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Handbook for Injured Service Members and Their Families

Handbook for Injured Service Members and Their Families

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Published by: steve_pillman on Feb 07, 2011
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service member recovering from a serious wartime injury may face a long and difficultprocess that is both physically and emotionally challenging for all involved. Once the servicemember is out of harm’s way and receiving proper medical care, he or she must begin to considerthe future. During the healing process, service members and their families will face a host of practicalissuesrangingfromthemilitarydisabilityevaluationsystemandcontinuationofmilitary service to the possible transition back into civilian life.Fortunately, the United States Armed Forces, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and anarray of other government and private organizations are committed to meeting the needs of our wounded service members and helping them and their families through this difficult time. Inrecognition of their service and sacrifice, these organizations and federal and local laws provide anumber of benefits and rights for service members and their families to help with financial,medical, educational, employment and other needs.Thepurposeofthishandbookistoassistinjuredservicemembersandtheirfamiliesbyprovidinginformation about what lies ahead, an overview of resources at their disposal, and a discussion of certain issues they are likely to confront. It is designed to supplement the information provideddirectly by the various branches of the military, as well as governmental and nongovernmentalorganizations.
he information is presented in the form of responses to questions service members and theirfamiliesarelikelytohave. Itshouldserveasastartingpointandareferenceguide. Itisnotmeantto be a source of authoritative information, to provide legal, financial or other advice, or toeliminatetheneedtoseekadvicefromqualifiedprofessionals. Rather,eachchaptercontainslistsof resources, including websites and telephone numbers, of organizations that can provide moreinformation and further assistance. Over time, some of the information in this handbook may  become outdated. To ensure the most up-to-date information, please visit the websites listed ineach chapter as well as the websites of the organizations that published this handbook: theIntrepid Fallen Heroes Fund,www.fallenheroesfund.org
 ,and the Wounded Warrior Project, www.woundedwarriorproject.org.Service members are strongly encouraged to share this handbook with their families and tocontinually refer to it as different issues become relevant over time. In addition, they shouldmaintain detailed records of all medical treatment received, meetings attended and any other
actions taken regarding the rights and benefits referred to in this handbook. For example, whenmaking a telephone call, the caller should record the name, title and contact information of theperson with whom he or she spoke, the date and time of the call and a summary of the mattersdiscussed. Similarly, copies of all written correspondence, both sent and received, should beretained. Familymembersshouldbepreparedtoassistservicememberswiththesetypesoftasksduring the recovery process.The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the Wounded Warrior Project, and Davis Polk & Wardwell, who prepared this handbook on their behalf, have published this handbook for informationalpurposes only. While we hope and believe that it will be a valuable and helpful resource, it isprovided solely as a source of general background information. We do not warrant that thehandbook is complete or that all the information is accurate. In addition, the handbook may notapplytothefactualorlegalsituationthataparticularreadermayface. Inanyevent,thehandbook does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Davis Polk & Wardwellrenderslegaladviceonlyaftercompliancewithcertainproceduresforacceptingclientsandwhenit is legally permitted to do so. Readers are strongly encouraged to seek advice from professionallegal and financial advisers before acting upon information contained in this handbook. If youhave questions with respect to any of the topics discussed in this handbook, please contact theIntrepid Fallen Heroes Fund at (800) 340-HERO (4376) orinfo@fallenheroesfund.orgor the Wounded Warrior Project at (904) 296-7350 orinfo@woundedwarriorproject.org.
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Wounded Warrior Project
Davis Polk & Wardwell July 2007

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