hence, the need to study their history. Theselife histories are an inseparable part of this people’s history.In these long-drawn forty years, the Indian revolutionary communistmovement had gone through many ups and downs and twists and turns.After the setback of Naxalbari struggle, the CPI (ML) party split intomany streams. MCC was the other revolutionary stream which stood bythe slogan ‘Naxalbari Ek Hi Raasta’ (Naxalbari is the only Path) and builta revolutionary movement in some states. Of the many splinters of the

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