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Market Place Leadership - Business Directory

Market Place Leadership - Business Directory

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Published by newhopeoahu

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: newhopeoahu on Feb 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 M P  L 
 U  S  I   E   S   S   I   E   C  T   O 
Market Place Leadership
Presented by New Hope
    M    P    L
     B     U     S     I     N     E     S     S      D     I     R     E     C     T     O     R     Y
Welcome to this secondedition of New Hope’s Market PlaceLeadership Business Directory.The directory was created tohelp connect and support the marketplace leaders in our congregation.I want to encourage you to supportthese local businesses and fellow NewHope members. You’ll be able to findeverything from business consultants tocarpenters within the contents of thisdirectory.In the first year of the MarketPlace Leadership, or MPL, we havebeen able to not only connect our market place leaders in the church, butwe’ve held quarterly luncheons on aregular basis. These lunch gatheringsare focused around a central teachingtopic pertaining to today’s concerns.Our speakers are from our New Hope‘ohana and have a wealth of experienceand knowledge in the marketplace.In closing, please support our local and church businesses by utilizingthe services listed in this businessdirectory. I have used many of them,and hope you will too.For advertising and additionalinquires or comments, please contactRyan Tsuji at 808-842-4242 extension280.Much love,Pastor Wayne Cordeiro
editor in chief
Ryan Kalei Tsuji
assistant managing editors
Jana Alcain and Kelli Shiroma
copy editors
Ray Oda, Leslie Tyson and James andMieko Watari
design | production
graphic designer
Larry Ganiron
Clint Torres and Derrek MiyaharaNew Hope O`ahu290 Sand Island Access RoadHonolulu HI 96819808.842.4242 | eNewhope.org
 At Market Place Leadership (MPL), ourgoal is to educate, inuence, and supportChristian business leaders in order to livea balanced lie at home, in business andin the community, while developing andmaintaining a strong relationship withGod.We live in a society driven by power,money, and greed that oten encouragesleaders to be dishonest and treat employeeswith little value in order to advance orsucceed in the business world. Businessleaders become so consumed in thebusyness o work and lie that they otenorget the core values and the Biblical-based word that God has provided.I you are a business manager or leaderand want to learn how to succeed in themarketplace without compromising theundamental Christian values that God hasgiven us, then this ministry is or you! It isour desire to create a network o Christianbusiness leaders and create a conduitor spiritual, business and economicalinterchange.Te ministry will also provide a orumor discussion on the issues and topics thatimpact our community here in Hawai`i. AtMPL, we want to inuence, educate andsupport marketplace leaders in Hawai`iby creating a support group and networko Christian business leaders that willpositively impact our community.
One o the goals o the MPL is to provide our business leaderswith undamental leadership skills that will equip members to besuccessul within their business and organization. We want to ensurethat our members have the opportunity and access to become notonly better leaders within their occupation, but provide them withnetworking opportunities to meet other market place leaders withinour congregation. Trough our very own MPL business directory, wehave created an outlet or leaders as well as congregation members tohelp support our church businesses by utilizing the services promotedin the directory. We also have quarterly leadership luncheon eventsthat assist MPL members in gleaning both practical and spiritualknowledge, which are applicable to their daily lives in the market place.In keeping with the heart o New Hope Oahu, the Market PlaceLeadership seeks to nd opportunities to make a diference in ourvery own back yard. Each year, the MPL will host and conduct severalcommunity service projects in an efort to use the resources andmarket place connections that God has blessed our leaders with. Asleaders and managers o the marketplace, it is our responsibility tosupport and care or those in our community who may be struggling. At MPL we seek to impact our own community by proving hope tothose seeking assistance. A key element o the MPL is the connection between members on aspiritual level. Troughout the year, the MPL connects our businessleaders into lie groups through our connection campaign. Te MPLalso hosts a once a month networking and spiritual growth night onthe rst Wednesday o each month prior to New Hope’s mid weekservice at Sand Island. Tese monthly gathering are a way or ourMPL members to connect with one another and also receive a biblicalbased teaching targeted specically or leaders in the Market Place. Weencourage our members to build deep lie on lie relationships withother market place leaders who oten experience the same situationsthrough the ormation o these lie groups. A mentor, accountability partner, Christian brother or sister is one way to help our memberssucceed at home, business, and in lie through biblical council.
Te MPL mentorship program is our way o helping to equip and trainour uture Christian Market Place leaders. Tis mentorship programprovides an opportunity or our MPL members to serve as mentorsand lie coaches to the young leaders within our congregation andstudents at Pacic Rim Christian college. Trough this partnership, wehave not only provided a way or our students to obtain an internshipand shadowing experience, but have also helped to support our MPLleaders who may need assistance in specic areas o their business. Itis important that we invest in our young adults today so that the nextgeneration o market place leaders will have a solid oundation based onhard work and biblical values.
Support LeadershipSpiritual ConnectionImpact CommunitiesProvide Mentorshipfor Young Leaders

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