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The Protection Connection Feb 2005

The Protection Connection Feb 2005

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Published by Computerman!

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Published by: Computerman! on Aug 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this issue
Top Story of the MonthII.
Spiritual Word of the MonthIII.
KCC Mall Deal of the MonthIV.
Customer of the MonthV.
Tips of the MonthVI.
Networking Events
I. Top Story of the Month
When was the Last Time YOU backed upyour data?
There are a lot of people who do not insure their pc data by backing it up. Thismonth I want to focus on methods you can use as well as programs and services youcan use to accomplish this simple yet lifesaving task. The first thing you need to dois figure out what data you actually want to back up. Most people the contents of MyDocuments, their outlook data, their address book, their favorites, computersettings, email attachments, and their financial data. Make sure you put ALL yourdata in the
My Document
folder first since this will make it easier to back up justthe one folder rather then searching your entire hard drive for your files. If you wantto keep your entire hard drive backed up once a month on a recordable CD, tryNorton Ghost 2005 from Symantec. (www.symantec.com) it comes bundled withSystem works 2005 Premium Edition. This program will allow you to back up justyour entire hard drive to an image file you can burn to several CDs. You will needabout 10 for a typical 10 GB of data. More if you use a 30 or even 50 GB drive. DVDbackups are here so now you can save money buy buying 5 DVD-RW disks ratherthen 50 CD-RWs.!For those who only want to keep your data intact, there are a couple a free solutionsyou can use if you use Windows XP. On your start menu under accessories/systemtools there is a program called files and settings wizard. This will back up your profileand all the files under it to either a space on your hard drive or a floppy disk. Do notuse this method for everyday backups because if you hard drive crashes you will losethis data. These files require many floppies so unless you can back up the data to a
network drive only use it if you are going to turn around and burn on a CD thecontents of this back up file. Another free method is for MS Office Xp users. Thisprogram uploads your settings for your email to your hotmail account. It only last for3 months a time so remember to upload your data often to renew the subscription.You will be waned when it is about to expire.Now for those who don’t mind investing some money here are some products andservices you can use to keep you data safe and secure1.
Han-Soft Automatic backup (www.han-soft.com) This program willautomatically backup your requested data to a network drive or CD diskon a scheduled time. It works great and is easy to use. Just make sureyou have the CD-RW disk in your drive when the backup is schedule tobegin. $28.952.
Norton Ghost 2005- (www.symantec.com) as I mentioned above use thisto back up the entire hard drive. If the pc crashed you can reload thisimage file to get your exact copy of your computer before it crashed. Iteliminates the need to reinstall windows and all your programs. Thenewest version now allows scheduled backups as well as not having toreboot the computer to complete the backup process $79.953.
Pulkin Computer Services- (www.pulkin.com) Wayne Pulkin will give youthe opportunity to back up your data offsite. Using a program similar toIomega he will set aside space on his secure encrypted server to back upas much or as little data you want. New to this service is the ability tohave the option of backing up to his offsite server OR to your DVD, CD ortape backup locally!Please use any one of these methods to back up your data. It would be a shame tosee everything you worked for go up in smoke and you were flying without a net. Formore information about data recovery after a hard drive crash, clickHERE.
II. Spiritual Word of the Month
 A Vase Full Of Good Intentions” 
Read:James 4:13-17 
To him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. —James4:17
 Bible In One Year:Leviticus 11-13 In a
cartoon by Charles Schulz, Marcie gives her schoolteacher someflowers. Not to be outdone, Peppermint Patty says to the teacher, "I thought aboutdoing the same thing, Ma'am, but I never got around to it. Could you use a vase fullof good intentions?"
We've all had intentions of doing something good but then failed to follow through.We may want to make a phone call to check up on a friend, or visit a sick neighbor,or write a note of encouragement to a loved one. But we don't take the time.Some people know that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, and they plan totrust in Him someday. Yet they keep putting it off. They may have good intentions,but that won't bring salvation.As Christians, we may say that we want to grow closer to the Lord, but somehow wedon't make the time to read the Word of God or to pray.James has some strong words about our problem of not taking action: "To him whoknows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin" (4:17).Is there something you've been putting off? Write that card or letter today. Visit thatsick friend. A vase full of good intentions never brightened anyone's day. —AnneCetas
"I do intend to do Your will"Is what we often tell the Lord,But what will honor Him the mostAre deeds of love to back our word. —D. De Haan
Good intentions are no good until they are put into action.

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