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Love at Easter Kid's Worship Service

Love at Easter Kid's Worship Service

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Published by Pastor Jeanne
Kid's Worship Service: Big Idea: God wants us to love others as he has loved us. Spending time with God, will show him that we love him.
Kid's Worship Service: Big Idea: God wants us to love others as he has loved us. Spending time with God, will show him that we love him.

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Published by: Pastor Jeanne on Feb 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love at Easter 
Service for Kid¶s Worship
ig Idea:
God wants us to love others as he has loved us.Spending time with God, will show him that we love him.
ible Verse:
 ³ This is my commandment, that ye love oneanother.´ John 15:12
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Music Selections:
Jesus Loves Me, This Is My Commandment,Jesus Loves the Little Children, Jesus Loves the Little Ones, JesusLoves Even Me, His Banner Over Me Is Love
: Do you have a special person in your life who youreally look up to? What about a movie star? A football fan? A
basketball fan? Maybe a teacher? We all have someone whom welook up to and care for.God loves his Son Jesus so much, that He gave Him up, sendinghim to earth, to save all us from all our sins. That was a realsacrifice! No one made God do this, but He did it because Heloved us.When we love someone, we want to spend time with them, talkabout them, and think about them. How would you feel if yourmom, dad, or grandparents never wanted to spend any time withyou? Would it make you sad? I am sure it would.God loved us so much that he allowed his Son to be nailed to across, as He hung there until he died. He shed His blood that wemay be forgiven from all our sins.Some of you probably thought of a favorite person who you lookup to when I asked you about that earlier. Do you like to talkabout the person that you look up to? Do you like to share withothers all this nice things you think about them? Maybe they arethe best catcher in baseball. Possibly, they may make the bestshots at basketball. Maybe, they just listen to you when you aresad and need someone to talk to. However, you do enjoy beingwith them. You love them, and think they are the best.God loves us so much and wants to spend time with us. It makeshim feel good when we talk with Him and share about what He isdoing for us with our friends. God wants us to share this love withothers. There are so many people who may not know Him likeyou do, and go to church and worship Him. If we will love others,and talk nice about them like we do our favorite person whom welook up to, God will be pleased.In the book of John 15:12, God tells us:
 ³ This is mycommandment, that ye love one another.´ A commandment is a
charge of instruction from God. We can show God we love Him aswe worship Him in singing, praying, sharing His love, and readingour Bibles. We can show others we love them through ouractions and deeds as well. If we love someone, we will not wantto hurt them. We will work at building relationships and friendshipwith them.
Small Group or Large Group Discussion Questions:
What is God¶s commandment to us?2.
How can we show others that we love them?3.
What feelings would you have if someone did not treat youin love?4.
How can we show love to others who seem to have nofriends?5.
Why is it important that we worship God?
: Pass out a heart to all the kids. Have them writedown people whom they can show love to as school, home, andin their neighborhood. Provide heart stickers to decorate theedges.
ible Game
: Write the verse on paper cut out hearts (one wordper heart) Using sticky tac, place on a dry erase board all mixedup. Have the kids see how fast they can put the words to theverse in order. Say the verse together several times.
God, we thank you for all our boys and girls here today.We are glad that You love us and gave your life for our sins. Helpus to show your love to those around us ± our friends at school,our family, and our neighbors. Show us how we can be a light to

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