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Vector Networking

Vector Networking

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Published by Vector Informatics
Networking and SEO http://startvector.com
Networking and SEO http://startvector.com

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Published by: Vector Informatics on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vector Informaticshttp://startvector.com Vector Informaticshttp://startvector.com As the economic crisis spreads, businesses will look for alternative methods of advertising. Some of these businesses have already startedcontacting Vector. The first one to do so in the financial servicessector was Managed Forex Brokershttp://managedforexbrokers.comwhich offers aninformation service about Forex products. Early into the SEO project, they referred a local business unrelated totheir business. Their connection is social, they have known each other for years. The business ishttp://renzfloors.com/they offerCarpets and Flooring in San Rafael, CA.They have agreed to refer more business with successful results. Those new referrals will become part of our new and growingnetwork. The question is, what do carpets have to do with Forex? If its possible to answer a questionwith a question, then one may ask doForex investorsbuy flooring? Of course they do. And carpetcustomers may purchase Forex products. Then what is the point?Things are changing on a scale so rapid that most cannot keep up. Thomas Kuhn calls it ParadigmShift
, but this is outdated, conceived before todays reality existed. Tom Hayes best characterizes ourmodern shift inJump Point.
 In computer jargon, when your hard drive becomes overwhelmed with too much information it is said to be fragmented²or ³fragged.´ Today, the rapid and unsettling pace of change has left usall more than a little, well, fragged. We watch 60-second television commercials that have been sped up to fit into 30-second spots, even as we multitask our way through emails, text messagesand tweets. We assume that these small time compressions are part of the price of modern living. But it is more profound than that. Changes that used to take generations²economic cycles,cultural shifts, mass migrations, changes in the structures of families and institutions²nowunfurl in a span of years. Since 2000, we have experienced three economic bubbles (dot-com,real estate, and credit), three market crashes, a devastating terrorist attack, two wars and a global influenza pandemic. Game-changing consumer products and services (iPod, smart  phones, YouTube, Twitter, blogs) that historically might have appeared once every five or more years roll out within months. In what seems like the blink of an eye one giant industry (recorded music) has been utterly transformed, another (the 250-year-old newspaper business) is facing oblivion, and a half-dozen more (magazines, network television, book publishing) are apparentlyheaded to meet one of those two fates.
Lets try to understand that while things are changing at a fast pace, they havent really changed at all.How is this possible?In the current case study,Vectoris the hub of the network, or the domain  there is nothing stoppingthese businesses from individually cross promoting each others services. A network needs a hub,network devices do not function without hubs, routers, and switches. So we arent talking about SEO,we are talking about
network access 
.The internet is the medium. Internet marketing is not much different than Tupperware parties on anelectronic scale.
The internet is a network, but society has not changed much socially inthe last 50 years. With all our advances, we still write checks and ship products on trucks and go tosporting events.

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