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Berkeley) I¶d made up my mind to go and see the museum
Natural History on Ross Avenue and immerse myself in
Rough-hewn statues of Mayan gods passed on both sides. I was
She¶d pulled her full head of dark hair back tightly into a pony
Tam just one ridge over from my home. Handling the turns
Jack. My Dad called me John. Down south I¶m Juan. Take your
Soon thereafter Mahalena was busy at a large old gas stove
The woman pulled back. ³I don¶t touch that.´
Guatemala. It was the finest time of my life. Ever since then
I go to Europe for schooling. I am split down the middle with
German and Mayan blood. Hopefully it is all now coming
Then she was quiet and I found myself listening intently to the
Mahee looked around her. ³Juan ± where is it!´
The media pretends that the revolution in Guatemala is overbut
San Diego. I hope you come. Now I am feeling entirely
Bill answered his phone a bit grumpy but when I said it was
Haskell. You met him at my place last year. He went to stay for
I found myself grinning. ³You bet.´
Then things got even more interesting. Rather than avoiding Los
She was so insistent that I finally gave in and followed her
We¶d passed through two manned guard posts on the four-mile
Lago Atitlan immediately. We cannot trust commercial
Would you like breakfast on the veranda?´
The Senator¶s wife clicked off the television
I was running a day late for my rendezvous with Mahalena
Ordinarily I would have taken some time to relax into the local
But I wasn¶t ready to be inside. The downpour started to ease. I
Something jolted me out of a deep sleep. I sat up in bed and
She gobbled while I sipped coffee. Her hand holding the fork
I try to express them in words I end up saying what must sound
Chiapas. The smog of the city quickly gave way to natural
Her eyes opened. ³Yes?´
She eyed me. ³Perhaps you will not like where I go.´
You cannot comprehend what it¶s like to have been one with
I walked up to her. ³So what¶s this?´ I insisted
Nothing. She was just ± gone
And I realized that I felt content even though I hadn¶t come. The
So I headed on to the border alone. The guards found her
Christmas vacation. Hardly anyone looked at us as we took a
Guatemala as an AFS exchange student way back in high
Embassy guy said as we shook hands. ³And if anything comes
The bar and restaurant of the exclusive El Lago Hotel was
Chokomil in the native dialect on this side of the lake. She¶d
Mahalena¶s mother and grandmother were from the other side of
There is no law that stops a Guatemalan citizen such as myself
Mahee is the most excellent on foot. You can now return to your
Casually drive off in your car for a moonlit ride. Half an hour
A short time later the young oriental woman named Lashara and
We walked along in silence. I remembered holding Mahee¶s
The door-knob wouldn¶t turn. I seemed to be locked up inside
Heisenberg¶s and Niels Bohr¶s conclusion that at the subatomic
I was alone again. I lay down on the narrow bed and wondered
Just remain aware of your breathing « of the warm powerful
Francesca¶s car was a well-used Range Rover. We drove
South American news agency. She told me with a touch of
Do you at least know that she is alright? I would love to be able
Mahee and me to smithereens. Having nearly been killed in the
From the time I was sixteen I studied with a great hunger
Twenty minutes later my Peens was still untouched and this
A moment later she was sitting back in the pilot¶s seat across
I do not know what will happen the next few days. But I assure
European rooms. She paused at an open kitchen door and gave
I emerged into the shaded upper gardens. To my left I saw a tall
I eyed her. ³Looks like this is where it all happens.´
A thought ± what was a thought?
County Museum under video surveillance the day you met her
Maestro and Mahee were right: this man was the enemy indeed
Have Marco phone down that I shall be twelve minutes late for
You and I also could achieve this transpersonal communication
Tomorrow morning I will send a boat for you. Thank you for
I put on the headgear. It dawned on me that whatever primary
The contact broke the chill I was feeling. She was real flesh and
The immaculately designed super-city that I found myself
Guatemalan woman who¶s now got Bernardo thinking I¶m some
This operation is a rank-one situation and so far everything¶s
You¶ve got no idea what it¶s like on the other side of the lake
Heisenberg? The Princeton Studies demonstrated a thousand
Mahee or her father would participate in what Bernardo¶s doing
He¶s a megalomaniac. And I still don¶t quite believe you¶re
He was wearing the same uniform I¶d seen him wearing at the
He grinned back at me. ³I do my job.´
Bernardo and not to be trusted. I felt a twinge of regret that I¶d
The shaft slipped from my fingers and was ± gone
The police were just 50 feet away. ³But how can I ± ´
Why the hell had Michael told me to throw it away like that?
Why had he even come to the hot springs? He should have been
All I could see was darkness. And inside myself I felt darkness
She broke out laughing that lilting laugh I¶d so hungered to hear
We held each other¶s eyes a moment
I didn¶t answer
Michael receives information from me regarding what I learn
Cakchiquel. They speak an entirely different language from the
I was about a hundred feet from him. Fearing what would
I must have nodded off because I jolted awake when the steady
So I started walking. I had to duck my head to get under the
Two Tzutuhil men stood as if awaiting orders. An old Indian
Gah! It was bitter¶n sin!
Tzutuhil have retreated for a thousand years. Caban loves his
Tzutuhil on the far side of Lago Atitlan remain one of the few
She held my eyes: ³You know exactly what!´
Indians who looked at my Tzutuhil clothes and gringo eyes and
On the left I saw an overgrown graveyard. To the right were
She shook her head. ³Not here.´
Levi¶s and shirt to get rid of my chattering teeth and goose
I¶d be seeing Mahee soon. I¶d accomplished today¶s goal
Masters field work with the Huicholes I¶d attended a bunch of
But then he slowly started to recover. Turning in a low knees-
They looked up and noticed me and waved as I flew over their
I said in a suddenly gruff voice: ³You think we¶re actually going
The buzz of bees and scent of pine were strong in the air. There
Her eyes slowly opened. ³Yes?´
Slowly I lowered it down
But the force was overpowering and I found my hands pushing
There were two other army guys in back. The chopper made a
I was also still blue under the blanket I was wearing. I turned to
Twenty minutes went by before I saw Mahee again. After
Mahee out of harm¶s way. The thought passed through my mind
I realized I was the only one of us who seemed capable of going
So what realistically could we do? The guards had departed with
I was looking at: Wingster¶s bloody body down on the bottom
Wingster. But Mahee ± she was nowhere in the boat. Clouds
Bernardo¶splot. With the sole remaining intent of first
A few minutes later I was working hard dragging Bernardo¶s
Francesca was out on the boat dock. As we came in Ursula
Bernardo¶s.Ursula got out her cell phone and dialed a local
Estate. Senor Bernhardt has been injured from a terrible fire
Three hours later we approached the border. As we came
I was driving past the curve in the road where Mahee had
There was the flowing of the river and nothing more. After a
I slept side by side with Ursula that night. We were both so tired
Sometime later I went stumbling down the cold stone steps
I made it to that same bench where she¶d been sitting waiting
I reached out and touched ±
History in Guatemala City. Likewise most of the locations in
This and related research is fully documented by Lynn
McTaggert in her books The Field and The Intention
Neuropsychiatric Institute¶s Department of Research In
Neurology and Psychiatry
Atitlan. I¶ve done my best throughout to revere the ongoing
I¶ve stepped on any traditional toes or stretched reality too far
2: When you first meet Mahalena in the museum and at her
3: And I must ask: how do you feel in those first pages about the
Mahalena pushes Jack into new possibilities of how the human
5: Although we see a lot of Mahalena in the pages before Jack
7: Although the story offers us a deep intimate exposé of a
10: Mahalena¶s father Michael is another flawed character who
11: The author spent considerable time himself down at Lago
12: Although for quite some pages in the end we fear for our
How does an ending effect your overall perspective of what¶s
13: Inside the volcano during the intense spiritual-sexual drama
14: With all the talk of 2012 apocalypse and Mayan prophesy
15: Mahalena seems to be successfully living life in a new way,
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The Mahee Vision Smash Words Doc

The Mahee Vision Smash Words Doc

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Published by Jeff Stevenson
Renegade professor Jack Hadley feels stuck in constrictive beliefs and negative 2012 prophecies until he suddenly plunges into the radical life of Mahee Bernhardt. Part German, part Mayan and a hundred percent dedicated to blasting beyond doomsday apprehensions into a new version of power and love, she propels Jack into new realms of passion and realization as they battle against the old order.
Renegade professor Jack Hadley feels stuck in constrictive beliefs and negative 2012 prophecies until he suddenly plunges into the radical life of Mahee Bernhardt. Part German, part Mayan and a hundred percent dedicated to blasting beyond doomsday apprehensions into a new version of power and love, she propels Jack into new realms of passion and realization as they battle against the old order.

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Published by: Jeff Stevenson on Feb 08, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved
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