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Final Metal Dector

Final Metal Dector

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Published by ankurje

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Published by: ankurje on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metal detectors are fascination machines. Many of the peoplewho use them are just as enthusiastic about extolling the virtuesof their favorite metal detector as they are about setting off insearch of buried treasure. Those of us who design and buildthese instruments for a living listen carefully when one of our customers talks about his or her experience in the field, becausethis is the primary means by which we determine how well weare doing our jobs, and what sort of things we need to do better.Sometimes though, communication is difficult. Almost asthough we and our customers speak different languages. Whichin a sense, we do. The purpose of this page is to try to narrowthat communication gap a little. And, to resolve some of that"typical curiosity" metal detector operators have regarding whatis going on inside their instruments.Is it necessary to know how a metal detector works in order touse it effectively? Absolutely not. Will knowing how it workshelp someone to use it more effectively in the future? Quite possibly yes, but only with persistence and practice. The bestmetal detector available is still only as good as the person usingit.
This is the circuit diagram of a low cost metal detectorusing a single transistor circuit and an old pocketradio...This is nothing but a Colpitts oscillator working inthe medium band frequency and a radio tuned to the samefrequency.First the radio and the circuit are placedclose.Then the radio is tuned so that there is no soundfrom radio. In this condition the radio and the circuit will be in same frequency and same frequencies beat off toproduce no sound.This is the set up.When the metaldetector circuit is placed near to a metal object theinductance of its coil changes , and so do the frequency of oscillations.Now the two frequency will be different , there will be no canceling and radio produces a hissingsound.The metal is
 Circuit diagram:-

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