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Before Becoming Pregnant

Before Becoming Pregnant

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Published by durailakshmanan

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Published by: durailakshmanan on Feb 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pregnancan excitininvolved.trepidatioThis maybecause tthey haveby pregnstumble iEveryoneideas abopregnancoutcome.better exKnowledgof your prbefore yoYou increyou concIt's importthe careeimpact thcritical de
First 6 W
The fertiliin the lini
Your Ba
Once it hbody thatcycle stoSecond,is allowedthe embrembryo waround thThe choriuterine liny is an imporg new life. ItHowever, so.be becausehey have sufa pre-existinncy. Despiteto it.wants a heaut pregnanc, birth and tIt is recognizerience of lae will also allegnancy. Idu actually tryase your oddive.ant to considr costs of havery early gterminant of
eeks of Pre
ed egg becg. The basi
y’s Progres
s implanted,the embryos, the mucusour immuneto grow. Inyo. This cocill grow- thee amniotic s
on then growing.tant event forshould be a re women eregnancy isfered complig medical cothe importanlthy outcome. An awarene complicatied that wombour and deliow greater pally, you shoto conceive.s of having aer such additing a baby, arowth of theregnancy ou
 mes a ball offor your bab
 the embryoas arrived, ain your cervisystem is suaddition, anoon will creatmniotic sacc), and the ys finerlike pr
any women.ewarding anbark on prea previouslyations in a pndition that tce of pregnaof their pregss of the bens that cann who learnvery.rticipation inuld start preThe time to shealthy babional factorsnd your finambryo, perhtcome.
First 6WeeksPregna
cells calledy’s future deecretes chend this triggex thickens, ypressed so tuter layer ofe the rudime(the wateryolk sac (whic jections, the
It is also thefulfilling expgnancy withuncharted jorevious pregey feel mayncy it is not uancy, but evefits of prepccur will helabout pregnthe choicesaring yoursetart taking caif you are inas your physicial situationaps before y
lastocyst, welopment isicals that hrs a numberur uterine what the embrthe blastocyts of the plaalloon in whih will manufachorionic villi
commenceerience for aldegree of frney for theancy, or pereffect or be anusual for coeryone try thring for pregdispel any fncy and chilthat require tlf for pregnare of your bothe best posical and emo. Your physicu even kno
ich floats intnow laid dove two functiof changes iall softens, ayo is not treat develops inenta and thch it will floatcture blood c, which the cent ofllar and, orapsffecteduples toir ownnancy, an unear and can ibirth are mobe made incy for aboutdy is before ysible physicaional readineal and nutritiyou're prego the uterusn.ons. First, thyour body:d your breated as foreigto a protectivsupport syst), the chorionells until the locoon burroderstandingnfluencere likely to hathe manage3 to 4 monthou get pregnl condition bess for parentnal well beinant, and willnd implantsey signal toour ovulatiots begin to gand rejectee cocoon aroem in which(a safety culiver takes ovs firmly intofve aentant.forehood,g willbe aitselfourrow., butundthehioner).our
The Cell
Throughoof them,that will lalayer willblood vessweat glaThese thr
The Emb
The villi oway that tspaces, abetween fout hormpregnancthe third
Up to 14 Weeks
Up to 14
Fourteensealed in
Your Ba
By the elfetus (offsweeks itare still dand the figrown. Hsonogramcontinuesestablishiafter birthbaby willable to fe
Blood Ce
While youuntil he isToward ttaken ove
His Supp
The placeprovide y
 ut these earlach destineter develop iecome the ssels, blood cnds, nipplesee cell layers
ryo’s Suppo
f the growinghey eventualnd because ietus and mones, such as. Until theeek, blood c
of Pregnancy
Weeks of Pr
weeks afterthe abdomin
y’s Progres
venth weekpring) ratherill be aboutveloping anst bone tissuis external g. Internally,to develop.ng itself-- hisfor breathinave discovel his movem
ll Productio
r baby will cborn, a syste end of thisr by your ba
ort system
 nta is develour baby withweeks, theto create difnto the lungskeleton, musells, and the(and breasts,differentiate
rt System
 placenta intly become sut is divided bher can occuhuman chorsixth week, tirculation is p
 our LIMP, alll cavity. He
 f pregnancy,than an embne-third of hremain close and ribs apnital organshis heart beaThe fetus swlips purse, hiand swallowred movemeents until the
ntinue to relm of blood cmonth, the yy’s developiping very quivital nourishembryo’s cellerent organsliver, thyroidcles (includineepest layerif it is a girl),to create anrmingle withrrounded byonly acell or in these bloionic gonadoe embryo’sumped by thof your babynow starts toyour baby isryo. His heais whole lenged. His face,pear. The fiare now grots between 1allows amnios head turns,ing are alsot. He now bfourth monthon the placell formationolk asc becog bone marrckly, ensurinment. Now ts become mof the body.gland, pancrg the heartof skin, thehair, nails, toentire humanthe maternallakes of blootwo from fetod space. Tropin (hCG),lood cells ar
e bayb’s own’s major orggrow and mrecognizablis very largth. His eyestoo, is complgers and toing, and ofte10 and 160 titic fluid andand his foreeing exercisegins to mov.nta for nourithat will evenes superfluow, liver, andthat there ie layers thicre specializThe innermeas, urinary tuscle), testeermis. Theoth enamel,body.blood vesseld. Maternalal blood, exche placenta ithat are desie supplied bheart.ns have forture.
as a humancompared tre completeletely formed.s have nails,n the gendermes per minxcretes it ashead wrinkleed. In fact, be vigorously,hment, oxygtually supporus as its tasspleen.a rich netwoken and grod. There arest layer formract, and blas or ovaries,outer layer wiand the lenss of the uterilood flows inhange of nutrs a hormaongned to suppthe yolk sac
ed and his ibeing, and ho the rest ofy formed, altHis trunk hand some hof the baby ite and his ciurine. His su. The musclthe end of tthough you pen, and the ct independenk of producinrk of blood buntil the chnow three ls a primitiveder. The mikidneys, spleill provide thes of the eyese wall in sucand aroundients and wafactory pumort a healthy; after the entestines aree is now callis body; by 1ough the eys straightenir may haves discerniblerculatory systcking reflex ies he will usis month yorobably won’learance oft life is esseng blood cells
e vessels torion andyerstubedleen,skin,.h athesestepingofed a4elidsd outon aemrt beastetial.is
membranmature anutrientsoxygen psheath isdamaging
Up to 22
Your babsystem acan swim
Your Ba
Startingweight ghis defenprotect thwith whicheat andprovidedmonth.neck, chprematurand so awill be rehe becoplumper.substanccoating dwith fineto regulacaseosa
His Mov
As his neincrease,own athlimprovesyour abd
 es cover thed consists ofnd oxygen-ror blood frolonger than this lifeline.
Weeks of P
y has sufficiend muscles cup and dow
y’s Progre
ow, form 19in) starts tose systems.em from posh he can parmaintain hisby a substanow, depositst, and crotce babies aree unable toand wrinklees increasinThe baby’se known as turing its longhair called lae his body tein place.
 rve fibers behis movemetic program-his motor abmen sore.
entire inner sthree intertich blood to tthe fetus to
he blood ves
Up to 2Pregnan
 ntly increaseapable of alln and be in a
 weeks afterlow down, aA sheath besible damagially defendtemperature,ce known asof brown fath. This will cso vulnerableep themseld because thgly plumper.sebaceous glhe vernix casimmersion iugo. As yetmperature orome connecnts are morestretching, gility, and stre
urface areained blood vhe fetus, whilthe placentaels. This all
< Pre 
Weeks of cy
d in size at thwing him tony position atour LMP, yod he maturegins to form. He also haimself againyour baby nbrown fat, wbegin to builontinue untilis that theyes warm. Hiere is so littlThe baby’sands becomeosa, whichthe amniotic, no one is qit may be thted and hispurposeful aasping, turningthens hisf the uterus.ssels encase the two sm. The umbiliws him plen
is time to hamove. Becaany time.r baby’s raps in other waround the ns his own prist some infeceds specialiich started tup in areaserm. One ofhave insufficis skin will cofat underneebaceous glactive andprovides hisfluid. Your bite sure of itre to hold thuscle develnd coordinatng - which bones. ThesThe umbilic
ed in a fatty saller arteriesal cord is coity of room toe developedse he is stillid growth ratys. He beginrves in his smitive immuntions. To pred fatty tissform duringof his body sthe reasonsent amountstinue to groth it. From tands becomroduce a wakin with a praby’s body ispurpose, bue protectivepment and sd. He embailds up his mmovementsl cord is nowheath. The lcarry wasteiled like a primaneuver wia nervousso small, he(but nots to build upinal cord toe system,duce bodye. This isthe fourthuch as histhatof brow fat, although ithis month onincreasinglyxy, greasyotectivealso coveret it may helpernixtrengthrks on hisuscles,can makecompletelyarge vein carroducts andg because tthout the risk

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