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Regal Resources November 2006

Regal Resources November 2006

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Published by Computerman!

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Published by: Computerman! on Aug 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 1, Issue 8
In this Issue…
Ready for new computer software to hassle you?
Nov 2006
Top Story of the Month 
Ready for new computer software tohassle you? 
The Strive for Five Contest Question 
What was the answer to last month’squestion? 
Spiritual Word of the Month 
and you think our government watchesus a lot? 
Free Software for November 
It’s a smorgasbord! 
Tips of the Month
Open Several Programs at once
Top Story of the Month
Is your PC ready for Windows Vista?
Want to see if your Windows XP-based PC will be able to runWindows Vista? Just download theWindows Vista UpgradeAdvisor RC. This tool can even help you choose theeditionof  Windows Vista that best fits the way you use your computer.
Shopping for a new PC now?
See how to get an ExpressUpgrade to Windows Vista if you're buying a new PC thisholiday seasonOk, you need to know 2 things…does your PC have what ittakes to install and run Vista and if you really need it? Hereare 5 indicators that say you are ready to install Vista1. You bought a new PC in late 2005 or 20062. You bought a Media center PC in the last 6 months3. You upgraded the Ram in your computer to atleast 768 MB4. Your processor is at least 2 GHz5. You have at least 100 GB free on your hard driveNow do you need Vista? Look at the checklist below1. You want the latest and greatest Operating system
Saturday February 24th, 2007
,Crown Computers will turn
5 years old!
 To celebrate we are going to have specialevents each month leading up to the bigevent…a big party and dinner to celebratethe 5 years. At that party a BIG prize will begiven away. To help qualify people to winthat BIG prize, each club member andperson who have given over 5 referrals inthe past 5 years get one ticket. The rest of the tickets will be given to the first fivepeople that can answer the 12 triviaquestions that we are going to ask, one amonth. If you can email me with theRIGHT answer BEFORE the end of themonth, you will get an additional ticket. For those who get it right within 24 hours of receiving this newsletter you get anadditional gift mailed to you. Well goodluck to all.
 Answer from July’s question:
Name all of Nintendo’sreleased video game systems,home and portable, throughNov 19, 2006.
What new software is coming
January 30, 2007
January 30, 2007
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Ready for new computer...
 He’s Always Watching 
The eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him, on those who hope inHis mercy.
Psalm 33:18Marcie (not her real name) had broken up with her boyfriend, and now he was harassing her. Hefollowed her, stared at her, and intimidated her in subtle ways. She avoided him as much as shecould.One place she could not escape his gaze was at football games, because she was a cheerleader.During one game, he stood at field level right in front of the cheerleading squad and stared at her asshe did her routines. Her mom and stepdad, sitting in the stands, saw him there and realized that shewas getting more and more afraid.At a break, she ran into the stands, her eyes filled with panic. “Do you see him over there?” sheblurted out. “Yes, I do,” her stepdad said. “I’m watching, and I will not take my eyes off you.” Relievedthat he saw what was going on and understood how she was feeling, Marcie calmed down and wentback to her station.One of the wonderful joys of being a believer in Jesus is knowing that our Father in heaven is alwayswatching over us. The promise expressed by David in today’s psalm applies to us wherever we go.Whatever confronts us, the “eyes of the Lord” are on us and His ears “are open to [our] cry” (Ps.34:15).We are never out of God’s sight. —David C. Egner 
How wonderful to know that HeWho watches from aboveWill always keep us sheltered inHis ever-present love. —King His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. —Martin
Spiritual Nugget for the Month
2. You love playing video games and playing videos and TVon your computer 3. You though using XP was to difficult and want somethingeven more easier to use4. You want to Run XP without having to reinstall every patch,service pack and update available for it (Vista is just XP withall the new software and patches preinstalled!)Vista already has installedInternet Explorer 7 Service Pack 2Windows Media Player 11 Defrag w/ scheduler Windows Defender Colander & address book

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