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Major Minerals

Major Minerals

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Published by muskeeto

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: muskeeto on Aug 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Major Minerals
Name Food Sources Functions Deficiency/Toxicity Recommended AmountIntake
CalciumMilk, cheeseSardinesSalmonSome darkgreen, leafyvegetablesDevelopment of bonesand teeth Transmission of nerveimpulsesBlood clottingNormal heart actionNormal muscle activityDeficiencyOsteoporosisOsteomalaciaRickets TetanyRetarded growthPoor tooth and boneformation
 The recommendedamount of calcium formale and female adults,ages 19-50, is 1,000milligrams daily. Theamount increases to1,200 milligrams dailyfor those over age 51.PhosphorusMilk,cheeseLean meatPoultryFishWhole-graincerealsLegumesNutsDevelopment of bonesandteethMaintenance of normalacidbase balance of the bloodConstituent of all bodycellsNecessary foreffectivenessof some vitaminsMetabolism of carbohydrates, fats, andproteinsDeficiencyPoor tooth and boneformationWeaknessAnorexiaGeneral malaise
700 milligrams daily forboth adult males andfemales.
PotassiumOranges,bananasDried fruitsVegetablesLegumesMilkCerealsMeatContraction of musclesMaintenance of fluidbalance Transmission of nerveimpulsesOsmosisRegular heart rhythmCell metabolismDeficiencyHypokalemiaMuscle weaknessConfusionAbnormal heartbeat ToxicityHyperkalemiaPotentially life-treatening irregularheartbeats
for adult males and fe-males is 4.7 gramseach day.SodiumTable saltBeef, eggsPoultryMilk, cheeseMaintenance of fluidbalance Transmission of nerveimpulsesOsmosisAcid-base balanceRegulation of muscle andnerveirritabilityDeficiencyNauseaAxhaustionMuscle cramps ToxicityIncrease on bloodpressureEdema
adult males and fe-males is set at 1.5grams each day. Be-cause sodium andchloride are found to-gether in most foods,the recommendation isalso set for sodiumchloride. For adultmales and females therecommended amountof sodium chloride is3.8 grams each day(about 1 ½ teaspoons of salt).ChlorideTable saltEggsSeafoodMilkGastric acidityRegulation of osmoticpressureOsmosisFluid balanceDeficiencyImbalance in gastricacidityImbalance in blood PHNausea
For adult males and fe-males the recommen-ded amount of sodiumchloride is 3.8 gramseach day (about 1 ½
Acid-base balanceFormation of hydrochloric acidExhaustionteaspoons of salt).MagnessiumGreen, leafyvegetablesWhole grainsAvocadosNutsMilkLegumesBananasSynthesis of ATP Transmission of nerveimpulsesActivation of metabolicenzymesConstituent of bones,muscles,and red blood cellsNecessary for healthymusclesand nervesDeficiencyNormally unknownMental, emotional, andmuscle disorders
for adult males, age 19-30 is 400 milligramsdaily, and 420 milli-grams for age 31 andabove.
adult females, age 19-30 is 310 milligramsdaily, and 320 milli-grams for age 31 andabove.SulfurEggsPoultryFishMaintenance of proteinstructureFor building hair,nails,and allbody tissuesConstituent of all bodycellsUnknownThere are no recommen-ded intake levels for diet-ary sulfur.IronMuscle meatsPoultryShellfishLiverLegumesDried fruitsWhole grain or Transport oxygen andcarbondioxideComponent of hemoglobon andmyoglobinComponent of cellularDeficiencyIron deficiency anemiacharacterized by weak-ness, dizziness, loss of  weight, and pallor ToxicityHemochromatosis
For adult males is 8milligrams daily.
Adult females age 19-50 need 18 milligrams, while females age 51and older need only 8milligrams daily.

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