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Sri Lanka Incandescent vs CFL vs LED Savings

Sri Lanka Incandescent vs CFL vs LED Savings

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Published by chamilrohanaaaa

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Published by: chamilrohanaaaa on Feb 09, 2011
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Energy Savings Calculator for Replacing Light Bulbs by LED
For the industry Usage (Per month) KWh
Energy charge
Fixed charge
Charge for per unit(KWh)
10.98Life Span (in hours)1,500 10,000 60,000Watts60 14 6Cost of the bulbLKR 45.00LKR 400.00LKR 6,000.00KWh of electricty used over 60k hours3,600 840 360Electricity Cost (@ Rs. 10.98 per KWh)LKR 39,528.00LKR 9,223.20LKR 3,952.80Bulbs needed for 60k hours of usage40 6 1Equivalent 60k hour bulb expenseLKR 1,800.00LKR 2,400.00LKR 6,000.00
Total 60,000 Hour Lighting SpendLKR 41,328.00LKR 11,623.20LKR 9,952.80Calculate Your Energy Savings
No.of household light bulbs50 50 50Your estimated daily usage (hours)8 8 8Days in month30 30 30costLKR 2,066,400.00LKR 581,160.00LKR 497,640.00Savings by switching from IncandescentLKR 0.00LKR 1,485,240.00
LKR 1,568,760.00Savings by switching from CFLLKR 0.00LKR 83,520.00
Monthly household energy savings
720 168 72Electricity Cost (@ Rs.10.98) LKR 7,905.60 LKR 1,844.64 LKR 790.56Savings by switching from Incandescent LKR - LKR 6,060.96 LKR 7,115.04Savings by switching from CFLLKR 0.00LKR 1,054.08
Incandescent LightBulbsCFL
(Compact FluorescentLight Bulbs)
(Light-Emitting Diode LightBulbs)
savings over 60,000 hours
(energy + replacement)
KWh used per month(wattage *#bulbs*daily usage *# months)
Energy saving by switching from incandescent77%90%
Yearly household energy savings
KWh used per year8,760 2,044 876Electricity Cost (@ Rs. 10.98)LKR 96,184.80LKR 22,443.12LKR 9,618.48Savings by switching from IncandescentLKR 0.00LKR 73,741.68LKR 86,566.32Savings by switching from CFLLKR 0.00LKR 12,824.64
Three types of Bulbs are choosen to have 720 Lumens (Incandescent - 12lm/W, CFL - 50lm/W, LED - 120lm/W)
Comparision shows that using an LED instead of Incandescent and CFL bulbs saves energy and save money significantlyAn LED only consumes about 360 KWh units for its entire life over 60,000 hrs.By replacing an LED over incandescent bulb, save the energy by 90% where by replacing a CFL bulb over incandescent is 77%Notes -
5. Most LEDs come with a minimum 2-year guarantee. Any defective LED bulb will usually fail within this time.1. Cost of electricity will vary. The figures used above are from the tarrif rates of 1st January 2011 to 30th June 2011approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lankaretailers.3. Estimates of bulb lifespan are projected, since it would take about 6 years of continuous lighting to test. Somemanufacturers claim the new LED bulbs will last up to 25 years under normal household use, but this is not proven.4. Bulb breakage and bulb replacement costs have not been factored into this comparison chart. Incandescent bulbs andCFL bulbs are more easily broken than LEDs, which increases their cost of use.

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