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RNchat Transcript for February 10, 2011

RNchat Transcript for February 10, 2011

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Published by RNchat
Transcript for RNchat - a Twitter chat for registered nurses, other healthcare professionals and the public - for February 10, 2011.

Follow @RNchat - http://Twitter.com/RNchat for regular updates

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Transcript for RNchat - a Twitter chat for registered nurses, other healthcare professionals and the public - for February 10, 2011.

Follow @RNchat - http://Twitter.com/RNchat for regular updates

Visit http://RNchat.org for more.

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Published by: RNchat on Feb 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Healthcare Hashtag Twitter Transcript
Thu Feb 10 18:10:00 PST 2011
Thu Feb 10 19:05:00 PST 2011Learn more about#RNchatat
Hello from Toronto...community health nurse#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:10:05 PST 2011
T1 IOM Report on Expanding Nursing Role: Should nurses become doctors to save primarycare? Seehttp://bit.ly/h4pA6I #RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:10:19 PST 2011
@rnchat @onlinenursing @joniwatson @hospitalpatient @practicalwisdom: thanks so much. You guys are great brain candy.#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:10:40 PST 2011
@RNchat- read the post, the comments, and interested to hear what#mdchatsaid last night about it#RNChat- T1
Thu Feb 10 18:11:01 PST 2011
NO. Nurses serve a KEY role of bridging the communication gap between Doctor and Patient.Without that - the System fails.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:11:18 PST 2011
@consultdocHi there! We just started! Welcome! :)#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:12:27 PST 2011
@PracticalWisdomwhat an awesome compliment. Totally stealing that. Aaand I love that youintroduced yourself as a rascal.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:12:38 PST 2011
Docs "give" Orders - Nurses "execute" them - & Nurses have invaluable "perspective" about theirPatients.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:13:00 PST 2011
T1, Someone needs to become doctors to save primary care, because doctors are becoming(PCPs) doctors.#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:13:34 PST 2011
@consultdocHi, Mark. Welcome!#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:13:36 PST 2011
@joniwatson: Really White girl has deep blush. Thanks#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:13:36 PST 2011
T1 I see a totally different picture when I read about the IOM report. Its not about RNs wanting tobe MDs--not at all#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:13:37 PST 2011
@EllenRichter @HospitalPatientThe mere fact that you meaningfully interact w/ patient Families says a lot about YOU & of Nurses.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:14:03 PST 2011
Nurses and doctors bring different skill sets to the table. Expanding role is likely but as part of anew kind of care team.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:14:39 PST 2011
Is it true that Phy Assistants came after vietnam b/c they were so well trained? Health carePositions change to meet new needs?#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:15:51 PST 2011
agree, care team as we know it will change. RT@consultdoc: Expanding role is likely but as partof a new kind of care team.#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:16:09 PST 2011
T1Some of the roles of primary care-giver can be executed by RNs/RNPs. That doesnt meanRNs want to be doctors. But their care helps#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:16:59 PST 2011
Thu Feb 10 18:19:00 PST 2011
I think this entire issue is about "Change" & every Health Care Professional must "adapt." Thistough economy is an oppty 4 docs#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:19:23 PST 2011
PNPs have been around since the 1960s providing primary care to kids. It is not so much aboutexpanding the role, ... T1#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:19:37 PST 2011
Rascal on duty: If roles would changed would this impact level of care but Salaries. Way to savehealth care dollars?#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:19:40 PST 2011
Pts may begin to sort by need (chronic vs acute) rather than belonging to a practice. Acute careone place,chronic care another.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:19:44 PST 2011
but rather appropriately recognizing it. T1#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:19:58 PST 2011
@EllenRichterhello! Nice to see you GF:)#RNChat
Thu Feb 10 18:20:15 PST 2011
but most refuse to roll up their sleeves and think of a different business model. Lawyers adaptedto Faxes & Voice-mails - Y r Docs#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:20:21 PST 2011
Thu Feb 10 18:20:40 PST 2011
T1@ellenrichter-nurses traditional role is irreplaceable. IOM report suggests broad new role, willrequire ext. shift in training!#RNChat
Thu Feb 10 18:21:09 PST 2011
@consultdocdefinitely agree with you. Also include preventive care.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:21:10 PST 2011
different? What they see as problematic I see as a "Cutting-Edge" opportunity to make "VirtualHouse Calls" - just as an example.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:21:19 PST 2011
@PracticalWisdomT1 Yes, I believe it can alter health care dollars by shifting some weight ofcare to nursing profession#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:21:24 PST 2011
Preventative care is part of primary care NP education.#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:22:19 PST 2011
Adv practice RNs should augment healthcare delivery, not replace docs#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:22:31 PST 2011
@consultdocGreat Point. But in the process of meeting Patient Needs - Docs can devise NEWBusiness Model which helps THEM as well#rnchat
Thu Feb 10 18:22:44 PST 2011
@KineticycleHi, good to see you again!#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:23:03 PST 2011
Healthcare needs to be where the people are, not make it hard to get to. Retail models work for areason, access.#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:23:56 PST 2011
T1:This is the part that concerns me: primary care by U.S. MDs is threatened with extinction; Ourchat groups mention this often.#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:24:07 PST 2011
newly insured + 10000 boomers turning 65 everyday=demand on Primary Care never seenbefore. Nurses, PAs, pharmacists new frontline.#RNchat
Thu Feb 10 18:25:03 PST 2011

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