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Independent Reading Unit 6 Weeks

Independent Reading Unit 6 Weeks

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: stepintoourclassroom on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The single most productive effort we can make on our learning is the act of reading. As we all know, this is notsimply a question of being literate. We are going to makeevery effort possible to develop an appreciation of reading.
Appreciation of Reading
- When you can actually put down a book andsay, “I liked that” and then some (short) time later you find yourself pickingthe same book up to read more. Essentially, you have found somethingyou like to read!
Independent Reader-
One day you find yourself reading a book that youenjoy and do foresee yourself finishing. Only this book, you chose for yourself, your teacher didn’t force it upon you and an aunt didn’t give itto you for your birthday.
Avid Independent Reader-
You have done the previous (IndependentReader) and now you want more. You finish a book and within a relativelyshort amount of time you ask yourself, “What am I going to read next?”.Hopefully you will find a specific series, author, or even genre that reallyappeals to you.
Love of Reading-
Throughout your life you read. You inform yourself aboutthe world, other people and cultures, and all the while increase this littlething we like to call “being smart”. Athletes work out = smart people read.Not exercising = being in poor shape. Not reading = mushy brain. Say“NO!” to mushy brain.
Independent Reading – Elements
The following goes on the individual page you created for your currentreading selection.For your current reading selection, choose 2 of the following writingprompts and respond to each in the form of an in-depth written response.I am currently on page ________.
What’s this book about? What’s currently going on in mybook? Who are the people involved and what are they trying to do?
Based on what I know about my book/plot I feel thefollowing is going to take place…. Where do I see certain clues(foreshadowing, imagery, characterization) that justify my prediction?
How is my book/novel similar to something else? Whatother characters, stories, real-life events and figures, and other forms of artsimilar to my book?
How is my book? Are the characters (fiction)credible? How effective is the story or the author’s style? What elements ofmy book do I like; what elements do I not like?Based on your Independent Reading Selection, identify a key character from the story. This character does not have to be the protagonist.A)1)
Identify 10 (non-physical) key traits of this character.2)
Identify direct text from the novel where this trait is evident (seecitation guidelines below).3)
State what sort of characterization this is. Use the following list:a) What the character thinks or saysb) Actions- what the character doesc) What other characters say about this character d) Reactions- how other characters react to or behave around thischaracter 4)
State how this quotation embodies the trait of the character.B)Write a brief (200 word) paragraph summarizing your character. (do notfocus too much on plot and DO NOT be a “spoiler”- don’t give away theending… we might want to read this book too).
Reading LOG
Your Reading LOG is something very personal. No one is going to obligateyou to record the time you reading your book (see below*). You areadvised to be reflective and introspective. Be honest with yourself andtruly examine what your reading habits are like. You may choose topursue your reading log in a number of manners, written response, videoblog, audio podcast, digital image or graphic. Choose anyway you wishto express your progress with your reading, but do complete the surveybelow. 5 is fantastic and 1 is poor. Or 5 is absolutely yes and 1 is a big fatno. 5 is A LOT and 1 is almost never.
Be sure to embed this document into your wiki. You can change thecolor of the numbered textbox to indicate your answer. Upload thisdocument to your Slideshare.net account.
1. How frequentlyam I reading?
2. How much am Ienjoying my book?
3. How good of a job did I doselecting my book?
4. Have I beensuccessful atreading regularly?
5. Would I like tospend more timereading?
*You can if you want- I often do. It helps me to see how I’m doing. Sometimes, if Isimply say that I’ll read x number of minutes a day, it doesn’t happen, but if I keepa record, it works.

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