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Published by mas2004

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Published by: mas2004 on Aug 18, 2008
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IGF 1 AN UNBIASED REPORTfromTHE AUTHOR OF CHEMICAL WARFARE---------------------------------------------------------------------------Everyone is talking about this substance as the new miracle growth productof the nineties. It is reported to have packed on thirty pounds of leantissue on one top an Olympia contender in less than nine months. Othershave reported gains of thirty to forty pounds of lean tissue in a matter ofmonths. Is this hype or is there some validity in what is being said. Morethan this, are the IGF 1 products floating around at the moment the realthing or have a few clever dealers flooded the market with counterfeits inthe hope of a quick kill.INSULIN LIKE GROWTH FACTOR! It is nothing like insulin so let us dispensewith that myth right from the start. It is a hormone that occurs naturallyin the body. It peaks through puberty and decreases as we get older in muchthe same way as testosterone and growth hormone. It's primary purpose as ahormone is as a messenger which makes its way to skeletal muscle cells andtells them to grow. This is why people are getting so excited. It is likecutting out all the intermediary stages and going direct to the grow.message. But it is not that simple.Before I continue, perhaps I should also state that it is not a controlledor banned substance. Not on any list any where in the world. It is nottested and it is not illegal. Perhaps there are moral implications andperhaps there are dangerous side effects but from a legal and sportscouncil standpoint, it does not exist as a performance enhancing substance.At least not yet. However, if it really works then it will not be longbefore they try to stop it.The first problem with any research, and I discovered this as soon as Istarted silting through the technical papers, is that not much is knownabout the substance. In fact, even the researchers have not performeddetailed tests on laboratory animals let alone humans. If you ask Kabi,they will say that the molecule has not even been successfully stabilisedyet. They are almost right. However, certain companies have managed tostabilise it, just. I say just because the resulting compound is verydelicate indeed You only have to make one little mistake with the stuff andyou destroy it instantly.HOW DOES IT WORK?I said it was not like insulin. Well, in away, I was misleading you. I havemy reasons because it quite clearly is not insulin in the way it operatesbut, from a chemical structure point of view, they are similar chemicals.It will lower blood sugar levels and diabetics should be aware of this.Further, bodybuilders should be sure to eat well and be extremely carefulif they intend to use the product on a pre-contest diet. If you go hypoafter use then get some honey or sugar down your neck bloody fast otherwiseit will he goodbye and good nightI said that diabetics best beware but in another way this could be a usefuldrug for those with insulin deficiency. It also increases red blood cellproduction and balances out amino acid levels in the blood which can hecaused by diabetes or indeed poor nutrition. Those of you using TNT will
not have this problem.There is also evidence to suggest muscle splitting action which, if true,would be deviating, this means that it would cause you to increase thenumber of actual muscle fibres you have in your body. This is like agenetic change and a miracle come true for those of us not so geneticallygiftedIGF 1 levels in the body are effected by many things. The main factorthough is nutrition. Starve someone and their levels fall to almost fiftypercent, this is perhaps a part of the reason for the catabolic statecreated by a pre-contest diet However, stuff them with food and the levelsrise dramatically. This is basic survival in action and pretty obvious whenyou know how it works. Your body resists any tendency to put itself atrisk. It is careful to keep its caloric need well within the available foodsupply. So if you have three thousand calories a day then you body willmake sure it only carries the mass that needs two thousand calories tosupport it. In the elder this is important. It keeps the mass down bysuppressing the hormonal messengers that make you bigger. This means youhave to acclimatise your body system to a lot more food. Convince it thatnutrition of the finest quality is in absolute abundance and, therefore, itis safe to creep up with the mass.Drugs like anabolic steroids, especially testosterone propionate, willelevate IGF 1 levels by about twenty percent, so will primobolin depot.These are often viewed as anticatabolic steroids and now we have a littleexplanation as to why.Medically I would say that the treatment of diabetes is the best avenue forresearch, although fighting muscle wasting diseases like AIDS and MS mustalso be worth consideration. For this reason, tests on humans are on theprogramme and in the next few years we will have all the answers we need atour fingertips. Somehow, though, I think that the bodybuilding populationwill get to the truth long before the medical experts.A few things worry me. Firstly, is this switching on of dormant genes? Thisis a recently discovered phenomena. It appears that we all have these offgenes that can be turned on by certain chemicals like IGF 1 and some ofthese genes can have terrible effects like give us leukaemia or other formsof cancer. The chances are reasonably slim but there is a chance and thedice will roll when you use the stuff and this needs to be weighted up withthe possible benefit. I mean how good are you and how good could youpossibly be and is that good enough to take even a small life and deathgamble. Make no bones about it, this is a real risk.Also, I cannot conceive that the drug knows the difference between one formof cell and another. This means that pretty much everything will grow likeintestines and kidneys and this could get nasty. It is a fact that thesymmetry of things change when they get bigger and this stops them working.Think about this. Take a box with the sides each two centimetres long. Howbig is the surface area of that box. Well it is four centimetres for eachface and there are six faces. That is twenty four centimetres.Stay with me, it matters. Now, the internal area of that box is eightcentimetres. This means the ratio of the surface area to the internal areais 24:8 or 3:1. Now, if we make the box a little bigger, see what happensif we make each side 3 centimetres. Well the surface area goes to 54centimetres and the internal area goes to 27 centimetres. This means that
the ratio of surface area to volume drops to 2:1. This ratio of surfacearea to volume is the most important criteria in the function of many ofyour body's organs and, lose the big ratio, and things go very wrong. Thisis why an enlarged heart is such a bad thing and why anything that makesorgans bigger is potentially life threatening. This is another roll ofthose dice of death that needs to be factored in the calculation.IGF 1 will also produce reduction on bodyfat levels in much the same way asconventional growth hormone and for very similar reasons. For this reason,the diet must have a level of essential fatty acids. I suggestsupplementing with a daily tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for theomega three fatty acids plus a portion of fresh water fish a day likesalmon or trout or even sardine.WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?It comes in micro gram doses which is very very small amounts. These arethe amounts that the hormones act within the body.Bottles range from 20 to several hundred micrograms with 1OO microgrambottles being the most common. Now, the substance is killed by light andheat so it must be packed in a dark container and surrounded by a freezingmaterial at all times If the dealer says it has been hand sent and kept inhis freezer and it is not specially packed, then it is rubbish.Dosage really concerns me. The research showing clear mass gains suggestsdoses of 15 mg per day, that would cost a second mortgage for a week'ssupply at current prices. Bodybuilders seem to be experimenting with dosesof 20 micrograms a day taken in two doses, one at night and a second in themorning. They combine the product with growth and high androgen gearstacks.COMPANIES THAT MAKE IGF 1I can identify nine legitimate companies.Hyclone Laboratories INCThis is the most popular and the lowest grade product on the market. It isalso much much cheaper. Mainly because it is cell culture grade and notreally made to inject into humans. Also, the protein quality is only aboutninety percent. This is a very quick acting version as well because of thelack of binding protein so you need to take it more often. Still, it is aviable source and should work if it is going to work at all. My mainproblem is that most of the counterfeits I have seen have been of theHyclone product.Other companies are Austral Biological, Biosource International, Sigma Biosciences, Accurate chemical, ICN, Promega, R and D systems, AdvancedScientific and Chemical.Price varies greatly but the average seems to be around 500.00) for 100
micrograms. That would last something like five days. Yes it is a lot ofmoney.AFTER THOUGHTSI do not know, is the answer. Technically this is a break through, but I

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