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Science Notes Repaired)

Science Notes Repaired)

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Published by: Vishwanath Seshagiri on Feb 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Int.symbol of diabetescasiopeia-its damn brightbut cant be seen on earthand reveals only on longtime exposuretheflying object is haleyscometHubble had lens problem so theychanged the lens of the telescopeStrelka belka the first dogcouple to go to spaceIts the hayabusa sat forstudying asteroids andSTEREO is for studyingsunLise Meitner-shefound radioactivityelement 109 namedafter hermandrillsaveelectricity missionJcbose- inventedcrescographThe word robot wascoined in this play-name--rossumsuniversal robotsDna portraitthe root 2 tablet byBabyloniansedisons last breath isinside thisits used to calibrateblack and whitetvs...nowadays theyuse color bars...tesla coilVenezuelastagg field stadium-place whre the first nuclear fission took place
11sidi- the remains of aurangazebs observatorydobson-dev dobsnometerdobson spectrophotometerit is petite curie itbrought x rays to thefront during world war 2lynxand lamb gabe foundPrussian bluebirthday of gaston Juliapacific garbage dumpfriendship graph by fbtokamakreactorstokamak field and currentoatmeals suggestion fortumblrs 503 pageWilliam Herschel-discovered Uranusthescientists are looking at thedemoncore which killed twoscientistsEURion constellation pattern found on currency notes tohelp software detect the presence of a banknote in a digitalimage. Such software can then block the user fromreproducing banknotes to prevent counterfeiting usingcolour photocopiers.
 That twitter account iscounting down to thedramatically-named"IPCalypse", the day werun out of allocatableIPv4 addresses.Apparently, the end isnigh. john napier-invented logThis iswhat happens when you let Lady Gaga invent something.Sunglasses with two displays which can display randomvideos.A "code wheel" to a gameadaptation of WilliamGibson's famous novelNeuromancer. Thecodewheel was aprimitive copy protectionmechanism.Geohot the hacker who first jailbroke the iPhone nowhacked the PS3.Segadecided that toilets in japan were too boring and saw ahuge untapped market in pee-pots and made games forthem. They call it "toylet".Otto Rohwedder's breadslicer patent. The phrase,of course, is "Thegreatest thing since slicedbread"what device?-Quoth Rogi:"It's the early Los Alamosattempt at nuclear fusiongiven the moniker'Perhapsatron' by it's creator,Jim Tuck."A Veitch diagram. Youprobably have heard of the Karnaugh map. K-maps were arefinement of Veitch diagrams.

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