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Preliminary Project Scope Statement

Preliminary Project Scope Statement

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Published by Sean Hodgson

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Published by: Sean Hodgson on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Preliminary Project Scope statement
1.Project Information
Laboratory Development Project
University of Alberta – Mechanical Engineering Building
2.Project Objectives
Planning the setting up of a new laboratory in Room number MEC E 1-38 inMechanical Engineering building by migrating the equipments and infrastructurefrom room numbers MEC E 2-22 and MEC E 2-14.
Laboratories affected by the migration process need to be thoroughly inspected for available furniture and equipment, and a tentative layout of the new lab in MEC E 1-38 needs to be prepared.
Discussion with students, researchers, faculty members and administrative staff who are going to be affected has to be undertaken and feedback should beincorporated in the project plan.
Any replaced furniture or equipment must be servicable (good working order)however quality level can include second hand purchases.
3.Product scope description
The finished product will be a new facilities that will be used by a total of 12individuals.
The lab will facilitate two sections in the same lab:
a clean work environment for analytical work
a wet dirty section for hands on work.
4.Project Scope Statement
Our team will provide the planning, scheduling and coordination of the schedule,procurement for the new MEC E 1-38 lab.
We are to contact the various stakeholders for their input on move coordination
The planning should facilitate coordinated and optimized movement of labresources in the most efficient way possible such that the disturbance to theongoing work/studies in the building is minimized.
This scope may include the transfer of large equipment: a milling machine, andslurry pipeline. This has not yet been decided.
5.Project boundaries
Our team will be responsible for facilities planning, furniture procurement,resource allocation for these 12 individuals.
The migration process will be conducted after the winter term of 2011 ends.
6-8 desks
Setup of personal space for students – personal storage areas (draws or lockers).
Not all people and equipment from MEC E 2-22 and MEC E 2-14 are beingmoved. Only what is associated with the 12 individuals are being moved by Dr.Lipsett.
Other labs will be coordinating moves at the same time. We must schedule to
work with these other labs so that the usage of hallways and entrances does notclash; however we are not responsible for their moves.
We are responsible for the coordinating moves by producing a schedule.
Moving does not have to happen all at once. The move should be scheduled tominimize impact on ongoing projects.
Ensure proper movers/boxes/equipment are in place to move equipment withoutdamage.
We are not responsible for construction/structural changes.
We are not responsible for U of A responsible features (i.e fire extinguishers).i.An exact list of these features will be obtained from Glen Thomas.
A functional phone must be setup in the lab.
Ensure the campus wifi.
6.Project deliverables
An intermediate report outlining the work in progress
Final Report containing the migration plan.
7.Product acceptance criteria
This will have to be based on an assessment by the new lab users.
Use of a post-move survey is recommended.
8.Project constraints
Minimum impact / disturbance to current research work.
9.Project assumptions
Students and shop personel will be available for helping with the moving. Hiringmovers may not be needed (we will need to assess this).
Wifi is already available at the new location
Power supply in the new lab location is functional.
We are not required to implement any construction/structural changes.
10.Initial project organizations
List the individual names that initially worked in this project.
Dr. Lipsett
Glen Thomas
11.Initial Project risks
Other labs may be moving at the same time.
Have not yet seen the lab. Its location or entrances may be difficult to movefurniture into.
Any other unexpected expenses or schedule delays.
12. Schedule milestones
Project Definition (Mar. 7)
1.Project Environment 2.Preliminary Project Scope Statemen3.Project Charte4.Team Charte5.Stakeholder Register 
Intermediate report outlining the work in progress (Mar. 21)
Format will be the same as the final report.
Final Report containing the migration plan. (April. 4)
1.Comprehensive Project Plan1.Summary of Subsidiary Plan2.Each Subsidiary Plans1.Detailed Scope Statement 2.Work Breakdown Structure3.Detailed Statement of Wor4.Work Package Dictionary 5.Scope Management Plan6.Quality Management Plan7.Human Resources Plan8.Procurement Management Plan9.Risk Management Plan10.Risk Register (Type I or Type II)11.Communication Management Plan12.Gantt Chart 13.Cost Management Plan14.Estimate for entire Project 15.Simple Flow Diagram16.Project Charter Comparison
13. Fund limitation
$10,000 we have been told this is flexible, however we should stay close to thisnumber so we will assume it is an upper limit.
Impact: We will need to do a cost estimate for entire Project as soon as we haveenough information from stakeholders.
14. Cost estimate
Most of the move itself will be minimal. Therefore most of the expense expectedwill be procurement. This would be the cost of 12 flexible student working stations.
15. Project configuration management requirements
It has not been concluded as of yet what will be moved yet or even who. We havea listing of size requirements for the lab being 12 people. We need who they areand what are their requirements. This will affect the scope in future.
16. Approval requirements
Dr. Lipsett is our approver 
Any other approval requirements will need to be defined by him.

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