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Dead SULs - Excerpt 2 - 2/8/11

Dead SULs - Excerpt 2 - 2/8/11

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Published by Kirstin Butler
Move along, folks, nothing to see here... Might I suggest you read the updated version of this excerpt? No?

Okay then, don't say I didn't warn you ;)
Move along, folks, nothing to see here... Might I suggest you read the updated version of this excerpt? No?

Okay then, don't say I didn't warn you ;)

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Published by: Kirstin Butler on Feb 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Paul got to Z Funktion at 11:14. He left Rohit to park in the lot out front, whichhad its own recharging station in the center flanked by two rows of brand-new electrics.Like almost every other startup incubator he’d seen the building was a repurposed factorymill, definitely at least a century old but the brick façade somehow brand-new looking.Testament to the twin engines of innovation and optimism driving the economy’s latestupcycle.In the front entrance Chilbert found Humain listed on the first floor, in betweensomething called Floow to one side and JustMob to the other. The building directoryitself was a play on the periodic table, with two-letter abbreviations illustrating eachstartup’s office. At full occupancy, every element in its place. Chilbert logged in on thetab.
Paul Chilbert is at Z Funktion, [address]
Boston Bucket List.
365 Things to do in Boston before you die.[Other Facebook status updates here.]
Chilbert made his way down the hall. Energy exuding from each office, electronsin excess, along with music from what looked to be a functional dee-jay’s setup at theend of the hall. He paused at the door for 
Fl, trying to figure out by the logo affixed to itwhat the company might be or do. The three Os in Flooow encircling each other so thatthe word appeared spelled correctly, concentric rings in progressively darker shades of orange. No way of telling what for, or why. He continued down the hall.Before the door to Humain Chilbert paused to wait for Rohit. Better to enter withan intern than alone. Every gesture of legitimacy considered, plotted. The kid wasseriously going to have to start moving faster, though; they’d lost at least a few contactsat the conference because Rohit had been trying to take notes. Chilbert had to figure out away to get across that it didn’t matter, none of the details mattered.At least it gave him a minute to check the count again.1,199Chilbert was trying to will it to tip over when Rohit came jogging around thecorner, his left shirt hem hanging out. Again the flare of rage, coloring at the very endinto disgust. As though he were the one standing between Chilbert and the next thousand.He jabbed at the kid’s waistline with his tab, hopefully hard enough to hurt a little.Moving to the threshold while Rohit still struggled with the shirt.They didn’t have to knock because the door was already open. As Chilbert put onhis smile a white dog came running, its tail wagging over the potential for a new sourceof play.“Don’t mind Max, he likes to greet everyone when they get here. We call him theofficial Humain welcoming committee.” Marc was close behind, his arms open. He andChilbert hugged as though they’d known each other for years, although it hadn’t beenmore than half a day since the conference.“I’ll have to train Rohit to do the same. You’re studying this, right?” Chilbertturning back to address Rohit, who seemed uncertain whether to take this as an actualinstruction.2
“He’s our very own shelter catch. Marc gets a real kick out of telling everyone wegot him at the Boston Humane Society. Get it? Humain, humane?” A female voice.“That’s because it gets funnier every time. Paul meet Vic, my wife.” Marcextended his arm to the slender woman approaching to his left. She reached out to shakeChilbert’s hand“I was warned about how brilliant you were, but Marc neglected to mention you’d be so beautiful, too.” Chilbert put both of his hands around hers.“Oh forget Max, this one can stay! Can we keep him Marc, please? Please?”Victoria swung Chilbert’s arm back and forth while directing a pleading expression at her husband.“Well Paul, I’d say you’re approved,” said Marc. “Vic and Max are the ones whoreally run the place anyway.” The three of them smiled at each other, Chilbert andVictoria still holding hands.“So should we give you the official tour?” she said. “Looks like Max is alreadyleading the way.”The dog had disappeared behind a room divider made from an enlarged black-and-white photo of a smiling, dark-skinned man. A few feet to the right another  photograph also stretched from floor to ceiling. This one cropping an image of anattractive Indian woman, henna tattooed on her forehead. Marc, Victoria, and Chilbertwalked between the two faces, Rohit trailing behind.The office beyond was almost completely white. Long white Parsons tablesarranged in U-shapes took up most of the main room’s floor, which was itself white.Victoria noticed Chilbert looking down.“We just got the Ecocrete a few weeks ago. Isn’t it great? At first I wasn’tconvinced but it’s so joint-friendly, I’m a total convert.”“It’s amazing. Really, the whole office is stunning,” Chilbert responded. Marcand Victoria Lowe. The Lowes. Improving home improvement. Arising in his mind like amaxim from too many teenage years in front of the tv. He refocused. “I’m assuming thiswas your vision?”“Actually it was all Marc’s idea. He did most of the work himself.” Victoriaturned to her husband, smiling.“Got to put my design-build training to good use, for once. Felt great to get myhands dirty. And everyone here pitched in, which was a real bonding experience for thecompany.” Marc gestured to the people around the tables. Chilbert counted seven, onesmall cluster standing and the rest seated in uncomfortable-looking chairs. Plasticanachronisms from a late-Watteau landscape.“We custom-built most of the furniture, too,” Marc continued, proud. “Except theStarcks, which were a gift from Vic’s mom, an interior designer. You should have seenher face when she saw the Aerons we had in here to begin with. Totally horror.” Heleaned toward Chilbert and lowered his voice as if to convey confidentially. “And trustme, if there’s one rule I always observe, it’s never arguing with my mother-in-law.”Victoria laughed, turned to Chilbert. “Are you married, Paul?”“Sadly no,” Chilbert answered, allowing another chuckle for Marc’s commentary.“Been working too hard to have anything that qualifies for a social life. An intern’s prettymuch the closest I’ve come to a life partner in the last few years.” He raised the shoulder closest to Rohit who was trying, with moderate success, to appear both attentive and3

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