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Operation Joint Guardian The U.S. Army in Kosovo

Operation Joint Guardian The U.S. Army in Kosovo

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Feb 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Th U.S. Amy  Kosovo
Athough the U.S. Arm has traditiona focused on conventionawarfare, it aso has a ong histor of conducting irreguar operations of amost ever nature and size. From “winning the west” and Civi War Reconstruction to nation buiding in Cuba and the Phiippines and theoccupation duties foowing both Word Wars, the scope of these respon-sibiities has indeed been immense. Most recent, the Vietnam War andthe arger Cod War of which it was a part sparked a renewed interest in both counterinsurgenc warfare as we as a broad range of “operationsother than war” missions. The empoment of Arm troops domesti-ca in Civi Rights enforcement, riot contro, refugee management,and border securit on added to the mix. Doctrina changes seemed tofoow one after the other, whie in practice each situation appeared toca for unique soutions and an emphasis on fexibiit rather than rotetactica formuas. The Arm’s recent depoments to Somaia, Haiti, andBosnia-Herzegovina on reinforced such generaizations.In Bosnia, the Arm worked with its European aies to enforce anegotiated settement among riva ethnic groups foowing a ong andvioent civi war. But no sooner had reative peace come to the area inthe ate 1990s than another confict arose to the immediate south whenethnic vioence spied over into the nearb Serbian province of Kosovo.B ear 1999, more than eight-hundred thousand ethnic Abanians had been driven out of Kosovo b Serbian forces under Sobodan Miosevic,whie as man as tweve thousand ma have been murdered in a waveof ethnic ceansing that horrified the word.Working again in concert with European aies, U.S. forces enteredKosovo in June 1999 with the primar objective of bringing peace to thattroubed and. The task, code named Operation
, provedexceeding difficut. Entrenched ethnic hatred between Abanians andSerbians continued to fue the confict, and the genera devastationcontinued for man weeks. Organized as the Kosovo Forces (KFOR),the Aies were fina abe to enforce a tentative peace b October of that ear. But as of 2007, the current peacekeeping mission has no endin sight, whie the path eading to a arger poitica soution regardingKosovo’s future has been equa eusive.

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