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Published by Leonardo Mohamad

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Published by: Leonardo Mohamad on Feb 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What you eat before training or games is of great importance as thi is the great importance asthis is the fuel supply you will need to play 
Before a training or game
* Have your last meal 2 to 3 hours before the game (e.g. cereal andtoast, sandwiches, pasta with vegetable-based sauce) and possibly alight snack 1 to 2 hours before (e.g. banana, toast, cereal bar, drink of water).* If you suffer from pre-game nerves or can’t compete with a full stom-ach, try having nutritious drinks (e.g. smoothies) or eat early and top upwith small snacks or drinks closer to the game.
 Light meals, snack ideas prior training or game
* Porridge made with semi skimmed milk* Cereal with low fat milk, topped with a banana, juice or drink* Granary toast with margarine, jam or honey, glass of milk to drink* Chicken, ham or tuna sandwich and a piece of fruit* Cereal or muesli bar (some have a high fat content) and a low fat milk-shake* Baked beans on toast or with jacket potato* Bagel with reduced fat cream cheese* Fruit Salad with low fat yogurt
During a training or game
* Top up fluid levels and carbohidrates during a training or game to minimise fatigue and help concentration.* Drink during breaks in play. Some drinks will replacefluids and electrolytes (e.g. sodium) lost in sweating. Goodexamples are sport drinks, milk drinks and water.
After a training or game
Start refuelling your energy stores as soon as you havefinished exercising. If you wait too long your recovery willbe delayed. Drink and eat nutrient-rich carbohydrate foodsinmediately after the training or game.
 Ideal refuelling foods
Choose one of these ideas to recharge after training or games
* 2 large bananas * 2 Nutrigrain bars* 3 slices thick-sliced bread * 1 Muller rice* 1 bagel * 60 g breakfast cereal* 2 slices malt loaf * 8 tablespoons cooked pasta* 330 ml bottle fruit smoothie * 4 tablespoons rice* 15 dried apricots * 75 g noodles* 6 jaffa cakes * 1 medium jacket potato* 79 -90 g chocolate-covered snack bar * 8 tablespoons baked beans
Leonardo Mohamad, II Level ARU Rugby Coach. http://miblogderugby.blogspot.com http://twitter.com/miblogderugby

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