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The Nuremberg Laws - Prologue, Winter 2010

The Nuremberg Laws - Prologue, Winter 2010

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Published by Prologue Magazine
The National Archives receives the original Nuremberg Laws 63 years after General Patton took them out of Germany.
The National Archives receives the original Nuremberg Laws 63 years after General Patton took them out of Germany.

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Published by: Prologue Magazine on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nuremberg Laws 
Archives Receives Original Nazi Documents That “Legalized” Persecution of Jews
Archives Receives Original Nazi Documents That “Legalized” Persecution of Jews
by greg bradsher 
Law for the Safeguard of German Blood of German Honor (top) and the signature page (left).
 wa i Nmbg, ially digad a h “Ciy  h Rih Pay Ral-li,” i h pvi  Bavaia, wh Adl Hil ad hi Nazi Pay i1935 hagd h a  Gma Jw  ha  Jw i Gmay, h “l-gally” ablihig h amwk ha vally ld  h Hla. ya la, i wld al b i Nmbg, w aly dyd by Bi-ih ad Amia havy bmbig, wh vivig pmi Nazi lad wp  ial  wa im ad im agai hmaiy.T wa i Ep dd i May 1945, ad  h ai  h Allid  pig h Tid Rih lad wh had b pibl ,
The Reich’s CitizenLaw (far right) and thesignature page (right).
amg h hig, h pi  h Jw ad hHla.T ial bga Nvmb 20, 1945, i Nmbg’Pala  Ji, whih had mhw vivd h i- Allid bmbig  1944 ad 1945.T x day, U.S. Spm C Ji Rb H. Jak-, amd by Pid Hay S. ma a h U.S. hi l  h pi  Axi imialiy, mad hipig am  h Iaial Miliay ibal.“T m i ai agai Jw w id  ay law, b h law il wa mplyd  m x. Ty  w h iam Nmbg d  Spmb 15,1935,” Jak aid.T -alld “Nmbg Law”— a ial p iNazi aial law ha ld  h magializai  Gma Jw ad limaly  hi ggai, m, adxmiai—w ky pi  vid i h ial, whih ld i 12 dah  ad li  lg -  h Tid Rih lad.B h pi wa d   imag  h lawm h ial pid vi,  h igial pi w wh  b d.Hwv, hy 
b d ali, by U.S. -i-llig p, wh pad hm p h li il hy am h Tid Amy’ mmad, G. Gg S. Pa, J.T gal k hm hm  Caliia. T, hy -maid  dad, hi xi  vald il 1999.Fially, hi pa mm, h igial pi  h law,igd by Hil ad h Nazi lad, w ad  hNaial Ahiv.
Tird Reich Began Persecutions Years Before Laws Enacted in 1935
T Nmbg Law mad ial h Nazi pi  h Jw, b h “lgal” aak  h Jw aally bga wya ali. A h Nazi k pw i Gmay i 1933, hy bam iaigly gagd i aivii ivlvig hpi  h Jwih ad h miiy pplai.Ty did i d h l  law, ig ial d aa wap agai h Jw.I 1933 Jw w did h igh  hld pbli  ivil vi pii; Jwih immiga w daal-izd; Jw w did mplym by h p ad adi;ad Jw w xldd m amig. T llwig ya, Jw w xldd m k xhag ad k bkag.Dig h ya, wh h Nazi gim wa ill ahhaky ad h Nazi ad ppii m wihi ad i-a m wih, hy did hig dai, ad h  ma- appad, i laiv m, ah mild. A Gmay pblily ad i May 1935 i -amam i vilai  h Vaill ay, Nazi pay adi-al bga m ibly dmadig ha Hil, h pay, adh gvm ak m dai ma agai h Jw.Ty wad  mplly gga hm m h ial,pliial, ad mi li  Gmay. T dmad i-ad a h mm pgd.O Ag 20, 1935, h U.S. mbay i Bli p-d  h ay  a: m p h Jwih iai a h mm, i may b aidha h whl mvm  h Pay i   ppaig il ad h ppl  gal dai ad -alld lgal ai b ad i h a  pbably llwig h Pa-
y Cg  b hld i Nmbg bgi-ig  Spmb 10h. O ha ly  -viw h am mad by impa lad- i h d  h Pay’ mm li aliz h d  aai.Jam G. MDald, high mmii-  g d h Lag  Nai,h i Bli, w i hi diay Ag 22ha “Nw lgilai i immi, b i idil  ll xaly wha h pvii will b. Caily, hy will d h diia h Jw m h ma  G-ma ad  diadvaag hm i w way.” William E. Ddd, h Amia ambaa-d  Gmay,  Spmb 7  a lgdipah  h ay  a gadig dvlpm i h “Jwih Sia-i.” H pd “i appa ha v w dii a ill iig i h highil pig h pliy  b vlvd ah Nmbg pay Cg.” H addd:I i blivd ha a dlaai pig h Jw will b mad a Nmbg whih willb llwd by h am a h C-g il,  hly ha,  a bdy  lgilai wh lima haa will d-pd p h l  h dii w i pg. Eih   h h will pba-bly ai dai a  appa h ad-ial b may b  by ai appaa mdai  b mphaizd la  aili-a h dalig abad. . . . A ida ha may if pliy a Nmbg, ad i ay a w m  b ppm i h mid Pay xmi, i ha, hwv dai hma adpd, hy will b mally -d i law, ad ha h aiy wih whih law i gadd, ad h diipli wih whih ii bvd i Gmay, may imp igpii avably.O Spmb 9, MDald w Flix Wabg, a maj Amia Jwih lad,ha h wa abl  g a la pi wha
Gen. George S. Patton presented the Nuremberg Lawsto Huntington trustee Robert Millikan on June 11, 1945.
Winter 2010

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