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#164: The Research of Melinda Leslie - Part 2

#164: The Research of Melinda Leslie - Part 2

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Published by Chuck Weiss
Read more about Alien Abduction at AbductionSite.com.
Read more about Alien Abduction at AbductionSite.com.

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Published by: Chuck Weiss on Feb 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Abducted by Aliens
Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story)by Chuck Weiss
Available as a FREE e-Book at AbductionSite.com.368 Pages, Color Photos & Fully Indexed
Contact Chuck at AlienAbductionTheBlog@mail.com.
164: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 2
 In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman whoinvestigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligencecommunity. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventionsaround the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s alsoavailable at her websitefor a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’veexperienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve alsoadded my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed mycomments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.
Reprinted From:
Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineeringof Extraterrestrial Abductees”
© 2010 Melinda Leslie
The Reverse-Engineering of ET Abductees
In what may ultimately prove to be some of the
greatest evidence
for the reality, importance andmeaning of the UFO abduction scenario, extraterrestrial (ET) abductees are apparently beingtargeted by human covert-ops intelligence and/or military agencies.
If there is no such thing as ET abduction, then why is this happening to people who have nothing intheir lives to warrant this kind of interest by human covert-ops agencies, other than that they claim tohave experienced an ET abduction?
The experiences of harassment, surveillance and re-abductions suggests that there must besomething very important about ET abduction and the abductees, or 
why all the time, energy,resources, and money being spent?
This research shows that a covert pursuit of developing extraterrestrial technologies, in combinationwith the military, economic and political gains that would be derived from such a pursuit, hasresulted in making ET abductions a matter of National Security. Additionally, it provides immenseinsight into why an official disclosure of the UFO reality has not been forthcoming.It would be a complete “dereliction of duty” if the National Security apparatus were not monitoringthe abduction phenomenon, given the sheer numbers of people with abduction experiencesworldwide, the totality of evidence for ET abductions, the advanced technology to be gained, and theimplications of the very covert nature of abduction experiences.This targeting, monitoring, and re-abduction of abductees by convert ops military and/or intelligenceagencies may provide the strongest evidence for the reality of UFO abduction experiences.
 [Melinda’s research points a spotlight at the dark underbelly of the UFO phenomenon, theinvolvement of government covert-ops agents in the re-abductions of ET “initiates.” (ET initiatesare those Abductee/Experiencers who have been, or are being, taught the use of ET technologyand/or given knowledge of ET plans and agendas. More on that, though, as Melinda’s presentation unfolds.) Her work gives credence to my story and the stories of others like me, who profess to be under the watchful eye of the government (or rather, a secret arm of the government) and harassed, even physically attacked, by its agents. – CW] 
How Many ET Abductions are There?
The number of ET Abduction experiences is higher than you think and abductions have beengoing on longer than you know!
Many of the leading abduction researchers have upwards of 
cases each, andgrowing. This includes international research.
Some worldwide abduction research and support organizations have cases in their filesnumbering over 
10 thousand
and more.
The abduction research community generally agrees that abductions may be happening to asmuch as
of the world’s population. The world’s population according to the US CensusBureau website, as of Feb. 2010 is over 6,801,350,000 people.
15% of the world’s population is over 
people. That’s
one billion, twenty-millionpossible abductees!
 [The logistics involved in monitoring over a billion people would is impossible given the present  state of human technology, but for the ETs who can manipulate time (speed it up, slow it down,even stop and reverse it), such numbers wouldn’t present a problem. – CW] 
Even if you take a more conservative view of 
of the population you still have
well over680,000,000
people possibly being abducted?
Also, abductions go back in the genealogy of many abductee families 3 and 4 generations. Iknow of a family case going back 
5 generations
to the 1800’s where a great, grandmother wroteabout it.
 [My ET contacts (Harold’s chorus of Grays) have told me that they monitor family bloodlinesback to their inception, the beginning of the human race. That’s why there are so many peopleinvolved in Alien Abduction. The original sampling at the beginning of time was probably small,but has grown to its present size because of the accumulative multiplying effect of the many generations that followed. – CW] 
The Roper Poll conducted in 1991:
Question tacked on by Budd Hopkins, Prof. David Jacobs, and Ron Westrum with input byDr. John Mack and Dr. John Carpenter.
According to the Roper organization the total respondents answering “yes” to the 5 keyindicator questions used for determination was 2% of the sample. 2% of the 185,000,000 adultAmericans represented in the poll’s sample is
 [The poll was conducted in 1991, but published in 1992. If you Google it, be sure to includethe year. Roper did another similar, but smaller Internet survey in 1999, but the earlier polling was done in “face to face” interviews in almost 6,000 homes across the country. – CW] 
Abductions exist around the world!
There are cases reported from everywhere; SouthAmerica, Brazil, Russia, and all over Europe for example.
Anything happening to this many people, especially something taking place in such a covertmanner as ET abductions, would
have to be a matter of National Security!
When Did Covert-Ops Involvement Start?
In the same way that ET abductions are generational (going back in families) so too are covert-opsexperiences:
I have adult cases that had covert-ops experiences when they were children and were taken bymilitary along with their parents.
I have adult cases who discovered their parents had these types of experiences separately from them.
I have 4 cases where the abductees’ kids have experienced covert-ops experiences. Some withouttheir parents present!
Many of the cases have intelligence community connections going back on their family. Many alsoinclude family members in aerospace, NASA, and covert or secret technology programs. Is there aconnection?
 [My father served in the OSS, the wartime intelligence agency of WWII – CW] 
The experiences show that one of the prime reasons for the covert-ops involvement is for geneticstudy, so it makes sense to include families.
 [That explains those ubiquitous “scoop marks” that many Abductee/Experiences find on various parts of their anatomy. They’re identical to what are called “punch biopsies” in Earthlymedicine, which are a common way to collect DNA from a donor. It has long been thought that  scoop marks are a sign of ET abduction. More likely that it’s done by Majestic’s doctors. Take alook at this photoof mine. – CW] 
It has long been understood that genetics is a leading reason for ET abductions (i.e. production of hybrids), hence why a covert-ops interest.
 [It’s not only the ETs. Majestic has their own ongoing hybrid program. See posts#141 ,#142and  #143 , titled “The Original Human-Alien Hybrid Program. – CW] 
Covert-ops abduction experiences go far back in abduction history and may exist in relativelyhigh numbers:
From covert-ops involvement cases I’ve interviewed, and the cases of other researchers, data hasemerged clearly showing these experiences going back in time to at least the early 1950’s if not prior.
 [My “research” would push that back to at least 1946. – CW] 
In a discussion with Kathieen Marden, co-author with Stanton Friedman of 
Captured: The Betty and  Barney Hill UFO Experience
, she explained that this case included the Hills having covert-opsinvolvement subsequent to their famous original 1961 abduction. They experienced harassment,surveillance, a re-abduction of Barney, minder scenarios, and other elements typically found in myresearch. Researcher, Joe Montaldo, after listening to the original regression tapes of the Hills, made

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