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Overcoming Your Hurts, Habits & Hangups

Overcoming Your Hurts, Habits & Hangups

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Published by F. Remy Diederich
Sometimes we simply suffer our hurts, habits and hangups. But God has given you the power to overcome them. This four part series, based on the Celebrate Recovery model, will get you started down the road to recovery.
Sometimes we simply suffer our hurts, habits and hangups. But God has given you the power to overcome them. This four part series, based on the Celebrate Recovery model, will get you started down the road to recovery.

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Published by: F. Remy Diederich on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Overcoming your…
The Road to Recovery
By Remy DiederichCedarbrook Church
Overcoming Your Hurts, Habits & Hang-Ups
The Road to Recovery
By Remy Diederich(based on the Celebrate Recovery Principles)
This document contains:
Part One: Realize I’m not God…
Part Two: Earnestly believe that God exists…
Part Three: Letting Go
Part Four: Coming Clean
A few years ago I needed to paint my house. I was really busy, pastoring, working on myMasters and attending soccer games. So, I didn’t have the time to paint but I didn’t have achoice. Our house was starting to look embarrassing.Of course, before you paint, you have to scrape off the old paint. So I was up on a ladderscraping paint with chips flying all over the place. I had a 12 foot board that bordered my sidingthat I was working on when all of a sudden my scraper goes
into - the siding
. This wasnot good. I had hit a rotten spot. At first I thought
"No problem, I can fill this with wood putty"
.But as I continued to scrape I realized that the whole board was rotten on the top 1-3 inches. Myheart sank and I was immediately depressed because I couldn't afford for anything to go wrong. Ididn’t have the time. I didn’t have the know-how. And I didn’t have the money to hire it done.My first thought was, -
 Maybe this won't get any worse. I'll just let it go. I'll fill the hole I'vemade and just paint over the rest 
. But I didn't feel good about that. What if the wood keptrotting and I got water leaking into my house? That could be a disaster and cost me a lot moretime and money in the long run.Well, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided that I really only had one option. I had toreplace the board. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I eventually got it replaced. I finishedpainting and it wasn't as big of a deal as I had feared. Now, I tell you this because some of youare painting over rotten wood. But I’m not talking about your house. I’m talking about yourpersonal life. What I mean is, you’ve got issues – you’ve got problems – and you don’t want toface them. How do I know that? Because you’re human. Every human has issues. And everyhuman hates dealing with them. We just want to paint over them and hope they go away on theirown.When I talk about issues, I’m talking about hurts, hang-ups & habits. By Hurts
I mean things likebeing abused or ridiculed or abandoned. You’ve encountered some kind of painful loss. It mightbe the death of a loved one. Hurts often lead to Hang-Ups. By Hang-ups I mean things likeunresolved anger or depression. Or maybe things like being hyper-sensitive or controlling orperfectionistic. Our hurts can also cause us to develop habits or addictions - anything fromovereating to over working to overspending. Or of course things like drug addiction or gamblingaddiction or sex addiction.Whether we want to admit it or not, every one of us has experienced these things at one time oranother. And so over the next eight weeks we’re going to talk about how to overcome thesethings by walking- what I call –
The Road to Recovery
. Now, you might think that Recovery is
3 just something for alcoholics. But let me tell you - we are all in need of recovery. The Bible tellsus that we have all fallen, so we are all in need of recovery.I’m going to use the word
as an acronym for eight principles that are used inour Celebrate Recovery Small Group that meets on Tuesday nights. Each week we’ll look at oneof the principles. Today we are looking at the
in recovery. R stands for Realize…
RealizeI’m not God.
The first principle tells us that when you realize that you are not God you
admit that you are powerless to control your tendency todo the wrong thing …
What it’s telling us is that our problem is that we like to Play God.
Now, your first reactionis probably, “
What do you mean? I don’t play God”.
But we DO play God when we try tosolve our problems with our own power.Let me give you a few examples of what I mean byplaying God:
We play God when we try to control our image
.Some people hide their hurt behind a happy face. They may be dying inside but they do theirbest to put on a good front. Others work long and hard at buying the right clothes and applyingthe right make up to at least
good, even if they don’t
good. One man told me that hedressed in black and wore a fumanchu mustache to look tough even though he said he was scaredto death inside.
We play God when we try to control our environment
.Have you ever met a person whose life is a mess but their closets were immaculate? Every shirtis facing the same way. All the shoes are lined up perpendicular to the wall. Why is that?Because, their life may be a mess but if they can at least control their closet then they don’t feellike
We play God when we try to control other people.
 Sometimes we don’t stop at controlling our closets. We have to control everyone around us.You see, we think they are the problem – their behavior is what’s wrong. If they just acted right,we wouldn’t get upset. But the truth is, WE are the problem. We’ve got the issue. We just don’tsee it or want to admit it.
We play God when we try to control our problems
.We do this by minimizing our problems – acting like they aren’t serious. When my father wasalive, I considered him an alcoholic. He’d never admit that. He might admit that he drank toomuch at times. But in his mind, alcoholics drank all day and all night. Alcoholics lost their jobsand weren’t responsible. My dad limited his drinking to the hour before supper. That made himthink he was in control. But he drank so much in that hour that he would often lose control forthe entire night.
We play God when we try to control our pain.
Some people control their pain with illegal drugs or alcohol. And some of us do it by starvingourselves, or by overeating or binging and purging. Still others do it by cutting themselves oreven beating themselves. Isn’t it ironic that we
pain in a desperate attempt to
Everything that I’ve just described is an issue that I talk to people about on a regular basis.These things aren’t the exception - They are the norm. And this is how we play God.

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