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Table Of Contents

About This Book
System requirements
Minimum requirements: Windows computers
Minimum requirements: Mac computers
Wireless service
Making a call in a medical or safety emergency
Software Download Available
Compatibility of third-party applications
Finding information
Exploring Your Handheld
Locating handheld components
Locating front panel controls
Using the indicator light
Locating back panel components
Adding an expansion card
Using the backlight
Using the navigator
Using the keyboard
Typing capital letters
Accessing international and special characters
3.Accessing the onscreen keyboards
To use the onscreen keyboard:
Using the Function key
Using menu commands
Using ShortCuts
Using elements of the handheld interface
Beaming data
Using your computer keyboard
Importing data
Importing data from a Windows computer
Importing data from a Mac computer
To import data from a Mac computer:
Working with Applications
Opening applications
Other ways to open applications
Opening expansion card applications
Switching between applications
Categorizing applications
Changing the Applications Launcher display
To change the Applications Launcher display:
Copying applications to or from an expansion card
Selecting copy settings
Using menus
Choosing application preferences
Performing common tasks
Creating records
Editing records
Deleting records
Purging records
Categorizing records
Sorting lists of records
Attaching notes
Choosing fonts
Receiving alerts
Hiding or masking private records
Installing and removing applications
Installing add-on applications
Removing applications
Removing Palm Desktop software
Creating an Address Book entry
Selecting types of phone numbers
Changing Address Entry details
Making connections from Address Book
Quick Connect
Address Book menus
Record menus
Performing calculations
Viewing recent calculations
Using Calculator menus
Reviewing Card Information
To review Card Information:
Review card information
Renaming a card
Formatting a card
Managing an expansion card
Using the Card Info menu
Scheduling an event
Selecting an event
Rescheduling an event
Setting an alarm for an event
To set an alarm for an event:
Scheduling repeating or continuous events
Changing repeating or continuous events
Considerations for repeating or continuous events
Changing the Date Book view
Working in Week view
Working in Month view
Working in Agenda view
Spotting event conflicts
Date Book menus, preferences, and display options
Display Options
Options menu
Creating memos
Reviewing memos
Using Memo Pad menus
Using your hands-free headset
Opening Palm Mobile
Answering a phone call
Dialing a number from the keypad
To dial a number from the keypad:
Redialing the most recently dialed number
To redial the most recently dialed number:
Managing a phone call
Answering call waiting
Using conference calling
Creating a conference call
Managing a conference call
Retrieving voicemail
Using speed dial
Creating a speed-dial entry
Dialing a speed-dial entry
Editing a speed-dial entry
To edit a speed-dial entry:
Using the Call History list
Dialing a number from the Call History list
To dial a number from the Call History list:
Using redial reminders
Creating a redial reminder
Managing redial reminders
Managing profiles
Managing ring tunes
Using Palm Mobile menus
Mobile menu
Creating a note
Reviewing notes
Changing Note Pad color settings
Setting an alarm for a note
To set an alarm for a note:
Using Note Pad menus
Options menus
Adding SIM Manager items
Managing SIM Manager items
Using SIM Manager menus
Accessing a service
Using the SIM Services menu
Creating messages
Sending and receiving messages
Viewing messages
Working with draft messages
Adding a signature to a message
Sending data from another application
To send data from another application:
Setting preferences
Using SMS menus
Message menu
Setting up the default account that came with your handheld
Setting up a new e-mail account
Setting up a network e-mail account
Creating a network e-mail account
To create a network e-mail account:
Creating a synchronize-only account
Setting VersaMail connection preferences
Editing e-mail accounts
Deleting an e-mail account
Selecting a different service for a given e-mail account
Getting, sending, andmanaging e-mail
Getting and reading e-mail
Getting e-mail by subject or getting the entire message
Moving e-mail between folders
Creating and editing mail folders
Creating and sending new e-mail
Using Smart Addressing to address a message
Attaching a personal signature
Forwarding e-mail
Replying to e-mail
Working with attachments
Downloading large attachments
Attaching files to e-mail
Deleting messages
Emptying the trash
Marking messages as read or unread
To mark messages as read or unread:
Setting preferences for getting and deleting e-mail
Adding or updating an Address Book entry directly from a message
Synchronizing e-mail between the handheldand the desktop
Configuring an account in HotSync Manager
Setting synchronization options and account settings
Configuring Microsoft Outlook
Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express
Configuring Eudora
Converting attached files
Synchronizing an account
Going beyond the basics
Setting server options for an IMAP account
Managing mail filters
Creating mail filters
Turning filters on and off
Managing mail settings
Adding APOP to an account
Adding ESMTP to an account
Copying text from an e-mail message for use in other applications
Using the command bar
E-mail header details
Backing up mail databases
Wireless IMAP folder synchronization
Accessing corporate e-mail
Five-way navigation in the VersaMail application
Keyboard shortcuts in the VersaMail application
Opening Palm WAP Browser
Opening a WAP site
Browsing a WAP site
Browsing secure WAP sites
Using bookmarks
Adding a bookmark
Visiting a bookmarked WAP site
Editing a bookmark
Deleting a bookmark
Using your Push Inbox
Using advanced features
Changing gateways
Setting advanced options
Using cache memory
Selecting an Access Point Name
Selecting Mode
Secure modes
Using the security features
Creating password and signature key pairs
Changing your password or signature
Viewing the public key and the signed key
Storing certificates
Viewing certificates
Using Palm WAP Browser menus
Go menu
Setting the primary location
Choosing a different primary location
Setting the secondary locations
Adding a location
Modifying a Location
Removing a location
Performing a cradle/cable HotSync operation: Windows computer
Performing a direct HotSync operation: Mac computer
Conducting IR HotSync operations
Preparing your computer for infrared communication
Performing an IR HotSync operation
To perform an IR HotSync operation:
Returning to cradle/cable HotSync operations
Conducting HotSync operations using an attached modem
Preparing your computer for a modem HotSync operation
Preparing your handheld for a modem HotSync operation
To prepare your handheld for a modem HotSync operation:
Selecting the conduits for a modem HotSync operation
Performing a HotSync operation using an attached modem
Conducting network HotSync operations
Connecting to your company’s dial-in server
Performing a network HotSync operation
To perform a network HotSync operation:
Using File Link
Creating a user profile
Performing the first HotSync operation with auserprofile
Setting Preferences for Your Handheld
Viewing Preferences
Buttons preferences
Connection preferences
Creating and editing GPRS connections
Creating and editing GSM connections
IR to PC connection
Date and Time preferences
Digitizer preferences
Formats preferences
Country default
Time, date, week start, and numbers formats
General preferences
Auto-off delay
Cradle settings
System, alarm, and game sounds
Alarm Vibrate and indicator light settings
To set the Alarm Vibrate and indicator light settings:
Beam Receive
Keyboard Preferences
Remapping keys
Mobile preferences
Turning the mobile radio on and off
Enabling call waiting
Concealing your number
Diverting your calls
Tracking your phone time
Checking your current status
Checking your GPRS network usage
To check your GPRS network usage:
Setting your network selection search mode
Viewing and editing your preferred networks list
Setting PIN for mobile power on
Unlocking your SIM card
Setting call barring
Setting Fixed Number Dialing (FND)
Network preferences
Modem Accessory and TCP/IP software
Selecting a service
Entering a password
Selecting a connection
Adding telephone settings
Entering a prefix
Disabling call waiting
Using a calling card
Connecting to your service
Creating additional service templates
Adding detailed information to a service template
Idle timeout
Selecting Next Service
Defining primary and secondary DNS
IP address
Login scripts
Creating a login script on your handheld
Plug-in applications
Deleting a service template
To delete a service template:
Network preferences menu commands
Owner preferences
Security preferences
Assigning a password
Locking your handheld
Recovering from a forgotten password
Making records private
ShortCuts preferences
Caring for your handheld
Battery considerations
Resetting your handheld
Performing a soft reset
Performing a hard reset
Installing and removing the SIM card
Software installation problems
Operating problems
Tapping and writing problems
Wireless problems
Palm WAP Browser problems
SMS problems
Palm Mobile problems
Application problems
HotSync problems
Product Regulatory and Safety Information
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