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Million Mind March (Theater Of Prosperity)

Million Mind March (Theater Of Prosperity)

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Published by Rebecca Johnson
24 Hr. Prosperity Revival Call 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40. For more Info...Call Rebecca Johnson (213)-785-2352
or visit her website @ www.RebeccaJJohnson.com.
24 Hr. Prosperity Revival Call 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40. For more Info...Call Rebecca Johnson (213)-785-2352
or visit her website @ www.RebeccaJJohnson.com.

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Published by: Rebecca Johnson on Nov 11, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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may be one of the devices used by our Creator to sharpen the wits and to arouse the DESIRE-FORCE of the ones Nature is preparing to give the key to wealtand INFLUENCE to.”–Napoleon Hil
** Only Benefactors who own and order the
Theatre of Prosperity can earn $800 per sale** No limit to how many you can share in a week. Forward our company $541 to drop-ship 9.2 Lb. Package.** Please get everyone in your world on our nightly live Master-Mind Prosperity conference calls.
Page #1
In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln addressed congress with these words:
“No men living are more worthy to be trusted than those who toil up from poverty…” 
Copy & share. You will invite increase.
Theatre of Prosperity
Lincoln said,
those whotoil up from poverty are theones to be trusted most...
...not those who remain in poverty!Poverty is not a virtue but a self-induced
crime rooted in the mind.
Our minds havebeen poisoned against prosperity not only by our“friends” who struggle in poverty, but also by the
and television who bombard us withpictures of the rich being corrupt.
Author is
: Fly-Boy
Our Master-Mind Samurai Sect is in Memory of 
The Napoleon Hill Focus Society of Can Do and Prosperity
** Nightly Live Discipline and Intent Coaching. Gratis.** Conference line (phone) holds 500. Call in early.** The free
“Conquering Chief”
eBook. Sow. Share. Reap.** 24 Hr. Recorded Invite line 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40** Affiliate website for Master-Mind Members** Retreats and Inner Sanctums (live) Quarterly.** Complimentary audio files. (2) MP-3 to load / iPod.**
revival community launched in 1996.** To date over 2.4 Million newsletters delivered.** Courses and text shipped world-Wide since 1996.** “What You Give Away You Always Get To Keep.”Oscar Wilde once said,
“There is only oneclass in the community that thinks moreabout money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else.That is the misery of being poor.”
Here’s the big trap: "Focusing on what you don’twant instead of what you do."
Yes, both the rich and poor think about money.However, here’s the big difference: the rich getwarm and positive feelings about it, and the poorget bolts of distress in the pits of their stomachsas they agonize over their lack.
 Night and day!
If money gives you a sick feeling due toneeding it and yet not having it, then this socalled “evil” must be condemned. What’s for-gotten is that every feeling becomes a vibration.Every vibration becomes an attraction field,which returns similar vibrations as objects, ex-periences, and circumstances in your life.Test it.Right now as you’re reading these words,
what are you vibrating?
( )
This is plucky-pluck b.s. Just more rhetoric.
( )
I love this. I prayed for a community like this.
( )
I don’t trust strangers. Money embarrasses me.
( )
I love this. I am divine light. I am enough.
( )
Can’t wait for the token audio CD they gift!
( )
I will use this to manifest $2,500 in 24 days.
Ben Franklin Arrested His Own Poverty Using His Infamous “System of Renewal” Chart
BUY the Book, “The Ben Franklin Auto-Biography” at all Books Stores Only $12.95
24 Hr.
Prosperity Revival Call
EXT 40
Page #2
Memories From The Work-Farce
Viking Princess, Ms. Diane Hochman
I know only too well what “living life near the bone” asThoreau would say is like.
Living an experience of severe debt is not some peaceful acceptance orcontentment–-mostly, it is a life of resentment. The word money is oneof the most negatively emotionally charged words in the world. Peopleshow contempt for those who have it and praise for those who don’t.Society taught us to admonish and “cherish” the poor with such trite tit-tles as, “the salt of the earth” and “hard workers.”
The only reason the majority of people go to a job is because they can’t figureout how to create their own work. I decided to create my own work and when Idid, I erased $40,000 in CC debt and now have a Lifestyle most of the “brainwashed” wouldn’t dare believe. Because it would threaten their own vision.Together, we will add MORE life to Millions of people.
** Welcome to our Million Mind March.
“I Owe, I Owe So Off To More Job I Go.”
Attention and emotion on a “don’twant” only attracts more of the same.The trick is to change the target.Basically, if you’re not actively work-ing at fixing the problem, it shows
 yousecretly want the problem.
Do youwant the honest and brutal truth? If your life sucks, it’s because you suck.How do I mean that?
The number one reason people fail in life(especially in a free society) is failure to takepersonal responsibility for the events andconditions of their lives. When I assumedmore responsibility my life quadrupled. Bothin income, magnetism and lifestyle. It did.
An Open Letter To AllLifestyle Seekers WhoseIntent is More Life
You have been treated like a bastard son, barked at,ridiculed when you rehearsed your desire for more of your American free capitalistic right, diminished andhanded a servants trade.New laws replace old ones, last years work load triples,state “needs” add to your taxes and the game is calledand simply is——entrapment.They pay you just enough to exercise your need andthen after a period of time, you’re stuck. Because whatyou earned five years
 can’t manage your life today.
Human excellence is about freedom of mind, work andfreedom of expression. Hard though, with a master whodictates your value, only pays you what your “title”pays and scorns you for wanting even a little more!
The Star-Link Master Mind isn’t a Solution.
It’s a Step.
“Often Environment is More Important That Pedigree.”
Step 1:
New Life Philosophy
Step 2:
That Philosophy invites a new environment
Step 3:
That environment invites a new lifestyle
Step 4:
Start to witness more life coming towards you.
Step 5:
Exchange “goals” for a life in momentum.
Step 6:
Learn to invite people and income to you.
Step 7:
Fire your boss. Do you. Not other people.
Step 8:
Share the vibe. Teach other teachers.
Step 9:
Kill the ** Buddha on the path.
Step 10:
If you have to explain it, you’re still stuck.
Page #3
** Anyone who claims to have the answers (Buddha) can’t be authentic. Why? Because an authentic teacher was in-spired by another who was taught by someone else who lifted those ideas from either Jesus or one of His downline.There’s no new thought. It’s all collective; and you know it. So stop seeking a Buddha and be your own best Wing-Man.
27 Minutes With a Great Looking Dead Guy
Home-Work #1:
Napoleon Hill died over twenty years ago. But his books remain “must read” for all who seek enlightenment.Therefore, go to BARNES and NOBLE. Leave your doubt at home. Pick up his $6.95 page turner called,“Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion ” and STUDY it hard. It will stun you what is hidden inside!
See the chapter called “
MASTER-MIND.” Read it and see for yourself what associating with a group likeus could mean to anyone’s life. If the book falls on dead ears smack yourself and read it again.
Home-Work #2
If you are now negative, peeved at the person who brought you here and in anyway NEGATIVE about thepotential of you inviting 500 NEW friends into your life and a NEW $50,000 to you,
ask yourself why?
If you are distrusting, doubtful, searching for deceit in others, think like a low man, ask, “who taught me tothink like this?” Then bless yourself and say, “ I am allowed to CHANGE. I love me. I am more than they sayI am and screw it. I’ll ride this wave especially if I can be more and share MORE of ME with other people!”
From The Mind of Universal Energy:
“Which Angel ShouldYou Feed Most?”
 A reading from page
183 from the THEATRE of prosperity $1,341 (9.2 lb.) test package that in-cludes ten hours of audio and over 500 pages.Now then, in the secret land of CAN-DO, a youngSage named Seth, asked his teacher the wisdom of the ages. A wisdom seed so stellar and profound,that is would render most wise people pull theirchins in HIGHER thought.And upon this ANSWER, anyone wise enough tohear the answer, would instantly be awakened to aHIGHER level of consciousness. Instantly!Here is what the wise old man said and was hisanswer to ACHIEVE more LIFE, love & income.“There were three Angels” the wise old mastertold Seth. “One is the Angel of wealth, the other isthe Angel of knowledge and last” said the oldman, “is the angel of desire; the DESIRE force.”“That Angel,” he said, “has a natural ability toturn people’s knowledge into applied MOTION.”
“Most people” he said, “have a natural disposition to followthe Angel of money and wealth and
 they IGNORE
the othertwo angels.” Then, without missing a beat. . .Seth said, “that’s not good” and the Wise man answered,“then there are the folks who know a lot and study hard andthe angel of knowledge—not them—gets the recognition.”
Quickly, Seth chimed in——“so what is the answer?”The “answer” said the wise old man, “is to feed the angel of DESIREthe MOST because if you do the other two Angels (money andknowledge)
will get jealous
and APPLY themselves more into a per-sons natural DESIRE and also, if one doesn’t feed the DESIRE forcethe most, the other two Angels will get cancelled out.Therefore,
 feeding your DESIRE 
is the ultimate KEY to more life.
Ask For The Soldiers Prosperity Guide Called, “Actors Life”—– By FLY BOY

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