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Use of Financial Reforms to Prevent Future Financial Crisis

Use of Financial Reforms to Prevent Future Financial Crisis

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Published by Alex

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Published by: Alex on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Revise on the Use of Financial Reforms to Prevent Future Financial Crisis: ACase study of United States of America
Contents1.1 Project Background -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31.2 Significance of Study -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------31.3 Research Objective--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------41.3 Literature Review----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------51.4 Critical Evaluation of Wall Street Reforms---------------------------------------------------------101.5 Conclusion and Recommendations-------------------------------------------------------------------14Bibliography--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
1.1 Project Background:
he present research study explores the causes of the recent financial crisis and discusses howthe Wall Street reforms can prevent such kind of financial crisis in future.
his study alsocompares the present financial crisis with similar kind of crisis, as that of Great Depression, inAmerican history.
he present financial crisis is considered the worst economic crisis since the Great Depressionwhich has adversely affected the U.S economy.
his financial crisis started in U.S.A and thenreached to the rest of the world. It was only due to interdependence of the modern globaleconomy that this crisis affected the other countries of the world. Consequently, in U.S.A severalmajor investment banks, investment companies and commercial banks were sold at very cheap prices. Various financial institutions were declared as bankrupt and in such an uncertainenvironment, they could not survive themselves. Most of the institutions were bailed out withgovernment¶s help.
he present crisis started in last quarter of 2007 and surfaced itself in August 2008 whenfinancial giant Bear Stearns & Co. and Leman Brothers, insurance giant American InternationalGroup (AIG) and numerous commercial banks collapsed. Such a desperate situation left adverseimpact on US economy. People drew their money from banks and lost confidence in them. Dueto this financial crisis, a considerable number of people lost their jobs and became worried abouttheir future. New financial policies and reforms are being enacted to avoid such future economic crisis. USgovernment is trying to prepare such guidelines that help in making sustainable financialdevelopments. Wall Street reforms are considered as a big step in this direction.
hese reformsaim at regulating the financial institutions in such an effective way that they withstand anyfinancial problem properly. New councils are being established to watch the activities and performance of the banking and non-banking sectors.Many of our contemporary scholars are also conducting the research works to trace the realcauses of present crisis and suggesting effective course of action for government and the policymakers.
he research work of these scholars would also help in identifying theshortcomings and loopholes in the financial system.
he present financial system can beimproved by taking in considerations the solutions given by them.
1.2 Significance of Study:
he present research study has a great significance in available literature about financial crisiswhich has happened, generally in the world and particularly in the USA.
his study presents avivid picture of recent financial crisis and evaluates the wall Street Reforms in a more

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