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Twin births analysed astrologically.

Twin births analysed astrologically.

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Published by Jayasree Saranathan
This is an astrological article on how to identify whether a female would give birth to twin kids.
This is an astrological article on how to identify whether a female would give birth to twin kids.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jayasree Saranathan on Feb 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Birth of twins.
Written byJayasree Saranathan.Published in November 2010 issue of The Astrological eMagazine.A recent news report from Chennai said that more twin-births were recorded in the monthof July this year. This is a curious piece of information, for, the month of July saw almostall the planets in dual signs or quadruped signs with the signifactor for twins, namely the planet Mercury transiting its own sign of Gemini. The traditional wisdom of astrology isthat the dual signs and double –bodied signs that include Capricorn, getting connectedwith Mercury indicate the birth of twins. Though the lagna lord, its position, the positionthe female and male planets and the aspects they receive are important pointers for birthof twins, it is nevertheless seen that the transit of long term planets in dual signs withother faster moving planets including Mercury getting connected to them on and off seems to make the Universe present a conducive combination for the birth of morenumber of twins. With putra karaka Jupiter spending quite some time in the dual sign of Pisces and Saturn posited in Virgo at the current juncture, the heavens do seem tofacilitate twin births in a greater frequency than usual.Medically assisted conceptions are on the rise thereby leading to a greater scope for twin pregnancies. But the news report was about twins-births reported in governmenthospitals. The people who frequent those hospitals can not be assumed to have takenfertility drugs. This confirms the traditional opinion that the Universe creates conditions periodically that will see the birth of twins. A separate set of conditions facilitate tripletsthat happen once in many lakhs of births.There is some orderliness in the way births are facilitated. However individual karmadecides the way about the entry and impact of twins in their life.Looking at some of the prominent features of the sky for twin births, we can enumerateas follows:-
Sagittarius, the 9
house of the Natural zodiac which also happens to be lorded bythe puthra karaka Jupiter must be the focus of majority planets in multiple birthsin a single pregnancy. If the birth falls in Sagittarius rasi or amsa and if all the planets are powerful and group together in Sagittarius amsa, aspected by Mercuryand Saturn, the world will hear the news of multiple kids being born under such aconfiguration. This is a rare occurrence.
When mercury transits its own sign, it casts is aspect on the dual signs of Jupiter.If at such a time the birth happens in those dual signs with other planets also
 posited in them and associated with Mercury, that is the heaven’s map for birth of twins.
When Jupiter and sun are posited in the navamsa of Gemini and Sagittarius withMercury joining them or aspecting them, birth of twin boys can be expected.
Similarly when Venus and Mars are seen in the Navamsa of Virgo and Pisces andget associated with Mercury, birth of girl twins can be expected.
When on a day, moon is seen transiting an even sign and the male planets are seenin odd signs with one or more of them casting an aspect on the moon, the birththat happens in an even sign on that day will be that of twins.
Sun is the universal athmakaraka. If sun, Jupiter the putra karaka, Mars the karakafor vitality are transiting dual or double bodied signs with mercury also transitingsuch signs or aspecting one of them, birth of twins will be reported. Such acondition existed for quite sometime in July this year.Looking at the birth charts of women, we find corroboratory combinations pointing to the birth of twins to them. Some of the oft-repeated combinations are as follows:-
The 5
house from lagna, Jupiter and moon falling in dual signs from all the 3 or any 2 of these reckonings must be noted. Their lords posited in dual signs in rasior amsa increases the chance of twin births.
The aspect by male or female planets from dual signs to the 5
house in rasi or amsa.
Mercury getting associated with the 5
house or 5
lord and joining the nodes,while the 5
house happens to be a dual or quadruped sign from any one of the 3reckonings.
The 5
house from Lagna or Jupiter aspected by Mercury while the 5
from the 5
(Bhavat Bhavam) is aspected by nodes or planets from dual signs.
The 5
lord, sun, Jupiter and Mars falling in dual signs in rasi or amsa.
In the above combination the sun can be substituted by the athmakaraka in ahoroscope. The planet that has gone too far in a sign becomes the athmakaraka.The athmakaraka gets associated with the 5
lord from lagna or moon or Jupiter and falling in dual signs in rasi or amsa while sun or Mars and the 5
lord alsocome into contact with dual lords or dual signs or are aspected by Mercury.
The 9
house from Upapada aspected by planets from dual signs or Mercury or the 9
sign falling in dual rasis and aspected by Mercury or planets from dualsigns.
Similar combination reckoned from Karakamsa. The 9
house from Karakamsafalling in dual sign or aspected by Mercury or planets from dual signs – any 2 of these combinations indicate birth of twin children to a woman.
The kshetra sputa must be calculated for the woman by adding up the longitudesof Moon, Mars and Jupiter. (The details of calculation have been given by Dr BVRaman in his book “How to judge a horoscope”.) The lord of the kshetra or its
star lord in rasi or amsa getting associated with dual lords or dual signs doesindicate the potency to conceive twins.
Uranus is a planet of unusual and tough events such as twin pregnancies. The position of Uranus in dual or quadruped signs or in the asterism of dual sign-lords or planets that are posited in dual signs in rasi or amsa also indicate a potency to conceive twins.
The sub-lord of the 5
cusp gets connected to Mercury or dual signs or planets indual signs.
The combination for 
Bahu puta yoga
also has a bearing on twin births when thesigns and lords are associated with dual signs. This yoga is caused when Rahu isin the 5
, but is posited in a Navamsa other than that of Saturn. When one or moreof the above combinations exist in a horoscope along with this Bahu putra yoga, birth of twins is certain.
Another version of Bahu putra yoga arises when the planet that joins the 7
lordin rasi falls in a navamsa, whose lord happens to be the lord of 1
or 2
or 5
house in the rasi.An example of this 2
version of Bahu puta yoga is the popular Hollywood actress
Jennifer Lopez.
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