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vedic math

vedic math

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Published by kingbyom3896
Mathematics: The science of liberation
Mathematics: The science of liberation

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Published by: kingbyom3896 on Feb 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mystery of 'Zero(0)' in the eye of sacredscriptures
A questions has been raised consistently as to from whom this universe comes, in whom itrests, and to whom it goes; and the answer has been given that from freedom it comes, in bondage it rests and goes back in to that freedom again. We see that the whole universe isworking starting from atom to the highest being, with only one objective to attain absolutefreedom and perfect equilibrium. In all combinations every particles is trying to go on its ownway, to fly away from the other particles. Our earth is trying to fly away from sun and moonfrom earth. Everything has a tendency to infinite dispersion. Here, an attempt has been madeto show that mathematics is that science which enables us to know about bondage (Maya: thecosmic veil) and open the path to get free from bondages.It is a time tested fact that the study of philosophy (Darshan Sastra) is the main root fromwhich its derivatives like Mathematics, Social science, Physical science and all discipline of sciences have emerged. ‘Darshan Sastra’ defines Mathematics as a branch of study dealingwith the analysis of finite with the genuine characteristic features of infinite. Realising thelimitation of we mortals, the study of philosophy has purposefully demarcated the vast worldof mathematics within the periphery of ‘zero’ and ‘one’ for human comprehension. As nofurther subtraction is possible from ‘zero’, it can be considered as a concept which is far  beyond any value tag or price tag, thus cannot be priced. This significant role of ‘zero’ as par the study of philosophy has been considered to be at par with the creator himself, hence‘zero’ very well represents the supreme soul (Parambrahma). In this regard I may quote:
 Mule mulabhabadmulam mulam” (Sankhya Sutra)“Mule Sunyam bijaniyat, Sunyam vai param bramha” (Ganeshapurbatapinyupanishad)
The ‘parambrahma’ is the fountain resource from which the miniatures modules aredisseminated. The web of existence has been very intricately weaven in a chain which isinitiated from ‘Brahma’ giving rise to ‘Abyakta’, from ‘Abyakta’ to ‘Mahat’, ‘Mahat’ to‘Aham’, ‘Aham’ to ‘Sabda Tanmatra (Akasa tatwa)’, ‘Sabda Tanmatra’ to ‘Sparsa Tanmatra(Vayu Tatwa)’, ‘Sparsa Tanmatra’ to ‘Rupa Tanmatra ( Teja Tatwa)’, ‘Rupa Tanmatra’ to‘Raja Tanmatra ( Jal Tatwa)’, ‘Raja Tanmatra’ to ‘ Gandha Tanmatra ( Prithvi Tatwa)’respectively. In this regard I may quote the statement from Upanishads:
Tam hye vai purba hoka-mewa -dwitium brahmasit tasmat abyaktam, Abyaktamewakhyaram tasmadkhyaranmahanmnahato waa ahamkarasta –smadebaha-ahamkarat pancha tanmatrani tevya vutani terabrutamakhyaram bhabati 

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