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Family Centered Church Structure the Living Room

Family Centered Church Structure the Living Room

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Published by Paul_Conway_Info

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Published by: Paul_Conway_Info on Feb 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Becoming an intentional community whose goal is to reach, strengthen and keep life-long followers of Christ from the Nursery to the elderly through sharing our lives and faith witheach other.
Reasoning for this PreposalII.
Action StepsIV.
After twenty two years of ministry continue to ask the samequestion every minister, church leader and Godly parent considers;
“how do we make life long followers of Christ
when they come under
our care from kids church to college?” Most leaders would agree, there
is no magical formula or program. In one sence the keeping power of Christ is a Mystery. On the other hand we must be intentional to meetthe task of making disciples. The question is what intentional steps canincrease our success? In other words how can we pass our faith to thenext generation without fumbling it?Places like
The Fuller Youth Institute
Center for Parent and YouthUnderstanding
The Youth Transition Network and The Princeton YouthInstitute
have devoted millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours to dialog on those question. Here is what they are finding.1.
40-50% of all students who graduate from church graduatefrom their faith.2.
50% of those who abandon their faith do it permenanlty.3.
In other words of the 210 students 82-105 students that fallaway after high school, 52 who will never return to Christagain.4.
70% of students doubt their faith.5.
2/3 of students do not feel they have been given a faith strongenough to survive college.The analysis of this data pushed the organizations to evaluate
“what increases the strength and depth of faith in the lives of thosegrowing under our care in the church? Although they would say “Noneof these items would be a magical process” they would insiste the
following are keys to increase the abiltiy to pass a faith in the live of ourkids that makes them life long followers of Christ.

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