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Women at the Cross Road to Islam_Master_Female_03

Women at the Cross Road to Islam_Master_Female_03

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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
Stories of Newly Converted Muslim women from Across the Globe , from the Master list of Newly Converted Muslims, which was pasted earleir of SCRIBD, in Book Form for easy reading
Stories of Newly Converted Muslim women from Across the Globe , from the Master list of Newly Converted Muslims, which was pasted earleir of SCRIBD, in Book Form for easy reading

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Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Feb 08, 2011
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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.I bear witness that there is no deity worth worship except Allah (The True God andCreator and Sustainer of this Universe) and I bear Witness that Mohammad is HisServant and Messenger, Afterwards,
In 1930, Dr. Sir Mohd. IQBAL, the well known Urdu and Persian poet and IslamicPhilosopher, expressed the need of publishing a book, in which the stories of all thosewho had converted to Islam in India be recorded. He said that it would give a new boostto the cause of Islamic propagation.He was asked, if there are not already books that express the logic and truth of Islam andare they insufficient, the noted scholar said:“Yes they are more than sufficient, but you would get so many new points from such a book that you will be amazed. I think there are different ways to impress the heart andmind. Many times brain rejects the most potent of the arguments, but the hearts getsimpressed by a very small incident or some very small point and grads the mind also.Conversion to Islam is al related to brain as it is to the heart. A muslim missionary mustknow what are the darts that affect heart. There are so many tales of unbelievers comingto Islam thru out the history. We see a person standing firm on his religion for manydecades, yet a small point and a small acts of kindness, sweeps him away from his feetand he makes the most momentous decision of his life.You have many logical arguments to prove the truth of Islam, but if you go to a newMuslim and ask him, what impressed him about Islam and what were the points whichimpressed him. If you have in book form, stories of a large number of such people, itwould be a very powerful tool in the hands of Muslim missionaries. Many newarguments of truth of Islam will come out, which might not be available in the vastIslamic literature we have”So many books have been written for past few decades on the true stories of new convertsof Islam. I have compiled about 250 of them and abridged them to be between 6000-8000 words for ease or reading and to be posted in many shared channels on Internet anddistribution thru e-mails etc.People might agree or disagree with some of points mentioned here. But these are personal experiences and personal reasons of these people who accepted Islam of their own free will. Some of them suffered much about this new faith. What kept them firm totheir faith varies from one person to another person.I pray to Allah to accept this effort and make it useful for those who read it and share itwith other people.
M.U. QidwaiJubail, Saudi Arabia
PS: These are stories of New Muslim Women’ only which are presented separatelyfrom the combined list of New Muslims and was posted recently on SCRIBD. Nowthey are presented in Book Form for ease in reading.
Story # 1Why I Became Muslim?ASIYA ABD, AUSTRALIA
I have always, since developing an ability to think deeply, believed in the existence of asingle Creator, on whom every thing that exists is dependent. Though my parents areBuddhist, from the age of 13, I have steadfastly prayed to the creator and asked for guidance every day that I can remember.. Being schooled within a Christian environment,I naturally identified myself as a Christian.Sadly my knowledge of Islam was minimal. I perceived it as a bizarre religion, limitedonly to a few underdeveloped nations, most of which were in ME. It endorsed asuppressive life-style, particularly for women. Muslim women I presumed were inferior,a passive domestic slave, bashed often and forced to compete among four or more of her husband’s affection.I got all these ideas from hearsay and TV documentaries shown in our country.As I entered University, I came into contact with quite a number of Muslim students fromvarious backgrounds. I was drawn to them and developed a curious inclination to learnand understand more about their religion.I observed how content they seemed and their openness and warmth towards myself andeach other. I gradually became fascinated with Islam and thru a process of education,developed a greater respect for it than by beloved Christianity.I was stunned at how wrong my previous conceptions had been and became particularlyoverwhelmed at various entitlements, equality and acknowledgement Islam provided for women.I wanted to know everything about Islam and …by sheer grace of God, I at lastunderstood the faults of Christian theology and of the concepts which I previouslyaccepted. At Midday on August 1994, before over 20 witnesses, I recited theSHAHADA and became a Muslim.I shall never forget the bliss of that day and how much my life is turned around in only ayear’s time.I have been often asked what it is like to be a revert and of the difficulties I mustendure… I do not want pity, but I give few examples.The initial period was by far the hardest. Family disputes took place almost daily, I wasshowered with verbal abuse, ridicule and threats…On many occasions my room was torn

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