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Three Symbolic Harbingers

Three Symbolic Harbingers

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Published by jerry kroth
A Jungian essay on the coming financial collapse originally published by RadicalAcademy a year prior to the financial collapse of 2008.
A Jungian essay on the coming financial collapse originally published by RadicalAcademy a year prior to the financial collapse of 2008.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: jerry kroth on Feb 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Three symbolic harbingers of financial collapse
Jerry Kroth
Most of us look at symbolism as nothing more than flounce ornamenting an event. 9/11,for example, was an egregious act of terrorism, a deeptraumatic moment for Americans, and a wound on theAmerican psyche, but we don’t give more than a passingglance to its symbolism.
But it is at least curious thatAmerican flight 11 crashed into the twin towers onSeptember 11, that that the towers looked like the number 11, that construction of the Pentagon began on September 11, 1941 or even that 11 Israeli athletes were executed byterrorists on September 11, 1972. Such coincidences, or synchronicities, involving unlucky 11 we generally shrugoff, but many of us at least take note that 9-1-1 is thenumber one calls in an emergency, and this event clearlyrepresented a genuine national emergency. Beyond that we don’t attach much gravitas tosynchronicities beyond an initial “Hmm, isn’t that interesting!”Two other symbolic events also strafed the landscape of the Bush presidency and, like9/11, both fell out of the sky.In February of 2003, just weeks before we invaded Iraq, Americans tragically witnessedthe crash of the space shuttle. The name “Columbia” derives from Christopher Columbusand was chosen by NASA to be a symbol of the American nation. The crash occurred onthe first day of the Chinese New Year, a foreboding omen inthe East. And most CNN live coverage originated from“Palestine,” Texas. Sacrificed in this tragedy was the first-ever Israeli astronaut whose cachet was that he flew anaircraft that bombed Iraq’s nuclear facilities back in 1981.The symbolic anomalies mount up.
Less than a month before we go off to on a pre-emptive war to stop Iraq fromdeveloping nuclear weapons, we note that inside the belly of Columbia is an Israeli who engaged in the same pre-emptive attack twenty years earlier.On an ominous Chinese holiday a simulacrum of America falls out of the sky soundingan alarm and carrying messages in her hold that concern preemptive war, Iraq, nuclear weapons, even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. . . an eerie symbolic cargo indeed!Few Americans know that the Israeli lobby in Washington, AIPAC, has been anaggressive advocate of war with Iraq from the very beginning.
Aided and abetted byinsiders Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Pearle, the war in Iraq has claimed between 36-77,000 Iraqi lives
some professorial types allege as many 600,000
and ithas blinded, maimed, and wounded upwards of 500,000 Iraqi citizens. Close to 3,000 USsoldiers have been killed with 18,000 wounded at this writing.
This American-initiatedCrash of Columbia
carnage, was predicated upon misrepresented, false, perhaps even fraudulent intelligence,and sought to eliminate weapons of mass destruction in a country which did not have anyand which never posed any overt threat to the United States.Some 52 percent of Americans currently feel that the US is in greater danger fromterrorism today than before we invaded Iraq.
This causes one to wonder if AIPAC,Wolfowitz, and Pearle agitated so aggressively for this war more to defend Americaninterests or Israeli. Both gentlemen were incessant, even obsessed, with the vaporousIraqi nuclear threat but doltishly mute on what experts say is Israel’s secret stockpile of over 200 nuclear weapons, including a hydrogen bomb.
 In 2005, 82% of Iraqis were “strongly opposed” to a continued US presence,
and 59%of Americans wanted our troops to leave as soon as possible.
In 2006 those positionsstill hold with a majority of Iraqis wanting the US to leave
Some 62% of Americans believe our getting involved in Iraq in the first place was a mistake.
Butwhen Congress was presented with a resolution to remove U.S. troops, fewer than 1% of its members voted for it,
a clear sign that AIPAC, Christian extremists, and Halliburton-type special interests have gained such access and influence as to nullify the democraticwill of the majority of Americans
Iraqis.Recall that the crash of Columbia was caused by a damaged and weakened undercarriage.Down here on earth—and on the other side of this metaphor 
there are numerous fissuresin the underbelly of the Bush administration: Kofi Anan called the invasion of Iraq acrime and a violation of the UN Charter. A Belgian international tribunal is consideringcharging Bush, Rice, Wolfowitz and others as war criminals. The EU is livid over America’s secret prisons and the transport and torture of citizens within its territory, clear violations of the European Convention on Human Rights.
And revelations about presidential domestic spying on US citizens without court orders
has persuaded legalscholars to announce that Bush has admitted to an “impeachable offense.”
Bush’s popularity is at an all-time low with 62% disapproving of how he is handling the job as president, and almost a majority of Republicans feeling the same way (about 47%), whilea whopping 75% disapprove of how he is handling the war in Iraq as we near the end of 2006.
 The situation on the ground is dire and rapidly devolving into civil war, with over amillion Iraqis leaving the country as refugees along with a third of the entire professionalclass. Over a hundred lecturers at Baghdad University alone have been murdered, mostlyfor teaching women.
But these Iraqi-related issues are mere perforations and pockmarkscompared to the gaping hole in the underbelly of the nation caused by the financial bludgeoning it has endured under the Bush administration.The US has spent over half a trillion dollars on Afghanistan and Iraq already
and ishemorrhaging with expenditures of over $2 billion each week in Iraq alone
. . . whichleads us to consider our third symbolic event. . .
A month after Bush’s second term began, a plane painted REELECTBUSH crashed into the Floridaeverglades. The photograph captures a palpable sense of helplessness,engulfment, and sinking
. . . our thirdsymbolic omen.In his private life George Bush presided over numerous failed business ventures
and, as president,he may be leading the nation to a level of insolvency which makes all his earlier failures pale by comparison. The ship of state is taking on so much debt, so rapidly, economistsfrom every political hue warn that it cannot handle such a load without sinking.One out of every three dollars the federal government spent in 2006 was paid for by borrowing, the highest level for any administration since World War II. Withcharacteristic Bush insouciance, the $550 billion President Clinton accumulated wasimmediately repatriated to the wealthy with a generous$630 billion tax cut going to the richest 1% of America’s wage earners.
In the blink of an eye
or should we say “wink”
Clinton’s four-year surplus wastransformed into a $1.4 trillion deficit, the largest inAmerican history, which one commentator says“represents the most rapid, predatory looting of publicwealth in the history of the world.”
 The United States accounts for half of all militaryspending on earth. With troops stationed in over 119countries
all ostensibly fighting for freedom rather than any whiff of imperial hegemony
we spend moreon defense than Russia, China, Japan, Britain, France,and Germany
If we add onto theseenormous outlays America’s list of unfunded liabilities,military and civil service pensions, the prospect of 70million baby boomers retiring, a third with no retirement savings at all,
we can morefully appreciate Mr. Greenspan’s astringent parting words that Bush’s profligate deficitspending spells potential disaster for the nation.The United States is going into debt at the rate of some $1.6 billion per day
gasp if youwill
 but the federal deficit is only half the problem. This deficit has an ugly twin, thetrade deficit, which this year will reach 866 billion (amounting to another $2 billion borrowed per day).
Foreign central banks now hold 40% of total U.S. government debt.
Japan has a $1 trillion supply of dollars. China recently reached the $1 trillion benchmark itself, and South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, and India together hold close to thatas well. Foreigners currently own, or are owed, $10 trillion in U.S. assets.
As Pat
Clinton’s four year $550 billionsurplus vs. Bush $1.4 trilliondeficit

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