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The Protection Connection Feb 2006

The Protection Connection Feb 2006

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Published by Computerman!

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Published by: Computerman! on Aug 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February, 2006Vol. 3, Issue 2
In this Issue…
How to avoid the sending email BluesTips and Tricks Galore
Got more numerous tips wegot for you this month
Spiritual Word of the Month
Size does NOT matter to God
Leads Club Mixer is scheduled For Thursday,February 9
You’re invited to:
Sandy Springs Leads Club!!!
NETWORK WITH PROFESSIONALS IN YOURAREA!Come to our Meeting February 9, (Thursday) from12-1:15p
Free Admission Open House!
Just pay for yourlunch!
At the Hunan Gourmet on Sandy Springs Circle
Center Court Shopping Center 6070 Sandy Springs circle (nearAce Hardware)
Business owners, managers, sales people, independent professionals andentrepreneurs are invited to expand their businesses through professionalnetworking.
With 5500 members and 400 chapters across the United States, Australia,Ireland and South America, Leads Club is the original
referral-basedmarketing service for business professionals
In a structured weekly lunch meeting, Leads Club members exchangepersonal referrals and form relationships with other professionals in theircommunity.Create a sales force of people talking about you! 
 Hot business leadsare passed amongst members in a professionalenvironment – Bring your business cards
We use the strongest form of marketing your business,word of mouth! 
Meets at Hunan Gourmet Thursdays at Noon, over Lunch!
For more information contact: MartinO’Keeffe (678) 688-9075
Check out more about Leads Club on www.LeadsClub.com 
Using your email under Bellsouth and Comcast Rules
If you have a laptop and use Comcast or Bellsouth as your emailprovider, but you use another company to get and send email, youhave come into a big problem when it comes to sending out mail whileat home or on the road. When you are at home you are forced to use aspecial SMTP server name to send out email, whether itssmtp.comcast.net, or smtp.bellsouth.net. This prevents spammersfrom piggybacking off the ISPs mail server to transport spam. But forthose who did not know this before, it became a nightmare setting upyour email. What’s worse, when you finally set up the email to be sentout from home, the rules all change once you leave that ISP’s websignal. The spam blocker SMTP no longer exists and you then have
problems again sending out your email. Well here is the SOLUTION toenjoy sending out email from both home and on the road. (Note: Thissolution is ONLY for laptop users that access the internet throughBellsouth or Comcast. Other users will have to check with their ISP tosee if they have the same conditions with sending out email)1.
Create 2 email accounts. One for home and one for the road.If you already configured your email to send out emails fromhome you are halfway home!2.
The 1
email account and the 2
email account will beEXACLY the same expect for the SMTP server3.
Create the 1
email account. for the SMTP server you willaccess on the road, either repeat the pop account name oruse SMTP.ISP.com where ISP is your provider of the email4.
Create the 2
Email account. For the SMTP server at home,put either mail.bellsouth.net or smtp.comcast.com. forBellsouth you have to also do another step. Click on MORESETTINGS, then click on the OUTGOING SERVER tab. There,select MY OUTGOING SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION.

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