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A Dragon Born

A Dragon Born

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Published by Logan Elson

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Published by: Logan Elson on Feb 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Dragon Born
The First Of 'A Dragon's Legacy' Trilogy
 by:Logan Elson
December 1
Prologue: The Creation of Irequoci
In the beginning there was an empty blackness, a void, infinite yet finite. From this voidcame the first being, known only as The Creator. In time The Creator became aware of its ownlonely existence, and began to create three people in the image that it most desired to be, bipedal, two appendages, one on either side of the body, that had the ability to move freely, andwith attachments that could close and open. They had a face, with a pair of spheres to see, twoholes below them to smell and one final hole to taste and ingest. A head was formed, withstrands of thin material to be called hair, and another set of crevasses for hearing, called ears.Two different ‘models’ were made; one was thicker and heavier, strong. The other was sleek and elegant, with larger curves and a pair of semi-spheres placed on either side of the breast, tothe left and right of the sternum. These beings were later called, Ancients. They became known by their names, Gaia, Oceanus and Uranus.These creations of thought had become entities of power, each creating an element theywould preside over. Gaia took control of the element, Earth, creating the land that makesIrequoci. Oceanus made water, a powerful, yet peaceful element. Uranus took the heavens,fabricating bright lights, stars, they were called.But eventually they became discontent with themselves; they were the only beings,except for The Creator, who was void of a physical form. They decided, mutually, to createcreatures that would cohabit the land of Irequoci.Uranus was the first to make his race, bringing down from the heavens, eight stars,forming them into scaly creatures, winged and mighty, the first dragons. One male and onefemale of; blue, green, gold and red, each maintaining abilities unique to each other. Blue wasan attractive type, their own aura drew others close. Green was a mystical creature, it had the power of altering and creating, known as magic. Gold was the bearer of all knowledge, theywere wise above all others. Red was a massive beast, stronger than the crashing waves on thewestern shore. It was of these creatures The Creator took form, though black.Gaia being of the earth, created a race that was akin to herself and her male counterparts.Born of grass she made humans, a neutral race, wise and strong in their own right. Her peoplewere cultivators, drawing what they needed from the soil and plants what they needed.Oceanus took, from the ocean bed, seaweed, and fabricated a being with the same bodystructure as the humans, but small cosmetic details, the hair and eyes, had a wider spectrum of hues. They had tapered ears and the ability to use magic the moment they were born. Thesewere the Mystics.In time Gaia became disappointed with her children of thought, and knew they woulddecrease in power and splendour. She then took clay from the earth and fashioned three masks,which she held to the stars and absorbed the heavenly energy. These creations were delivered tothe humans one by one.Uranous watched this from a distance. Fearing her beings would soon overpower hisown he consulted his brother, Oceanus on what they should do about the betrayal by their sister.Oceanus consoled in Uranous his desire to remove the humans from Irequoci, as they were pathetic creatures without morals or ethics, ignorant and arrogant.War had ensued because of this atrocious disagreement, a war in which the dragonsfought alongside the Mystics against the humans. It was a long and bloody war, the earth was painted brown with dry blood from the three sentient people. Fissures had appeared as well assharp, massive hills. Valleys and mountains they were called. When many years had passed, andthe war had taken its toll, killing millions of men, Mystics and dragons alike, Gaia came untoher brothers, and explained her reason for the masks, and a truce was made. The races selectedregions across Irequoci to inhabit. The dragons took the great mountain range in the centre of the mainland and hollowed it through and through, spending thousands of years doing so. The
Mystics took the far northern regions for their home, constructing one large city that wouldhouse the entire Mystic population, this they called Verequine. The humans took the southernlands, creating numerous small villages and expanding their dominance throughout.The Ancients themselves began to expand, having children of their own; Cronus, Helios,Eos, Selene, Hyperion, Atlas, Prometheus and Coeus. Each of their children took an element tothemselves and the world came to exist as it does now.

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