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We 13022011

We 13022011

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Rosters week ending 13/02/11
Rosters week ending 13/02/11

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Published by: McDonald's Wynnum West on Feb 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1 of 5WYNNUM WEST QLDPrinted: 11-Feb-2011 2:19 pmBr15 = 15 min meal break Br30= 30 min meal break
Employee Shifts
Report Period From: 7/02/2011 To: 13/02/2011Tuesday8/02/2011Wednesday9/02/2011Thursday10/02/2011
Monday7/02/2011Friday11/02/2011Saturday12/02/2011Sunday13/02/2011ABB10Robert AbbottTotal hrs 17:30
16:30-21:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs17:30-22:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs18:00-23:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs Br30Sat 20:00-Sun 00:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs
ADA10Chontai AdamTotal hrs 09:00
17:00-20:00TRAIN03:00 hrs17:00-20:00TRAIN03:00 hrs17:00-20:00TRAIN03:00 hrs
AIT10Tianna AitkenTotal hrs 03:00
08:00-11:00FRIES03:00 hrs
AMA10Renee AmatagaTotal hrs 09:00
11:30-16:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs06:00-10:30DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs
BAN10Nathan Banks (m)Total hrs 02:30
11:30-14:00BACK AREA02:30 hrs
BAN11Adam BanksTotal hrs 37:30
01:00-09:00S-MAINT(Special Uniform)07:30 hrs Br3003:00-11:00S-MAINT(Special Uniform)07:30 hrs Br3003:00-11:00S-MAINT(Special Uniform)07:30 hrs Br3003:00-11:00S-MAINT(Special Uniform)07:30 hrs Br3003:00-11:00S-MAINT(Special Uniform)07:30 hrs Br30
BAR10Chris Barter (m)Total hrs 17:30
14:00-22:00DRIVE THRU07:30 hrs Br3014:00-22:00DRIVE THRU07:30 hrs Br3016:30-19:00BACK AREA02:30 hrs
BAT41Craig Battershill (m)Total hrs 05:30
16:30-19:00BACK AREA02:30 hrs17:00-20:00TRAINR03:00 hrs
BAT43Nakomah BatesTotal hrs 08:30
16:00-20:00FRONT COUNTER04:00 hrs15:30-20:00FRONT COUNTER04:30 hrs
BEA10Amanda BeattieTotal hrs 21:15
14:30-19:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs11:00-15:45DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs20:00-23:00DRIVE THRU03:00 hrs15:30-20:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs15:30-20:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs
BEA11Renee BeattieTotal hrs 06:00
17:00-20:00DRIVE THRU03:00 hrs17:00-20:00DRIVE THRU03:00 hrs
BEL11Charlie BellTotal hrs 24:00
16:00-21:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)05:00 hrs16:00-21:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)05:00 hrs16:00-21:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:30 hrs Br3016:00-22:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)05:30 hrs Br3016:00-20:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs
BEL12Carmen Bell (m)Total hrs 07:30
11:30-14:00BACK AREA02:30 hrs11:30-14:00BACK AREA02:30 hrs11:30-14:00FRONTCOUNTER02:30 hrs
BLA10Josh BlaneyTotal hrs 13:30
15:30-20:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs10:30-15:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs11:30-16:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs
BRA10Jarrad BradleyTotal hrs 13:30
Wed 20:00-Thu 00:00BACK AREA04:00 hrsThu 20:00-Fri 00:00BACK AREA04:00 hrsSun 18:00-Mon00:00BACK AREA05:30 hrs Br30
BRO53Josephine BrownTotal hrs 18:00
06:00-10:30DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs06:30-11:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs06:00-10:45DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs06:30-11:15DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs
BUC14Christine BuchananTotal hrs 07:30
17:00-20:00FRONT COUNTER03:00 hrs11:30-16:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs
CHA11Robert Chauvier Total hrs 07:00
16:00-20:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs17:00-20:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs
COL10Melissa ColemanTotal hrs 30:30
04:30-11:30CAFÉ(Special Uniform)06:30 hrs Br3004:30-11:30CAFÉ(Special Uniform)06:30 hrs Br3007:00-11:30FRONT COUNTER04:30 hrs04:30-11:30CAFÉ(Special Uniform)06:30 hrs Br3004:00-11:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)06:30 hrs Br30
COS10Courtney Coster Total hrs 08:45
11:15-16:00DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs18:00-22:00FRONT COUNTER04:00 hrs
COS11Natalie CosgroveTotal hrs 17:00
11:30-17:00FRONTCOUNTER05:00 hrs Br3015:45-20:00DRIVE THRU04:15 hrs07:00-10:00FRONT COUNTER03:00 hrs06:00-10:45DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs
COT10Grace CottisTotal hrs 03:00
08:30-11:30FRIES03:00 hrs
Page 2 of 5WYNNUM WEST QLDPrinted: 11-Feb-2011 2:19 pmBr15 = 15 min meal break Br30= 30 min meal break
Employee Shifts
Report Period From: 7/02/2011 To: 13/02/2011Tuesday8/02/2011Wednesday9/02/2011Thursday10/02/2011
Em lo ee
Monday7/02/2011Friday11/02/2011Saturday12/02/2011Sunday13/02/2011COW11Abby CowanTotal hrs 08:00
12:00-16:00FRONT COUNTER04:00 hrs16:00-20:00FRONTCOUNTER04:00 hrs
CRE12Kevin Creber Total hrs 13:15
09:45-14:00BACK AREA04:15 hrs09:30-14:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs06:30-11:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs
CRO11Allesha CroweTotal hrs 12:30
10:30-14:30DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs12:00-16:00FRONT COUNTER04:00 hrs15:30-20:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs
CRO12Kathryn CroweTotal hrs 11:45
15:45-20:00DRIVE THRU04:15 hrs09:00-12:00FRONT COUNTER03:00 hrs17:30-22:00FRONT COUNTER04:30 hrs
DE 11Jehan De SilvaTotal hrs 04:30
11:00-15:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs
DEW10Daniel DewTotal hrs 15:30
Tue 19:30-Wed 00:00BACK AREA04:30 hrsSat 00:00-Sat 03:30BACK AREA03:30 hrs19:00-22:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs16:00-20:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs
DI 10Mitchell Di FeliceTotal hrs 04:30
09:30-14:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs
DIC10Paul DicksonTotal hrs 06:00
08:30-11:00FRONT COUNTER02:30 hrs11:00-14:30DRIVE THRU03:30 hrs
EAS10Sharni EasteTotal hrs 17:00
17:00-20:00TRAINR03:00 hrs04:30-11:30CAFÉ(Special Uniform)06:30 hrs Br3017:00-20:00DRIVE THRU03:00 hrs17:00-22:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:30 hrs Br30
EAS11Kaytlyn EasteTotal hrs 04:00
07:00-11:00FRONT COUNTER04:00 hrs
GIL15Manpreet GillTotal hrs 19:15
07:00-11:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs06:00-10:45BACK AREA04:45 hrsFri 23:00-Sat 06:00BACK AREA06:30 hrs Br30Sun 00:00-Sun 03:30BACK AREA03:30 hrs
GUY10Blaise GuyTotal hrs 14:00
11:00-15:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs11:00-15:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs08:30-14:00BACK AREA05:00 hrs Br30
HAR11Cody HargravesTotal hrs 03:00
11:30-14:30CUSTAREA03:00 hrs
HAR12Millicent HarrisonTotal hrs 04:00
16:30-20:30FRONT COUNTER04:00 hrs
HAR13Daniela HarrisonTotal hrs 03:00
11:30-14:30FRIES03:00 hrs
HAR14Nicole HareTotal hrs 08:45
16:00-20:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs06:00-10:45DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs
HAY12Timothy HaydenTotal hrs 17:00
Wed 00:00-Wed06:00BACK AREA05:30 hrs Br3020:00-23:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs17:00-21:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs11:30-16:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs
HER10Carolyn HerbohnTotal hrs 08:45
10:45-15:30DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs16:00-20:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs
HER11Beth HerzigTotal hrs 08:45
17:00-21:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs06:15-11:00DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs
HOL10Jack HoltTotal hrs 03:30
11:00-14:30FRONT COUNTER03:30 hrs
JAM11Shaun JamesTotal hrs 16:00
15:30-19:30BACK AREA04:00 hrs20:00-23:30BACK AREA03:30 hrs15:30-20:00BACK AREA04:30 hrsSun 19:30-Mon00:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs Br30
JON12Robert JonesTotal hrs 37:00
08:00-16:00BACK AREA07:30 hrs Br3008:00-15:30FRONT COUNTER07:00 hrs Br3008:00-16:00BACK AREA07:30 hrs Br3008:00-16:00BACK AREA07:30 hrs Br3014:00-22:00DRIVE THRU07:30 hrs Br30
KEI10Chelsea Keir Total hrs 04:30
11:00-15:30FRONT COUNTER04:30 hrs
Page 3 of 5WYNNUM WEST QLDPrinted: 11-Feb-2011 2:19 pmBr15 = 15 min meal break Br30= 30 min meal break
Employee Shifts
Report Period From: 7/02/2011 To: 13/02/2011Tuesday8/02/2011Wednesday9/02/2011Thursday10/02/2011
Em lo ee
Monday7/02/2011Friday11/02/2011Saturday12/02/2011Sunday13/02/2011KIR12Bodie Kircher Total hrs 22:30
06:00-11:00BACK AREA04:30 hrs Br3007:00-11:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs06:00-10:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs06:15-10:45BACK AREA04:30 hrs06:00-10:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs
LAM10Mary LaminTotal hrs 03:00
16:00-19:00FRONT COUNTER03:00 hrs
LOW10Ty LoweTotal hrs 07:00
17:00-20:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs11:00-15:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs
MAC22Reanna MackieTotal hrs 03:00
11:30-14:30FRIES03:00 hrs
MAH10Dipesh MaharjanTotal hrs 04:00
19:30-23:30BACK AREA04:00 hrs
MAR24Kira MartinTotal hrs 07:45
11:00-15:45DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs17:00-20:00DRIVE THRU03:00 hrs
MCC14Stephen MccarthyTotal hrs 04:15
06:45-11:00BACK AREA04:15 hrs
MCG12Jamie-lee Mcgregor Total hrs 19:00
Mon 20:00-Tue00:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrsTue 20:00-Wed 00:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrsFri 20:00-Sat 03:00DRIVE THRU06:30 hrs Br30Sat 22:30-Sun 03:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs
MCK10Mikayla MckennaTotal hrs 08:45
16:00-20:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs10:45-15:30DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs
MIK10Stephen MikaduTotal hrs 04:00
Mon 20:00-Tue00:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs
MIK11David MikaduTotal hrs 04:00
16:00-20:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs
MIL10Bryden MilneTotal hrs 07:00
17:00-20:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs16:00-20:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs
MOR22Stephanie MorganTotal hrs 12:15
12:00-16:30FRONT COUNTER04:30 hrs09:00-12:00FRONT COUNTER03:00 hrs10:45-15:30DRIVE THRU04:45 hrs
MUN10Manpreet MunjalTotal hrs 14:30
Fri 20:00-Sat 00:00BACK AREA04:00 hrsSun 00:00-Sun 06:00BACK AREA05:30 hrs Br30Mon 00:00-Mon05:00BACK AREA05:00 hrs
MUN11Harry MunzalTotal hrs 12:00
06:00-10:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs07:30-11:00BACK AREA03:30 hrs06:00-10:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs
NEU10Joshua NeufeldTotal hrs 21:00
12:00-16:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs12:00-16:30BACK AREA04:30 hrs12:00-16:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs12:00-16:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs12:00-16:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs
NIC11Jack NicholTotal hrs 07:45
16:00-19:45BACK AREA03:45 hrs16:00-20:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs
NOF10Johnathon NoffkeTotal hrs 07:00
17:00-20:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs10:30-14:30BACK AREA04:00 hrs
O M10Shannon O MalleyTotal hrs 03:00
18:00-21:00BACK AREA03:00 hrs
ODM10Sarah OdmanTotal hrs 12:00
17:00-20:00DRIVE THRU03:00 hrs16:30-21:00FRONT COUNTER04:30 hrs11:00-15:30DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs
ODM11Alexander OdmanTotal hrs 22:45
16:00-20:00DRIVE THRU04:00 hrs10:30-15:00DRIVE THRU04:30 hrs07:00-15:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)07:30 hrs Br3008:45-16:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)06:45 hrs Br30
OLD10Michael OldershawTotal hrs 07:30
16:00-20:00BACK AREA04:00 hrs08:30-12:00BACK AREA03:30 hrs
PAR52Simon ParryTotal hrs 22:00
11:30-16:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:30 hrs11:30-16:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:30 hrs11:30-16:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:30 hrs11:30-16:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:00 hrs Br3011:00-16:00CAFÉ(Special Uniform)04:30 hrs Br30

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