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Published by mas2004

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Published by: mas2004 on Aug 18, 2008
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From tom@transcore.com Sun Jan 19 20:31:32 1997Newsgroups: alt.self-improveSubject: alt.self-improve FAQ (repost, part 1)From: tom@transcore.com (Thomas Wong)Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 20:31:32 GMT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------alt.self-improve FAQVersion 2.5 (1-15-1997)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMERThis document is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions from thealt.self-improve newsgroup. It is created by the editors for public use.The information here is not guaranteed to be accurate and may not reflectthe opinions of the editors or their associates. This FAQ may be freelydistributed provided this disclaimer is included with all copies. Allcontributions and suggestions for improvement are welcomed. Please direct allyour inquiries to the editors:Loren Larsen (Creater of this FAQ)IBM CorporationResearch Triangle Park, NCllarsen@raleigh.ibm.comThomas Wong (Current Editor)TransCore StrategiesP.O.Box 111000Campbell, CA 95011tom@transcore.com-----------------------------------------------------------------------------This FAQ is posted on the 17th of every month. A how-to-find-the-FAQ articleis posted on the 7th and 27th of every month. It's also available on theWorld Wide Web at <http://www.transcore.com> and via FTP from rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/self-impr-faq/part [1,2] (version 2.0).-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Changes since version 2.4- Personal Power II Update- Section E "Hot Topics of the Month" is now "Sample Hot Topics for 1996"- Removal of Kevin Trudeau Lawsuit story- Addition of some new resource linksChanges since version 2.3- More on NLP ResourcesChanges since version 2.2- More on "Anti-Cult Movements"- More on "NLP"- $500,000 Psychic Challenge by The Amazing Randi- Addition of "Success Vs Money"- New links in "Resources and References"Changes since version 2.1- Revision of Information Management (reprinted from Sharing Ideas).- Revision of Health Food.
- Addition of Virus of the Mind.- Addition of NLP with respect to emotions.- Addition of E/ Hot Topics of the Month (by 17th of each month).- All resource links are now hyperlinked at <http://www.transcore.com>.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Introduction to alt.self-improveThe alt.self-improve group provides a forum for discussing strategies,techniques, and principles for self-improvement. The table of contents givesa good overview of the breadth of topics discussed. This FAQ has beencreated to provide a single document that contains a sort of history of whathas been discussed in the newsgroup. New readers may find the answers tomany of their questions already answered in this document. We have attemptedto categorize questions by topic for easy access, but many issues don't fitneatly into a single category. The contents of this document are collectedby the editors from past postings in alt.self-improve, personal e-mailcorrespondence, and outside sources. All suggestions and contributions arewelcome. The newsgroup is not intended for commercial uses or promotion of,commercial products; however, you may submit information for inclusion in the"References and Resources" section. Only those companies whose products,seminars, or books are discussed in this newsgroup will be accepted.This document is constantly being revised and improved. Most of the materialscollected so far has been summarized based on past postings to the newsgroup.Therefore, there may be errors due to the source or the deletion of certaininformation. Also, some of the information presented may be biased toward theinterests and perspectives of the editors. Hopefully both of these errors andbias can be eliminated with your feedback. Please help to expand and perfectthis document by contributing your knowledge.Quoted articles are acknowledged by placing the poster's name inparentheses, e.g. (From: llarsen@cs.clemson.edu). Information which is notexplicitly acknowledged has been compiled by the editors from a variety ofsources including past postings, external sources, and reader responses tothe editors.We are considering different methods of compactly recording comments froma wide variety of sources. One suggestion is to create a rating systemfor books, seminars, etc. For example if you have attended a particularspeed reading course or a Tony Robbins seminar, send us your opinion byrating it on a scale of 1-10. The average could be used as opposed toa huge collection of personal responses. Any other suggestions are welcome.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTSA/ Self-Improvement Methods1. Career- Information Management- Sales and Negotiation- Time Management2. Emotional- Morris Acting / Method Acting- NLP3. Financial
- Savings and Investment- Real Estate- Get-Rich-Quick Scams- Success Vs Money4. Mental- Accelerated Learning- Creativity Enhancement- Hypnosis- Meditation- Memory Systems- Mind Machines- Speed Reading- Virus of the Mind5. Physical- Baldness Cures and Consequences- Body Work- Eye Sight Improvement- Health Food- Voice Work6. Relationship / Social- Men and Women7. Spiritual- Religion and Self-Esteem- Magic and Pseudo-Paranormal PhenomenaB/ Established Disciplines1. Anti-Cult Movements2. Est3. Landmark (The Forum)4. Life-Long Learning Association5. Lifespring6. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)7. The People's Network8. Scientology / DianeticsC/ Popular People and Media1. Richard Bandler & John Grinder2. Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People, etc.)3. Tad James4. Anthony Robbins5. Marshall SylverD/ References and Resources1. Resource List2. Software Packages3. Reader Ratings of Books/Audiotapes/Seminars4. Who's Who Listing of Professionals in alt.self-improveE/ Sample Hot Topics for 1996-----------------------------------------------------------------------------FAQ CONTENTS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------A/ Self-Improvement Methods1. Career

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