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Table Of Contents

1.1. Area and Its Speakers
1.2. Dialects and Classification
1.4. Linguistic Characteristics
1.5. Status
1.6. Grammars in Hindi
2.1. Phonological Units (Segmental)
2.1.1. Distinctive Segments
2.1.2. Description of Phonemes Vowels Consonants Distribution of Phonemes and Allophones
2.2. Phonotactics
2.2.1. Vowel Sequences
2.2.2. Consonant Clusters Word-initial Consonant Clusters Word-medial Consonant Clusters Word-final Consonant Clusters
2.2.3. Syllable Structure
2.3. Suprasegmental Features
2.3.1. Nasalization
2.3.2. Length
2.3.3. Stress
2.3.4. Intonation
2.3.5. Juncture
2.4. Morphophonemics
2.4.1. Loss of Phoneme
2.4.2. Addition of Phoneme
2.4.3. Alternations
3.1. Nouns
3.1.1. Noun Inflection Gender Number Case
3.1.2. Postpositions The Postposition nao ne The Postposition kao ko The Postposition sao se Compound Postpositions
3.1.3. Noun Derivation Nouns from Nouns Nouns from Adjectives Nouns from Verbs
3.1.4. Noun Compounds Noun-Noun Compounds Copulative Compounds Reduplicated Compounds Partially Duplicated Compounds Superordinate Compounds Complex Compounds Hybrid Compounds Adjective-Noun Compounds Modifier-Noun Compounds
3.2. Pronouns
3.2.1. Personal Pronouns
3.2.2. Demonstrative Pronouns
3.2.3. Relative Pronouns
3.2.4. Reflexive Pronouns
3.2.5. Interrogative Pronouns
3.2.6. Indefinite Pronouns
3.2.7. Oblique Forms of Pronouns
3.2.8. Compound Pronouns
3.3. Adjectives
3.3.1. Inflected
3.3.2. Uninflected
3.3.3. Types of Adjectives
3.3.4. Degree of Adjectives Ordinals Fractions Multiplicatives Approximation Aggregation
3.4. Verbs
3.4.1. The Verb hona:
3.4.2. Main Verbs Intransitive Verbs Transitive Verbs Ditransitive Verbs Causative Verbs Dative Verbs Conjunct Verbs Compound Verbs
3.4.3. Tense
3.4.4. Aspect Habitual Aspect Progressive Aspect Perfective Aspect
3.4.5. Mood Indicative Mood Imperative Mood Subjunctive Mood
3.4.6. Voice
3.4.7. Non-finite Verb Forms Infinitives Participles Imperfective Participles Perfective Participles Conjunctive Participles
3.5. Adverbs
3.5.1. Types of Adverbs
3.5.2. Expressions of Time General Time Expressions Time of Day Period of Day Days of the Week Months of the Year Year Seasons
3.5.3. Frequentative
3.6. Particles
3.6.1. The Particle Bar bhi: ‘also’
3.6.2. The particle hI hi:
3.6.3. The Particle tao to
3.6.4. The Particle tk tak ‘up to’
3.6.5. The Particle Bar bhar
3.6.6. The Particle maa~ ma:tr
3.7. Connectives
3.7.1. Mono-morphemic
3.7.2. Poly-morphemic
3.7.3. Phrasal
3.8. Interjections
4.1. Structure of Phrases
4.1.1. Noun Phrase
4.1.2. Postpositional Phrases
4.1.3. Adjectival Phrases
4.1.4. Adverbial Phrases
4.2. Structure of Clauses
4.2.1. Subordinate Clauses
4.2.2. Noun Clauses Finite Noun Clauses The ik ki Complement Clauses Direct and Indirect Speech Non-finite Noun Clause
4.2.3. Relative Clauses Restrictive and Non-restrictive Clauses Non-finite Relative Clauses Finite Relative Clauses
4.2.4. Adverbial Clauses Adverbial Clauses of Time Manner Clauses Purpose Clauses Cause Clauses Condition Clauses Concession Clauses Result Clauses
4.3. Sentence Construction
4.3.1. Copular Sentences
4.3.2. Verbal Sentences Direct Object Indirect Object Other Types of Verb Argument
4.3.3. Negation Sentential Negation Constituent Negation Double/Multiple Negation Negation and Coordination Negation and Subordination
4.3.4. Interrogative Yes-No Questions Neutral Yes-No Questions Leading Questions Question-Word Questions Echo-Questions Yes-No Echo-Questions Answers
4.3.5. Imperatives Unmarked or True Imperatives Prohibitive Imperatives Degrees of Imperatives
4.3.6. Anaphora
4.3.7. Reflexives
4.3.8. Reciprocals
4.3.9. Equatives
4.3.10. Comparison
4.3.11. Superlatives
4.3.12. Coordination Coordination and Accompaniment Structural Constraints
5.1. Animals, Birds, and Insects
5.2. Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables
5.3. Jewels, Metals, and Minerals
5.4. Miscellaneous Items
5.5. Body Parts
5.6. Occupations
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