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CPAC Speech Christian Adams

CPAC Speech Christian Adams

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Christian Adams speech at CPAC about the New Black Panthers, DOJ, Freedom of Information Act stonewalling and Eric Holder.
Christian Adams speech at CPAC about the New Black Panthers, DOJ, Freedom of Information Act stonewalling and Eric Holder.

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Published by: electionlawcentercom on Feb 12, 2011
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 © J. Christian Adams 2011J. Christian AdamsCPAC Speech 2011February 12, 2011It is great to be here.
I’d like to t
hank CPAC for having this important discussiontoday.
I was in the Voting Section of the Justice Department for over five years. That’s
where they enforce all manner of election laws such as reviewing congressionalredistricting, military voting rights, motor voter, voter intimidation and much more. Ibelieve the three of us as DOJ veterans have an understanding both of the immensepower that the Department of Justice wields, but also of the misguided way that EricHolder has used those powers.The title of this panel has a pretty incendiary word
Lawlessness.Think about that, the fact we are even having a discussion about the UnitedStates Department of Justice and whether or not it is acting in a lawless fashion shouldconcern you. Whatever Republican administration follows this one will have a mightytask to restore integrity, credibility and the rule of law to multiple components insideDOJ.The rule of law is what sustains us. The unraveling of the rule of law is theunraveling of centuries of Anglo-American civilization. Legal rules build cities, empowerinventors and keep us all safe. Tolerance of institutional lawlessness is contrary to thegoodness and dignity that built this nation.A note of caution for the audience - We three DOJ vets are sharing experiencesabout the lawlessness in our particular components of DOJ. Hans and I are from theCivil Rights Division, perhaps the epicenter of DOJ lawlessness currently run by thelikes of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez and his two lawless deputies, DeputiesLoretta King and Ju
lie Fernandes. Andy’s territory is the National Security Division and
Criminal Division. But understand there are many other components of DOJ thatNOBODY is paying attention to
Antitrust and the Office of immigration litigation are buttwo. But my point is that what you hear today from us is most likely just the tip of theiceberg.
 © J. Christian Adams 2011
talk about two matters, first a story Pajamas Media broke this week, and thenthe New Black Panther party voter intimidation dismissal. There are so many otherlawless actions I could talk about but we have time only for these two.Freedom of Information Act RequestPajamas Media broke a story Thursday about politicization at the JusticeDepartment, this time involving outright lawless disregard of the Freedom of InformationAct. My editors at Pajamas media have told me not to bury a lede, so let me tell you thebig news: Because the DOJ failed to comply with the Freedom of Information act forrequests that Pajamas made seven months ago, Pajamas Media has sued the EricHolder run Justice Department in federal court in the District of Columbia. You mightnot have heard because the news just broke Thursday. But this is big news.The complaint is up at Pajamas PJ Tatler or at my blog electionlawcenter.com. Iam ready to stand corrected, but this certainly must mark one of the first times thatconservative new media has taken on a federal agency over the FOIA. Frankly, that, inmy mind is
not something to celebrate. If conservative media isn’t willing
to fight forinformation like Pajamas is doing in court, then
who will? The Washington Post won’t
even ask for the information much less go to federal court over it.
Pajamas isn’t the only victim of the DOJ’s lawless refusal to comply with the
Freedom of Information Act. I have obtained Freedom of Information Act logs that showa disturbing pattern at DOJ. The show DOJ has also lawlessly stonewalled HumanEvents, the Washington Times, Jennifer Rubin who was writing for the WeeklyStandard, Republican Congressman Frank Wolf and noted GOP attorneys. Thedisregard of the freedom of information Act only affects conservatives, because liberals,democrats and civil rights groups are getting same day service. Groups like MALDEF,the ACLU, and NAACP are getting same day FOIA service. NPR has to wait 5 onlydays.The Civil Rights Division is the most politicized part of the DOJ. Since theinauguration, there has been a hiring blitz of attorneys and support staff. Frominformation I have obtained, the hires are almost all coming from activist organizations.More on that another day.
 © J. Christian Adams 2011Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe submitted a FOIA to the Bush DOJ seekingthe resumes of all the hires inside the Civil Rights Division.
Savages FOIA’s of DOJ
became the basis for all manner of outrage. There were inspector general reports,congressional hearings, Government Accounting Office reports. In fact, his attacks onthe Bush DOJ won him the Pulitzer prize.Fast forward to 2010.I began to learn that the Obama Justice Department, and assistant attorneygeneral Tom Perez in particular, with the help of Deputy Attorney General Loretta Kingbegan to implement procedures to hire attorneys for ideological reasons, remember, thevery same charge that the left hurled against Bush.I knew this to be the case because I was there watching it happen, and I havesince obtained documents detailing the hiring practices. Stay tuned on that story.So Pajamas media makes a request sometime about June 2010 seeking theexact same information that Charlie Savage sought and obtained from the Bush DOJ
 the resumes of all the newly hired lawyers. No response at all. Lawless.So in October 2010 Pajamas Media then sent a certified FOIA request to DOJasking for the same information. Crickets. No response. After 3 months of waiting,PJM finally files a lawsuit in the federal court in DC a couple of weeks ago.So much for the Most Transparent Administration in history. It is obvious to methat the DOJ is refusing to follow the law and comply with this request because theresults would reveal
Civil Rights Division is doing precisely what it accused theBush Civil Rights Division of doing, except even worse.New Black PanthersLets turn to the dismissal of the case against the New Black Panther Party.

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