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3rd Phase of Hitler

3rd Phase of Hitler

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Published by william e justin
Chapter 8 From LionWorld
Chapter 8 From LionWorld

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Published by: william e justin on Feb 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cha 8 from
William E Justin
Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved 
Ethan Vulerummer dressed to leave his suite atop the massive V Corp building which served as both his per-sonal residence and the headquarters of his vast media empire. Among people in the know it was often referredto as “the lion’s den” because of his position as chairman of the,
The Seven Lion’s of Private Control.
This shad-owy organization at the center of world Fascism held many of their meetings right there.He got dressed and put on a cap and glasses to mask his appearance some. It was four in the morning and thechances now of being recognized were very slim. He moved several rooms over into a modest reception areaand tapped a command into his
Deep Water Communicator.
The elevator door opened as he sent out a secondcommand that alerted his personal security crew he would be going to walk a few blocks over to
The Beast Bar—
the place he slipped off to a once or twice a year, where classic Lion-fighting matches were always on the bigscreen this time of the morning. His access to old video was fully endowed of course, but he liked sitting withgood, ordinary Fascist fans of the sport. These people weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed but were at least sincere in their desire to contribute to
 group will 
.This term came from the writings of Karl Darwin Hitler, the Austrian philosopher, scholar and researcherfrom the previous century. Vulerummer began to read Hitler as a teenager when he discovered the man was theinspiration for his own hero Lord Rashling. Hitler was noted for his thoughts that the movement toward Democ-racy that had enveloped his own time, was against nature. It thwarted or at least interfered with, the reliableand longstanding method in the animal kingdom to form male-dominated families and clans for the purpose of controlling local habitats. In an environment where “survival of the fittest” ruled, Democracy allowed lessermen—and women—a basic equal status that could legally set a boy against his father and an idiot against an ex-perienced or wise man. Hitler saw no use for Democracy.His critics argued that Mankind had obtained victory over the lower animal forms for as long as anyone couldremember. Man
“the fittest” and he had no business imitating the lower animal forms. He possessed a supe-rior mind and some would say, a soul. Through the human mind, Man could easily control his environment andbring the world into the desirable state of harmonious enrichment for all. Having a basic equal status with otheradults would allow for a rising up above petty criminality and competition. Karl Darwin Hitler thought Democ-racy was farfetched and a passing fad. He predicted that cracking open the rigid caste system that had propelledMankind to the forefront of the animal world would only lead to something he named Socialism—a conditionthat would breed indolence as each of “the equal” sought to take “the big part of the stick” and leave their fel-lows with the bulk of the heavy lifting. He foresaw the forming of worker’s unions and profit-sharing plans that would compete directly against the elite for privilege and wealth that would rob the great activators of 
 group will 
whom would naturally become less interested in providing the big ideas and tough decisions for the group tofollow.What had transpired in reality turned out to be a blending of Fascism and Socialism; a Democracy that wasphantasmagoric—real in the sense that votes were generally tallied as marked by the voters; unreal in the sensethat people were “branded” and herded into stalls like cattle—mainly through media. Average were citizens sub-tly coerced into obeying
 group will 
as it was designated by leaders with clever sycophants who became forecast-ers of Democratic trends while developing a keen insight into human behavior. Hitler would’ve looked at all of this and shrugged and pointed out the unmistakable truth that this is what happens when the rigid caste system
is cracked open prematurely. Women—much too emotional and dedicated to their offspring to achieve the ruth-lessness needed for good decision-making; people too close to the natural world such as the Native Americansthat never adjusted well to the workload assigned by advanced civilizations such as the Europeans; and thosewho were just born too low on the genetic scale to see things in the proper light—all of these people who wouldnot have been given true “equal status” in a pure Fascist system,
had instead 
contributed to a general reductionof 
 group will 
.But Karl Darwin Hitler wasn’t exactly a racist or classist. His own research proved that some members of thelower castes would inexplicably bloom with higher quality traits even when there was no visible reason for it.There was more then mere, rank genetics going on but he could never explain it other then in mystical terms that further ostracized him from his contemporaries whom
considered to be hopelessly grounded in a fundamen-talist scientism. He pushed for the inclusion of prodigies from the lower classes in the best Fascist universityclasses when they proved able to make their debut. Hitler’s clinging to this ideal of pure Fascism was ultimatelythought archaic by his fellow scholars.Ethan Vulerummer had consumed all of Hitler. He admired him as a theorist and researcher. But his great role-model in life was not the lesser-known scholar from Austria that contributed some to the intellectual canonof his day, but the great man-of-action who made the tough decisions he believed had saved the world from So-cialism—the British Lord Rashling.There was a hidden elevator landing in the V Corp Building between street level and the parking garage. It opened into a tunnel attached to a portion of a side at the base of the building, and bent up a set of steps to asteel door leading to the street. From above and from the street, this feature appeared to be an equipment shed.The code that unlocked the steel door was found only in Vulerummer’s
Deep Water Communicator.
Janitors fromhis security crew serviced the tunnel and steel door from each side but could not pass through it. On those fewoccasions when he used this exit, his security would wait until there were no passerby’s before sending him asignal to come out. He usually avoided the exit because there were so many people coming up and down thestreet in front of it that he would often have to stand there for up to 10 minutes before getting a clean exit. But it was very early this morning and the world beyond the steel door was flushed with a thick fog and he receivedthe signal the moment he came to the door.Outside the V Corp building, Vulerummer marveled at that fog. He had never seen it so thick. He could barelysee the first of his security men who was customarily standing at the curbs edge directly in front of the steeldoor. The man flashed the standard Fascist greeting sign—thumb and fingers coiled except for the long fingerwhich was pushed out and pointing down toward the ground with the rest of the hand. Everywhere, Fascistswould “show you the finger” when it appeared you were one of them. They had a different sign for the Democ-rats. Vulerummer’s security men showed him the finger in a slightly different way however—the thumb wassunken into the pants pocket as the other hand tapped on the opposite leg. This and the fact that his men wouldonly stare down at his shoes—never making eye contact—let him know they were on the job.He had no personal relationships with his men. He barely recognized any of their faces. He had never experi-enced any incident that could even be loosely called, a breach of security. His crew was fully attentive. Therewere some excellent reasons for that. He actually had three layers of security around him that were interlaced.The first was in charge of direct protection of his person. The second was in charge of spotting any members of the first team that were allowing, or had caused a breach. If Vulerummer died or was hurt, the person who al-lowed it happen would be instantly killed or, if the conditions were too public, then the team member wouldmarked for death and killed as quickly as possible. A third layer of security was concerned strictly with admini-stration, oversight and coordination of the first two. Unspeakable things would occur to the families of anyonewho even thought to betray Ethan Vulerummer. Then that person himself would be killed. The chairman of theSeven Lions spent over 65 million dollars a year on his personal security alone. He considered it money well-spent.There was nothing secret about the fact that the Democrats who gained all of the real leadership positions in-side of World Security were out to eliminate him and the other six members of The Seven Lions cabal. And thosepeople were at least as good and ruthless as his team. Plus, their resources were far greater. Whenever helooked out his window atop the V Corp building, he half expected to see a missile flying toward him. But peoplerarely knew just where he was and even the World Security Democrats couldn’t get away with killing largeamounts of citizens trying to get him. So all-in-all, he felt fairly secure.
As he walked the two blocks up the street to
The Beast Bar,
Vulerummer gradually became aware of the mem-bers of his security crew that filled positions along the way. Each flashed the extended version of the Fascist greeting. One man had gotten out in front of him and another behind him. Five others stood at the curbside andwould move with him until the next one appeared. They provided a kind of moving perimeter of protection.Others were already inside the bar subtly setting up their positions. Several more were in a securing van nearbycoordinating the effort. From a position at the front of the V Corp building, sharpshooters and spotters were set up to guard against gunman from the buildings across the street even though on this particular day, the fog wasso thick that long distance would-be shooters would not be of much concern. You couldn’t even see the buildingon the opposite side of the wide avenue. Still, despite the low-risk conditions, the security team was on edge.While they usually kept themselves busy with drills, this morning was real time. On the few occasions when “theboss” went on these impromptu walkabouts, they
the large amounts of money they were paid. Each se-curity man was not only guarding Vulerummer’s life, but his own as well. There was no doubt in any of theirminds that their jobs were strictly limited to
 zero mistakes
The Beast Bar,
the chairman of 
The Seven Lions of Private Control 
—the world’s richest man—looked likejust another patron. He could’ve been any of the many business men who commuted into Manhattan City earlyeach day to avoid the crowds. The place was of good size. It featured a main bar and a secondary bar that wasopen during the peak hours. There was a third horseshoe-shaped bar set up with a grill and set of barstools that was always open. Several large screen televisions were well-placed so patrons could all have a good view of thesports action. The establishment itself was to be voted one of the top five sports bars in Manhattan City until ananalyst from the security team spotted this while going through the pre-editions of V Corp publications and hadit removed from the list.There was a moderate crowd for this time of the day. Vulerummer ordered coffee at the main bar. He recog-nized the bartender. He even remembered her name. It was Greta. A good Fascist woman. She wouldn’t re-member him though since he only went to the place once or twice a year. But on his previous visit he’d sat downat the bar and heard her talking to one of the regulars. The men liked her. She showed a generous portion of breast meat and had a clever wit. She wasn’t a prostitute however but a single mom. He had liked the overallpackage. Under ordinary circumstances he would’ve liked to have spent time with someone like her but his posi-tion forbid such things. He kept to prostitutes and an occasional, ambitious employee.He had a wife but he rarely saw her. She lived on the other side of town in a top-of-the-line bird cage he’dbuilt for her. He had a team that kept her in limbo on a special diet of pharmaceuticals and prostitutes disguisedas workmen. They could dust her off and bring her back to a semi-normal state for the few occasions he neededto bring her out in public. She provided him with a couple of kids who hadn’t amounted to much. His father hadwarned him not to marry her, but as a young woman she had been cute, flirtatious, ambitious and could performoral sex better then anyone. She’d had a few good seasons and could still perform the few duties he assigned toher, but that was about it. Ethan Vulerummer wasn’t a romanticist to say the least. It seemed to him that womenin general went out their way to fulfill the limited expectations that men such as Karl Darwin Hitler had giventhem through objective observance of their lot. The fact that they had won the privilege to vote was mostly dueto their ability to leverage sex. This was the classic Fascist view and Vulerummer more or less agreed with theassessment.He took his cup of coffee from Greta the bartender. She smiled at him and kind of pushed out her chest a little.He smiled back and walked over to a table nearby to see which of the classic Lion-fighting matches they wereplaying. He instantly recognized the match. It was from early in the decade. The Le Muffet Crew was in Irelandgoing up against Celtic Talls. As Vulerummer could recall, this was the fourth season Big-E White and Maxim LeMuffet had been working together. This team was often considered the greatest Lion-fighting crew of all time. It featured Merle Le Muffet opposite his brother and outside spearmen Wild Willie Jones and Abu Rakani. Jonesand Rakani were in the final years of solid Lion-fighting careers and would be replaced during the next two sea-sons by Bill and Ronnie Le Muffet.Maxim had become so good on his high-tech leg that some people were saying the artificial knee and foot weregiving him an unfair advantage. The prosthetic had an intricate array of fluid-driven torsion lifters built into it that he had learned to use for maximum spring. It also featured “smart foam” mounting in which copolymermolecules would condense differently depending on whether he was walking or bolting. A similar system gavethe knee and foot assembly variation based on the measures of force he was using. By the fourth year, Max hadfully mastered the leg and now it appeared that the prosthetic was superior to the original although he ada-

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