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Creative Think Tank Sessions Aka Brian Storming

Creative Think Tank Sessions Aka Brian Storming

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Published by Paul_Conway_Info

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Published by: Paul_Conway_Info on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brain Storming
Video’s That Tell a Story
 T.E.D. ConferenceOutline:
I. Processional Ideas.II. Professional Problems.III. Why do we need to be better brain storming?VI. How to Become a Better Brain Stormer?
Help students understand the value of conducting and co-coordinating creative thinkingsessions also known as
Brain Storming.
Evaluate the many models and flaws of approaching a think tank session.
Giving students an empowering paradigm on how to create an environment for brainstorming sessions that are creative, successful and empowering.
 I. Processional IdeasII Professional ProblemsA.
Theologian in Blue Jeans
They have an idea but before they cast the idea they cast the vision, history andtheology that surrounds the idea... Blah Blah Blah. And then 10 min they finally
get to the idea but by the time you get there your exhausted and don’t want to hear 
The Squelcher:
Throws out the squelch grenades. They didn’t think of an idea and so they justthrow out the “It won’t work bomb” by saying things like “We did it and itdoesn’t’ work”
The Lap Topper
On the computer when they should focus
The side swipper:
They listen to the idea but they are laughing about it with a buddy sideways orinternally. The person who gave the idea feels totally devalued because of them.They focus and return but then the one presenting the idea has to reshare it
 because they weren’t focusing.
III. Why do we need to be better brain storming?
Bigger impact2.
Keep it fresh3.
Streamliner volunteers time4.
Better ideasa.
Acts 1:8b.
Genesis 1: When God kicked off the Bible he did it by creating.
Some stories bright others dark.
VI. How to Become a better Brain Stormer?A.
Split “To Think” meetings with the “To Do” meetings.
Your thinkers are not always bullet point thinkers.2.
Some of them
don’t care about the service order etc. They just like thinking up
good creative ideas while others are.3.
Some of them don’t want critique or hear why the idea won’t work. But in the“To Do” Meeting you can carve it and dump it and go back to the creative
say, here is why we didn’t use it.
Why invite the 85 year old widow to our creative meeting?5.
Do you invite them every week or once and a while. Base that on how well youknow them. Then gauge them on contact. You place them where it works foryou. Bring people in to the process by playing them as you know them.6.
Focus Groups are what that is all about. But for church work this is more real andvibrant.
Don’t Think outside the box, think inside the circle
1968 Mike Vance, Management consultant for Walt Disney. Came up with
9 point puzzle.i.
You take a pen and draw 4 lines and connect every single dot.ii.
You couldn’t lift your pen off the paper.
They tried and would fail. Why? Because you had to go outside thebox.
You’re putting perimeters’ a
round your thought.v.
You have to think outside the boxvi.
This has gotten out of control.vii.
I appreciate it but can be extreme about thinking we have to beextremely uniqueb.
We should think less about going out of the box and more about being in thecircle.i.
The circle of community you have.ii.
You don’t need the best new idea
It’s not necessarily that the box is wrong
We should create a better box.a.
Chip/Heath Authors. A well constructed box or
“perimeters” can produce new ideas.
Book, Group geniesi.
Studied improve theaterii.
Jazz groupsiii.
He noticed actors would do stuff like “Look out,it’s a gun”. No they say “Look out, it’s the newZX power laser gun”.
 Notice, they redefined the box. It’s no longer a
gun but the box makes you think.c.
Creative’s crave the box when ev
eryone says get out of it.i.
If I say “OK, I want you to plan a birthday party for my sonAndrew…. Go.
If I say “OK I want you to plan a Toy Story III birthday party for Andrew. And I know toy story III is not in theaters yet but let’s make
it for this party, Go..iii.
Just redefined the box.iv.
Why think outside of it when you can improve it and your ideas withit.d.
Usually our leader draws the boxi.
Then the ideas are reflected off the box and we see if they fit.ii.
This helps if your leader draws boxes perfectly.iii.
So our core for what we do to have a good box.
People, not environments make better ideas fastera.
People don’t say “This room is so creatively stifling”
Its people sharing life hurt joys etc. That creates better ideas not some fancysmancy environment.
Think about Hard Rock Café.

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