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Muslims and me

Muslims and me

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Published by FifteenHeretics

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Published by: FifteenHeretics on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Local Muslims have made the lives of my family and me hell.It started when we moved here about 10 years ago. Even when we moved here it was a heavilyenriched area, since then it has become a more Islamic republic than provincial Western Europeantown.My kids were very young then, one of them is mentally handicapped. Thats important in this record.Hes a great lad and he is capable of doing many things independently, or with the minimum of support. He cant deal with hassle.Ok, wind back 10 years. My kids playing outside. Loads of other kids, about 80% from the Turkish andMoroccan communities that have located themselves here. The whites rarely come outside. In mynaivety I tried to make contact with the families of the kids that mine were playing with, but no,nothing.Where do I go with this? Ok just the highlights.Like the Bosnian refugee family that terrorised the neighbourhood. Even the Moroccan and Turkishfamilies were scared and that is saying something. Their young son of I estimate about 10 years olddriving all over the place on his quad bike (they were newly arrived refugees where the hell did theyget it from) including directly at people. Pissing in our and other peoples gardens. Flashing his bum atyou if you spoke to him about his behaviour.And the local kids who enjoyed nothing more than tormenting my son. I remember very vividly agroup of about eight kids surrounding him kicking him and pushing him. This would happen virtuallyevery time he would go out. They were all Turks and Moroccans. The group would vary; age rangefrom about eight to 16.I attempt to speak to them but they run off to about 20 yards away..... safe tormenting distance.They respect no one especially someone who is not one of their own. Where do they learn this?Some of them are only eight or nine years old.I know. Ill talk to the parents. Thatll get things sorted. Wrong again. During the day if the man of thehouse is not present the women folk will not come to the door. When they do they look at you inutter bewilderment. They dont speak the language, despite some of them having been here formany years. When you do get a reaction from either male or female its: no, my son would not dothat you are lying go away. They are NEVER outside to witness anything. Do they ever do anythingwith their kids?My other children are also victims. My eldest daughter is constantly sworn at as a lesbian simplybecause she walks around with a girl friend of hers. Shes a young teenager at this time. I ask them if they are gay because they hang out with other lads. I get spat at for my efforts.My youngest (she who was molested in the swimming pool by a Moroccan boy a few days ago) hasbeen pushed from her bike and sworn at countless times.These are not one off episodes it is a continuing process. I talk to other white families. They eitherdont let their kids go out, or drive off somewhere else. Thats not a life. Kids need to be free, notorganised all the time like that.
I contact the police, several times in fact. Sorry sir there is nothing we can do about it.Meanwhile a local gang has taken up throwing things at our windows on a nightly basis. They dontlike me because I dare stand up to them. Everyone else moans, but nobody dares say anything. Bagsof dog shit, small coins, small stones etc against my windows. Intimidation. Again Turks andMoroccans, including the middle son of my next door neighbour. This goes on (on and off admittedlybut never a break of more than a week) for YEARS.Again the police. Again nothing. Why dont you put a camera in front of your house sir?The local primary school, no more than three minutes walk from here was 90% black when we gothere. We didnt put our kids there, choosing instead a school about 15 minutes walk away. About70% white. Nice school. No real racial problems, good atmosphere and for the first four years itsgreat. Then the second wave of Muslims the council decided should be settled in the area. MoreTurks and Moroccans but Somalians added to the mix. Great. Anyone who has dealt with Somalianswill understand what I mean. Within six months the school becomes overrun with Muslim children.My wife who has worked there as a volunteer worker for several years is disgusted. Ive never seenthe scales fall from someones eyes so quickly. From left wing liberal to Geert Wilders in about twomonths. The new boys will take no instruction from a woman. The new girls are covered from headto toe in cloth and are totally, totally subservient, especially those from Somali families. The teachingquality plummets. The teachers spend more time teaching basic language skills and attempting toachieve some sort of discipline than actual real teaching.My wife gives up her voluntary job. Its become unbearable. She is not the only one.After that school year my youngest daughters school work has gone backwards and she isdesperately unhappy, she is continuously bullied, including being told by other kids that she shouldwear a headscarf to fit in at the school. We decide to move her to another school about 30 minutesaway where she does the school year over again. She is not the only one.She is now doing very nicely.Her old school is now officially more than 90% black. They are taking over.In the meantime my attempt to talk with the parents of one of the local shits who has been causingeven more trouble against my mentally handicapped son turns more violent. One sunny afternoonthe father approaches my wife and demands to speak to the man of the house. My wife respondswith if you want to speak to someone you can speak to me. Shes like that, especially where thekids are concerned. This is beneath him and he barges into our garden. My wife attempts to stop himand he assaults her by punching her to the ground.We call the police again. Im at my wits end. Now they come. Like bloody robo cop, baton, weapon,combats. I speak to him for about half an hour. Hes very sympathetic. Ill go and speak to them sir(and also the parents of other youths that have been terrorising us  apparently they are known).An hour later he comes back. Hes had words. The Turks can take this sort of thing very badly sir hesays. If you see anyone walking around with a knife or gun phone us straight awayHe hands me acard with an emergency number.

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