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Chapter 2: Evolving Consciousness of Change

Chapter 2: Evolving Consciousness of Change

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Published by: Kaustav P. (KP) Chaudhuri on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 2: Evolving consciousness of changePicture from Iching This picture is taken from the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, the IChing, whichactually means the Book of Change. The interplay of Yang, the masculine force and Ying, the feminine force creates change and progress. The Yang contains a bitof Ying and the Ying contains a bit of Yang. Every moment, change should happenas a movement of energy from the darkness to the light but often, energy blockages get in the way. Once we expand our consciousness and become aware of theseblockages, energy starts circulating and we start getting reconnected to the unseen order of change. We become energized and excited and become the change weseek in the world.Change is part of your DNA and now that you have removed the energy blockages, your system has healthy circulation of energy and information and has now becomeself organized for change.PAST=> Every time, your change efforts meet with lot of resistance.PRESENT=> You are now beginning to initiate change only after you have looked your experiences. Your enhanced perception makes you more conscious and you no longer miss seeing the point and purpose.FUTURE=> Change has become your second nature. You can tap into the reservoir ofenergy in yourself and your followers and motivate and initiate change.TOPICS IN THIS CHAPTER:Change is the essence of everything in the UniverseMake change the central organizing principle in your lifeThe Time to Change is NowChange begins when we start looking within us and start changing our mindsetChange the way you look at change and start Transforming yourselfEmbrace change for survivalAny science that deals with living organism must need to cover the phenomenonof consciousness because consciousness, too, is a part of reality-----Neils Bohr“The extent of your consciousness is limited only by your ability to love and to embrace with your love the space around you, and all it contains”Napoleon Bonaparte“There are times to cultivate and create, when you nurture your world andgive birth to new ideas and ventures. There are times of flourishing and abundance, when life feels in full bloom, energized and expanding. And there are timesof fruition, when things come to an end. They have reached their climax and mustbe harvested before they begin to fade. And finally of course, there are timesthat are cold, and cutting and empty, times when the spring of new beginnings seems like a distant dream. Those rhythms in life are natural events. They weave into one another as day follows night, bringing, not messages of hope and fear, but messages of how things are.”Chogyam TrungpaBreath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”
Thich Nhat HanhNo problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”Albert EinsteinEvery human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power tochoose, to respond, to change.Stephen CoveyWhosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.Niccolo MachiavelliThe whole drift of my education goes to persuade me that the world of our present consciousness is only one out of many worlds of consciousness that exist."William JamesA..Change is the essence of everything in the UniverseLook around carefully at everything around you. The seasons change, the leaves fall, the snow flakes designs itself in ever changing fractals. Everything in nature changes; nature is change and change is our basic nature. Even our bodies are designed for change, like the rest of nature. So why is it so difficult to change if all we have to be is ourselves?The process of evolution has given us the gift of language as a way by which wecan adapt better to external change. Till now, you were making lot of efforts togo to your work place, so if were given a sports car so that you don’t have to take several buses any more. But you have got so besotted with your sports car, that you spend all your time driving it around that you know longer are able to reach your destination. This sport car, language, was given to you to make you more adaptive to change but instead, it has so defocused you, that you have stoppedadapting to change all together.Usually, we ought to change every passing moment of time. When everything is fine and going the way we want, we never say“I need change”.Along the way, our normal process of change got stunted and, suddenly, the timehas come when you realize that things are not what they ought to be; you are ina rut and you need to change. Intellectually, realizing that you need change isa very small step. It comes with the peril of taking you further away from change as your rational mind might lead you to belief that it has done its job by making you aware that you need change and that, you will change.To start changing, you need to reduce the chatter in your Mind and visualize clearly what you need to change into. Then look into your experiences inyour memory and change those images from the past which you feel have not been formed correctly into the new images you just visualized. Make the changes, whichdid not take place from the day your change process got stunted, in your mind.Restore the natural process of change by visualizing the future and connecting it to the experiences from past memories. Especially, look at memories of unhappyendings. You will discover, that, in what you hitherto saw as endings, now shows you the potential of rebirth and new beginning.You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing in.Heraclitus:What animal walks on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feetin the evening, yet has only one voice? (The riddle of the sphinx).The human being.(Oedipus’s answer.)----------Sophocles, Oedipus RexObserve always that everything is the result of a change, and get used to thinking that there is nothing Nature loves so well as to change existing forms and tomake new ones like them." Meditations. iv. 36. - Marcus AureliusTo exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. Henri Bergson:
Mutabilityby Percy Bysshe Shelley We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon;How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver,Streaking the darkness radiantly! -yet soonNight closes round, and they are lost for ever:Or like forgotten lyres, whose dissonant stringsGive various response to each varying blast,To whose frail frame no second motion bringsOne mood or modulation like the last.We rest. -A dream has power to poison sleep;We rise. -One wandering thought pollutes the day;We feel, conceive or reason, laugh or weep;Embrace fond woe, or cast our cares away:It is the same! -For, be it joy or sorrow,The path of its departure still is free:Man
s yesterday may ne
er be like his morrow;Nought may endure but Mutablilty.B.Make change the central organizing principle in your lifeYour Ego is the enemy of change as its identity is wrapped in the status quo ofyour current reality. As long as our Ego is in control of us, it will be verydifficult to change. In such a scenario, organizing the lives of ourselves, ourfamily and our organization around change is an almost impossible task.Start your approach by a different route. Identify things which stress you out.In turbulent times, I am sure that it is an easy thing to do. Make a list of things you think that you can’t do. Now, carefully observe your role models and see whether they are able to do some of the things that stress you out as well as some of the things that you cannot do. In order to achieve the level of success youdeserve and desire, you need to be able to accomplish some of the tasks which your role models are doing. Make a commitment to yourself saying that you will also start accomplishing most of these tasks. Any change, you need to make, you need to make them now.It is certainly not going to be easy. Unfortunately, no great accomplishment comes easily; in the rare case in does, history has shown that people have not beenable to hold on to it. In order to create long term success, you need to go through some short term pain. So, instead of trying to take shelter in your comfortzone till external circumstances either forces you to change or fail, get intothe habit of embracing short term pain; success will follow.When you start embracing stress and convert it into personal growth; when you observe the work habits of your role models and replicate them; you have begun toorganize your life around change. When you start doing the above in a systemicmanner and make it your second nature, you have made change the central organizing principle of your life. You need to see the change, feel the change, make theeffort and create different patterns of movement. Change becomes the central organizing principle of your life when you exert your willpower and strengthen your mental and physical muscles. It does not come though thinking and using wordsand language.Sometimes, too much change also may not be a good idea. Once, you have made change the central organizing principle of your life , your Ego might seemingly switch loyalties and suddenly lead you to belief that everything is wrong with yourpresent and you need to change it all. Beware of such a trap, since, once you start changing everything, you not only change some of the good qualities you had,but also the change process goes out of hand and creates more harm than good. That’s when, your Ego asserts itself and tells you that all change is bad and you are back to the embrace of your comfort zone. So if your pace of change has become too fast, take a break and renew your energies.The change process acts in a non-linear way. A small change can create great results if you are lucky; a big change can create small results. Whether luck is onyour side or not, change will yield positive results and the more you change, t

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