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Vector Informatics New Age Link Exchange

Vector Informatics New Age Link Exchange

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Link Exchange manual by http://startvector.com
Link Exchange manual by http://startvector.com

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Published by: Vector Informatics on Feb 11, 2011
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“New Age”Link Exchange
Rebrandable Educational Course
"New Age" Link Exchange
by Nick Bokhonok 
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Copyright © 2007, AutoLinkExchanger.com
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“New Age”Link Exchange
Rebrandable Educational Course
Copyright © 2007, AutoLinkExchanger.com
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Don't act like herd.
The beginning of 
2006 was full of different gossips
in the Internet marketing and SEOcommunity. The gossips and rumors were hitting forums, chats, newsletters - lots of them. Some proved to be true, others vanished. One of rumors that vanished was: linkexchange became useless, because search engines despise it and will junk the sites thatdo link building. Or a slight variant of this rumor - links acquired via link exchange will notbe counted - so, no sense in doing link exchange. And the rumor went on and on and on.What is good about gossips is that time acts as a very good factor to reveal the real powerof the info spread in the rumors. If in the middle of spring 2006 you were posting on someforum a message saying that link exchange IS effective and it is just a matter of knowingHOW to handle it - you would get tons of replies saying you are a jerk. And by thebeginning of autumn 2006 and in 2007 the attitude to link exchanges changed to a muchbetter attitude. No wonder, because all those who continued working with good linkpartners one more time saw the proofs that link exchange worked, and this bashed thelink exchange critics.
Still, every rumor has sound roots
And the truth is that search engines changed a lot in their estimation of link exchangesand backlinks acquired during link exchange. Now search engines want the sites and allaspects of their activity to look more natural. This approach brings up new rules andtrends for link building and success with it.This is where I -
Nickolay Bokhonok
- get into the story. I am Internet marketer,inventor of tools, scripts, software and the member of many reputable online communitiesInternet marketing and SEO communities. I have passionately followed the growth of Internet marketing with all its trends and started to build links long ago it becamepopular. I passed through successes and failures and know what I say. And to be frank - Ihate herd behavior. I know that human beings are social beings and like to gather ingroups.
But 'groups' does not mean 'herds'.
Herd trusts gossips; I do not. I test and then say, because after testing the rumor turnsinto real fact. And the real fact is that
link exchangeWORKS
and is
. I can

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