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#165: The Research of Melinda Leslie - Part 3

#165: The Research of Melinda Leslie - Part 3

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Published by Chuck Weiss
Read more about Alien Abduction at AbductionSite.com.
Read more about Alien Abduction at AbductionSite.com.

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Published by: Chuck Weiss on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Abducted by Aliens
Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story)by Chuck Weiss
Available as a FREE e-Book at AbductionSite.com.368 Pages, Color Photos & Fully Indexed
Contact Chuck at AlienAbductionTheBlog@mail.com.
165: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 3
 In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman whoinvestigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligencecommunity. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventionsaround the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s alsoavailable at her websitefor a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’veexperienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve alsoadded my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed mycomments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.
Reprinted From:
Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineeringof Extraterrestrial Abductees”
© 2010 Melinda Leslie
It’s Not the Military!
For starters, this isn’t your usual “military” that’s doing this!
If abductions are real and happening anywhere near the scale suggested by the abductionresearchers, and therefore more than likely a matter of National Security (or because of perceptionssimilar to that of Dave Jacob’s “threat” theory), then
of course the intelligence community wouldbe interested
in the abductees.
 [The intelligence community became officially “interested” in anything UFO related, including abductions, when the CIA took control of the gathering all UFO related information in the mid 1950s. Up until then the Air Force had that responsibility. – CW] 
These may be covert intelligence agencies and not the military, or at least a very covert “black world” aspect of the military.
[Majestic resides at the very center of the CIA, which is the Mother of all intelligence agencies,worldwide. The U.S. intelligence agencies created afterwards, including the NSA and Home LandSecurity, serve to insulate the CIA (especially the inner core) and its black ops projects from any realscrutiny. It also allows the CIA to use outside resources, including other intelligence agencies andspecial units in the military, to carry out their grunt work. I also know from personal experience thatmuch of the surveillance of Abductee/Experiencers is farmed out to “subcontractors” such as theItalian Mafia, with which they have a longstanding relationship. – CW]
I am not slamming the military!
Or, in the words of fellow researcher Helmut Lammer ; “I do notmean the whole US military community, I mean only a small covert task force which is in the ‘needto know’ and operates in an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), financed by a black  budget. Therefore, I am not against the whole military and related agencies, but I think that the public has the right to know what is going on in USAPs.”
Before I move forward, I want to be
very clear
that my research data
does not in any way
point to a
military in-lieu-of ET
abduction thesis, but quite the contrary there is a military and/or intelligencecommunity involvement
because of ET
experiences! Covert-ops involvement because of ETexperiences! Covert-ops involvement exists
because ET abductions are absolutely real
and that isthe only reason these agencies have any interest whatsoever in abductees!
 [Melinda is referring to a faction of the conspiracy community that regards ALL ET abductionsas being screen memories created by the CIA to hide their own mind control experiments. Screenmemories undoubtedly are created by Majestic in some cases, probably to confuse the target as towho is doing what to whom. Respected conspiracy researcher  Jim Keithdiscovered evidence that,at least in one case, children in rubber Gray costumes were used by black ops agents to create a false ET abduction memory. – CW] 
And, their interest in abductees is predominately in what they may know regarding the ETs’ motivesand what they know about ET technology.
 [Even if the Abductee/Experiencer turns out to know nothing of such things, Majestic would still  feel the need to control anyone in contact with ETs. – CW] 
It’s Not the Military! (except for when it is . . .)
“Military on Military” cases involve ET abductees who’ve joined the military and then havemilitary reabductions while they are serving:
Niara Isley
– 3 months missing time and used in ET communication
Bruce Coe
– 3 weeks missing time and used in ET communication
Ray Muntz
– 2 years missing time and used in ET communication
Dan Sherman
– used consciously in ET communication role
Larry Warren
– missing time experience as part of his involvement in the Brentwaters story andsubsequent covert-ops involvement as well
John Vasquez
– abduction during ET related event and subsequently
Vance Davis
– missing time and used for ET information
 – abduction during ET related operation
James Bartley
– abduction during ET related operation
(unnamed) – abduction during ET related operation
Alison N. & Military family member
– abducted from multiple bases
Who All are Doing This?
Covert-ops experiences happen internationally
International cases often involve military and intelligence personnel from the country where theexperience occurred, US military & US agents. Often US personnel are seen in conjunction with foreign personel. The international cases I am currently aware of:
UK (England & Scotland) – 19
France – 4
Germany – 3
Italy – 4 also with French military
Saudi Arabia – 1
Iran – 3 – US military with subcontractors in all 3 cases
Marshal Islands, Micronesia – 1
Indonesia – 2
Australia – 16
Peru – 2
Puerto Rico – 2
China – 2
Russia – 3
Munich, West Germany 1
India – 6
Canada 9
Mexico – 9
What Happens to the Abductees?
Being watched or being followed and home or work place under surveillance
[Been there, done that. See posts . . .#54“A Sinister Turn of Events & Eleven Years of Silence.”#61“Surveillance & Monthly Break-Ins.”#62“My TV is Watching Me!”#63“The Second Camera.”#92“Discovered My Tail.”#93“Outed the Mole.”Then click read my report of an incident in 2006, called “Under Scrutiny.” – CW]
Black helicopter surveillance or harassment
[Ditto, although in my case it was a white drone helicopter (See post#134“Followed by aHelicopter.”) – CW]
Threats made to the abductee, their family or friends
[No, thank God. – CW]
Phone interruptions and harassing, intimidating or even threatening phone calls

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