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Te Kaupapa O Te Kaitiaki Trust O Nga Tikanga Maori Law Society Study Course

Te Kaupapa O Te Kaitiaki Trust O Nga Tikanga Maori Law Society Study Course

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Published by: Shane-Charles Wenzel on Feb 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te Kaupapa Ki Te Kaitiaki Trust O Nga Tikanga Maori Law Society (Inc.)
Tino RangatiratangaWhare Wananga Study Course
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This material is intended to enlighten the student on the legal standing andexplanation of the subject of Tino Rangatiratanga, Maori Sovereignty. The basiccourse gives an in-depth understanding of the constitutional documents of Aotearoa(NZ) in the 1830 ± 1840 era, the historical significances from a legal perspective bothnationally and internationally and answers some of the confusions of the past and present pertaining to this subject. The more advanced courses gives the student thelegal understanding of the foundation, the structure, and the process of law in order toexercise, advance and protect such rights, powers and privileges as indigenous peoplesentrenched in law today and forever more.This more advanced research is based on the enormous knowledge and legal expertiseof Hohepa Mapira, whom we are fortunate to have known and respect. He was a privileged member of the Privy Council and his whole life¶s work had been for theIndigenous people¶s struggle for self autonomy. Although, not nearly recognised for his work behind the scenes he has left a legacy for us to continue and make reality andso we continue to honour him with this works.Our Roopu, as his first students were privileged to partake of his knowledge andinfinite wisdom and with his tutelage formed Te Tii Maungaroa Incorporation and TeKai Tiaki Trust O Nga Tikanga Maori Law Society. His desire was to honour our Tupuna by taking the kaupapa to the masses, it is our hope and desire to continue todo so.Over 20 years Hohepa and his companions were making strategic transitional steps,the last ten years we have witnessed significant developments, many were foretoldwould happen, and some we made happen. We are proud to know that even after our matua¶s death that the desire is still there within our Te Arawa, Matatua, Tainui,Takitimu, Kurahaupo and Horouta whanui within the Waka Native Districts tocontinue for nga whanau hapu o te iwi Maori.Many other researchers, scholars and references have been used to convey theintention of our Tupuna who laid the foundation for their tamariki. HohepaThe iniquities of past and successive governments and their apartied laws are but anerror in our dark past, however, the protectorate mechanisms entrenched in theEnglish common law have not changed as the Crown (UK) continue to honour TeTiriti. So long as we study, understand and acknowledge the true intentions of ngaTupuna with the Crown(UK), will we start to be free from the shackles of ignoranceand live together in peace and harmony.Mana Te Whata.
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[1] This is what you say to the judge, (to the presiding Judge)...
Sir, being a Native Indigenous Aborigine and therefore a sovereign of  Aotearoa, NZ, I reckon I¶m suppose to have a Native assessor up there by
you to make sure that Me and My people get a fair deal. If you¶re going to sit there by yourself, then that¶s not fair, that¶s a total injustice. As your lord and sovereign, Her Majesty Queen-Elizabeth-the-Second, under whom You swore Your judicial oath, which is as follows;Quote ³I,..........., swear that I will well and truly serve Her MajestyQueen-Elizabeth-the-Second, Her heirs and successors, according tolaw, in the office of; and I will do right to all manner of people after thelaws and usages of New Zealand without fear or favour, affection or ill will. So help me God, unquote.
This book here, the Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori Land Act 1993 states, that this Act shall bind the Crown and so, if you Your Honour deny me the use of this book and the laws within it and say to me, NO I do not accept that, then you are saying to your sovereign that you are over stepping her....... then youare in breach of your judicial oath and you are not exercising the law that binds the Crown, you are misbehaving by not upholding the laws of Her  Majesty Queen Elizabeth II her heirs and successors according to law, and therefore, you are acting with misconduct as a judge. By the power vested in Me under Section 12 of Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori Land Act 1993, I will personally see to it that µyour position as judge, beremoved from you, so help you God.The penalty under the Crimes Act of your own Government for treason is death,and by/for any member of the judiciary it is imprisonment for life so help youGod, and when you get there to prison that is - you will meet the people who you yourself put in there, other sovereigns like myself.
[2] Under the Native Circuit Courts Act 1858, number 5, under section 32 of thatAct. Such provisions come under Section 32 of the Te Ture Whenua Maori,Maori Land Act 1993. (³TTWMMLA´).
Section 33 TTWM, ML Act 1993. Additional members in relation to matters of representation ± 

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