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Color of Purple Lent Service

Color of Purple Lent Service

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Published by Pastor Jeanne
Colors can have special meanings to us. Kid's Worship Service
Colors can have special meanings to us. Kid's Worship Service

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Published by: Pastor Jeanne on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Color of Purple Lent Service for Kids
Big Idea:
Colors can have special meanings to us. 
Bible Verse:
 And when they had mocked him, they tookoff the purple robe and put his own clothes on him. Thenthey led him out to crucify him.” Mark 15:20
Artificial flowers: lilac, violet, amethyst; purplebox of dye or material, cut out paper flowers 
Music Selections:
God's Kids Worship: A Basket of EasterSongs, Split-Track DVD (any songs from DVD)
: How many of you have heard the saying, Rosesare red and violets are blue? Is that true? Really, a violet issimply violet…just like its name. Did you know that there areseveral shades of colors that all stand for the color purple?
Here is a Violet (show flower). Has anyone ever tried togrow a Violet? It is a special flower that you cannot give toomuch water, or it will begin to look sick. A Violet willcontinue to have lots of blooms as you remove the old ones.They normally, do pretty well on their own and do not needa lot of attention.Here is another flower… a Lilac. Isn’t this beautiful? Lilacslive for hundreds of years! They give off a
aroma.Mmmm! Smell this one. (Pass around…..Spray flower withsome air freshener or perfume). A Lilac does really wellgrowing in the shade.
An amethyst (show flower) is a shrubby
that hasbeautiful flowers on it. A perennial is a flower that will comeback after it has died, and after a long cold winter. It isbeautiful for a hanging basket. Some people like to hangwhat you call a hanging basket outside their homes todisplay these flowers.In the Bible, the color purple had a special meaning. Itmeant royalty. It was a sign of wealth. Since purple clothwas expensive, it was worn by those who had wealth andpower. It was very costly to purchase purple dye to soakmaterial, and make it purple. (Show a box of dye or purplematerial).After the soldiers had mocked Jesus, they took off his purplerobe and placed him back into his own clothes. They weremaking fun of him, because they did not believe in who hereally was. They did not really believe in his great power.Jesus did not get angry with them, but He gave off a sweetaroma like the Lilac flower. He had a good attitude. How isyour attitude when things go wrong or when you aremistreated? Do you give off a stinky aroma or a sweet one?

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